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2022 Mazda 3 Sedan review // I cant believe its not a turbo..

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We’ve got the mazda 3 sedan gt i think i like this more than the hatch plenty of power this thing is fun to drive yeah it’s a great little car what’s under the hood of this thing andrea at 2.5 liter four-cylinder with a six-speed automatic transmission 186 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options are available there are

Two other engine options a turbocharged version of this with up to 250 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel drive on that turbo model the base trim gets a 2-liter 4-cylinder with a standard 6-speed manual available 6-speed automatic transmission 155 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque standard front-wheel drive this is the only trim with

A manual transmission the u.s no longer has a manual option on the sedan only on the hatchback so we’re in the sedan not the hatchback what are the key standard features of this model the base trim comes with an 8.8 inch display with mazda connect apple carplay and android auto a 7-inch lcd display mazda connected services a manual driver and passenger seat heated

Front seats mazda harmonic acoustics with eight speakers blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert and a temporary spare tire in the u.s heated front seats blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are available to up from the base model you’ve got a mode button here you can put it in sport what else can you put it in you got to put it in s for

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A story about is this the turbo or not coming up a little bit later in questions coffee and cars uh i’m impressed with this andrea how do you like the way it drives i really love it i mean do i ever get into a mazda that i don’t love it’s the dynamic handling let me think no you love them all i do engaging drive heavier steering exactly what i like you really feel

The road it’s easy to maneuver i’m a big fan of this one surprise surprise well in most vehicle categories whether it’s small suvs sedans whatever there’s usually a couple of categories the good a to b transportation cars you know like a corolla would be that and then the fun to drive cars i would put this and the civic and maybe even the jetta in that category

Now some of you i’ve heard don’t like the fact that this comes with a torsion beam rear suspension but it handles so well i don’t know what they’ve done but it almost feels like the back is flat and it kind of pivots on the front wheels it’s very interesting the way it works but it works and it used to be you steered cleared totally of torsion beam rare suspensions

Now some brands do it well volkswagen’s another one that does it well and mazda mazda you got it now and we found that with the cx-50 they went with a torsion beam rear suspension in that one and i would say that it handles equally as well as the cx-5 which doesn’t have one see andrea loves them all i know right i mean just call me a mazda fan and it really comes

Down to the drive we’ve called you that many times fangirl i prefer the look of the sedan over the hatchback i just think it has a more balanced look to it it’s the big c pillar that’s the curved pillar that goes around the back of the hatchback is very thick and the shape of it is very wedge-like and what do you get with that andrea very small rear windows and

Outward visibility isn’t great out the side this is more open feeling it looks more open feeling it’s a nicer vehicle to live with every day this comes standard with led headlights and led rear combination tail lights it has body colored mirrors and door handles standard 16-inch wheels available 18-inch wheels we’re test driving the top gt model so with this gt

You get the dark 18 inch wheels you also get some darker accents on the car and some chrome around the windows of course mazda always does a beautiful interior lots of soft materials used throughout very little hard plastic i like the organized center console with the traditional shifter it’s just generally easy to use the standard 8.8 inch display is controlled

With the center console dial which is easy enough to use hey zach i love this because you don’t get fingerprints all over the screen you control it through the wheel you’ve got the volume knob there we talk about this all the time it’s very reminiscent of audi’s older mmi system there is no digital instrument cluster they have a center readout which is digitized

But mostly analog i’m okay with that with these digital cockpits i always say you set it and forget it so i can totally live with that but back to the soft materials andrea it’s one of those things on camera you can’t really pick it up but things like the center console the doors everything is really nicely put together yeah this top gt model has a leather interior

Ours is red i think that it looks really sharp and luxurious it also comes with a 360 camera you get the bose sound system as well and navigation i recommend going one up from the base model not only do you get the 2.5 liter non-turbo engine but you get a heated steering wheel and another important feature in the rear is the armrest with the cup holders right

We’ve dealt with this with the honda and the hrv yeah we beat the crap out of honda for no arm wrestling cup holders so this one has it but you got to go one up from the base yeah and also one up from the base model you can add the luxury package in canada and that will get you the power driver’s seat driver seat memory the moon roof as well some people i know

Would prefer some extra light in here no that’s the way i like it just like that but you know we would get one right because i want a moon roof so he would just have to keep it closed that’s what’s great about it that see how easy that was yeah here’s some features if you’re in the us on select trims get leather at upholstery the carbon edition has the moon roof

And red leather upholstery just like this one the premium trim gets the bose sound system and a power driver seat if you get the top turbo model that’s where you’ll find a heated steering wheel in canada leather at upholstery is available in that luxury package and then the top trim gets leather upholstery i can’t believe in the u.s you got to go to the top turbo

Model to get a heated steering wheel it’s odd it’s on work i know it’s almost like they don’t think that they need a heated steering wheel in the u.s it’s interesting we were talking to one brand i can’t remember who it was and they said in their surveys in the united states heated seats are still one of the top two um things that people are looking for yeah and

A heated steering wheel and heated seats even in places like california on a chilly january day where it might be 60 degrees ah we mock you because we’re canadian and we can get away with it two features that this doesn’t come with are ventilated front seats and heated rear seats which is not surprising in this class did you see rear seats andrea because here’s

Me getting in the back seat of this car and i like it better than the hatchback for what we talked about moments ago and that is the side windows and the doors don’t feel nearly as claustrophobic and how does it fare compared to the competition well it’s not best in class it’s the elantra that offers the most second row legroom the trunk of course is a useful size

Sedans maybe not as practical as hatchbacks but you can still jam a lot of stuff in there and it’s the kia forte that offers the most trunk space in this class all right let’s get into it some great questions time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram love that color we bought one ourselves curious of your thoughts about the power steering

Feel waiting any funny noises we love the steering feel but at times can feel heavy well we’ve noticed that lately with other mazda products like the cx-5 was really quite heavy you know obviously they equate firm or heavy steering with a sporty car yes i really like the heavier steering no noise from this one but that’s one thing i like about mazda is the dynamic

Drive and the heavier steering that’s why i’m a big fan the civic is ranked number one in its class how does this stack up against that these seem to be the most upscale vehicles of the compact segment all right so number one in sales might not be our personal number one but it is the best seller we do like the civic a lot i think that the new interior that honda

Has brought forward is excellent you know on that top trim it comes with wireless apple carplay and android auto i think the tech is really good in it and it’s big that’s the one thing it has beat this thing beat it’s the rear seat leg room and the trunk or the hatch is way bigger now the civic is expensive it starts at over six thousand dollars in canada and just

Under twenty three thousand dollars in the us that is pricey it also doesn’t come with a manual transmission this does get a manual in canada no longer in the us only the hatchback gets it but i think overall i think that this just handles