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We flew to Langkawi recently to test drive the updated Maserati Levante S and were buoyed by the simple fact that we were driving something of such high caliber, that wasn’t German. Here’s why it’s so different from the rest and not necessarily a bad thing.

So there’s quite a lot of excitement but also a bit of anxiousness excited because i’m gonna be driving a maserati levante anxious because we’re gonna be doing it in langkawi first flight in two years guys i don’t know what to feel about this here it is our companion for the next two days the maserati levante s you just love how italian cars look they’ve already

Got the engines running i’m not sure if you can hear the v6 rumble now let’s get on board such a typical italian car look at all the colors the way everything is designed the carbon fiber trims look at that all right guys now that lunch is over i brought the car to a quiet spot by the sea to show you a little bit of the car’s exterior and interior so

For those of y’all who are unaware the maserati levante has actually been in malaysia since around 2018 so this look is actually quite a familiar one but for this model update there are actually a few changes on the exterior starting with the grille the grille design actually replicates the alfieri concept and we all know how cool that looks at the side you have

A choice of 20 or 21 inch wheels in this case we have 21 inch on this car with six port brembo calipers in the front i really like those little details over there and of course the trident by the sea pillar and back here the taillights have also been redesigned to look somewhat like a boomerang and this maserati says actually pays tribute to the 3200 gt from

The 1990s designed by jajaro as for suspension you’ve got double wishbones in the front multi-links at the back airsprings and also the sky hook dampers so while we’re at the back here maybe i’ll just show you the boot which is about 580 liters and then to close it instead of it being here as in most european cars this is actually here quite convenient i’d say if

You need to torture your kids to help load and unload items in terms of dimensions while it may look somewhat the size of a for example porsche macan dimensions wise it’s actually longer with a longer wheelbase than a porsche cayenne the exterior can be had in two different trims so you have this levante s as the base model but you can also have it as the levante

S grand sport or grand lusso grand sport will have a more menacing look there will be more black darkened inserts whereas the grand lucile will come with different design rims and also more chrome inserts for more premium look as opposed to the menacing sinister look the grand sport all in all even though it’s been a look that’s been around in malaysia for a few

Years i think it still looks so striking i mean look at the front end portion doesn’t that look menacing and dramatic to you oh check that interior out you’ve got this red upholstery here you’ve got some velvet sweet material over here you’ve got a clock just like the porsches right on top of the dashboard a whole lot of carbon fiber and then all your drive

Controls here radio controls are actually here to set your suspension height now let’s give the engine a start so this is the highlight of the interior the new infotainment system with a somewhat new housing if you compare the model from before the screen actually looks like it’s inside the dashboard whereas this has a cleaner look has a newer interface with new

Fonts and i was told it actually matches the display and interface on the meter cluster it’s very intuitive to use there’s plenty of functions everything that you need is right up here but unlike some cars where they have the aircon controls purely in the infotainment system this one actually has physical controls as well which i really appreciate then you have

Satnav which i found to be one of the most useful default satnav programs ever used phone connections you have wireless apple carplay various other settings for the car all in all i think the display is really sharp really crisp as you can see it’s very reactive it really adds a modern touch to the somewhat aging maserati levante got more controls here for the

Boot for the sunroof and then when you really sit around and look at the car it’s just full of flair and drama it’s just very typical of an italian car it may have placed the boot button quite oddly over here as opposed to it being here but that’s the thing about italian cars they just do things differently and i think in this day and age being different there

Is quite an appeal to it oh before i forget you get powers and wilkins as well all right now let’s go check out the back seat frameless windows i don’t think i’ll ever get bored of this look for the back we’ve got icon controls here fan speed temperature also frameless windows really cool you get sun shades like the ones in the cayenne in the s-class where

Press it once it lowers the sun shade press it again it opens the windows what a view though sadly this is all you can open but in terms of space i gotta say there is plenty of leg room in terms of headroom perhaps not as much as i would expect not as much as i would want partly because of the exterior design that sloping rear roof that gives it such a

Dramatic look i think if i were to go for something a little different i should be able to compromise with that as with all things if you’re trying to be different there is always a trade-off if you ask me otherwise check out the leg room check out the head room and again of course this is all because it has bigger dimensions than even a porsche cayenne even though

It don’t look that way on the outside before we drive just going to show you a little more of the interior details over here oh i just noticed if you press on this it changes from kmh to miles per hour okay and then when you scroll down you get to see all these different parameters of the car this is a 7-inch display by the way and as for this the newer display

Is 8.4 inches oh before i forget as well as for this instrument cluster compared to before where it had a lot of plastic covers over it and all now it’s a lot cleaner for a more elegant modern look with glass instead of plastic all right so with that out of the way let’s do what we came to langkawi to do enjoy the open roads enjoy the 3 liter v6 twin turbo so

I’ve got the suspension in sport i’m not sure if you hear the exhaust clearance now i’m going to also put the suspension in sport everything’s a lot sharper a lot more eager driving out of the car park now first impression engine really smooth but then again v6s let’s see what can do full throttle do you hear that oh my goodness that sounds fantastic you do

Feel a little bit of the weight going through the turns then again it’s a two-ton vehicle wow you see why they call this the baby ferrari suv it just has so much gold so you’ve got about 480 horsepower and 513 newton meters of torque 0-100 5.2 seconds that whether it’s the horsepower the torque figures is actually very very similar to the porsche cayenne you

Get an eight-speed automatic gearbox but honestly the way it shifts could have fooled me for a double clutch i mean i’ve been quite fortunate to drive the cayenne the makan the uruz the vela the dbx the f-pace all good cars in their own respect but in terms of drama and flair excitement even uh i think this one is right up there and it’s almost like a car with

Two personalities in sports mode with suspension in sport it feels almost like a supercar on stilts in fact it has the performance and performance figures to back it as well but then when you switch it off you turn the suspension back to comfort you put the drive back to normal and it just becomes very docile it’s quiet in the cabin it feels very relaxing it’s

Not intimidating it’s very easy to drive and despite its dimensions it actually does not feel as big as it looks on the outside from behind the wheel so far in the brief one two hours that we’ve had in total driving this car i’ve only noticed two things that bothered me just slightly the ride even though quite composed and stable especially for a two ton vehicle

It’s a bit busier than i would have preferred you feel a lot of movement happening underneath your seat and as for the seats i wish padding was a little more accommodating but aside from that i mean nothing wrong with the interiors in the german suvs the more powerful german suvs but they just do not look like this i mean carbon fiber everywhere the design

Of the dashboard stitching on the door panels everything just makes it stand out just a little more from your german counterparts as for the question on why you get this at about 800 over a thousand over the cayenne which is around the same price well three years ago when i first drove the maserati levante in italy i said this and i will use the analogy again

Buying the porsche cayenne or the makan or the range rover velar the jaguar f-sport to me personally i feel it’s kind of like buying a suit off the rack whereas with this levante with the way it looks the flare that it has and the fact that it’s italian it feels like getting a custom-made italian suit having a old italian man measure you you know it’s just the

Entire process the result it’s just really different personally i think with the german suvs the jaguars the land rovers they’re more tactile they’re more subdued whereas with this it just shouts at you every part of the car is somewhat telling you hey look at me check me out in terms of ability i don’t think the levante is any inferior to its competitors

Of the same price you’ve got power it drives well it looks great as for the interior it looks like the studio of a tick-tocker and it carries five it’s quiet it’s plenty of luggage room honestly aside from the two criticisms that i mentioned earlier perhaps the slightly lesser headroom at the back having driven this car for two hours that’s all i can say about

It i’m so glad we have these empty roads this morning it just keeps wanting to go and the sound at the back is encouraging you further it’s so scary and exciting at the same time scary because it’s you know it’s not a small vehicle but exciting as well because you’re carrying so much speed you’re carrying so much weight really keeps you on your toes in terms

Of driving though it may have the performance to match the cayenne but in terms of intuitiveness fluidity i think i still have to give it to the porsche i think it’s very much like comparing a ferrari supercar and a porsche with the ferrari you kind of like have to manage it a bit but with the porsche you can get in and drive straight away as if you have been

Driving it for the last five years goodness did you hear that oh that exhaust really cracks me up in normal mode you won’t even realize it’s there but in sports mode my goodness the car instantly transforms even when you slow down and come to a stop you just hear the exhaust note getting louder and it becomes more apparent strange but that’s the thing about

Italian cars isn’t it i mean i’m no expert when it comes to that subject matter but based on my experience and observation at least they’ve always had something about them that just stands out a little bit more in terms of style in terms of attitude even i guess you can say it just looks a little more rebellious that’s the word rebellious whereas you know when

You compare it with i don’t know the makhan or the cayenne they just look so subdued so clean they don’t look ugly don’t get me wrong but when you compare it to the levante i think there’s no competition personally i’m gonna spend a while more enjoying this car but as for the video that’s all for now guys i’ll see you in the next one you

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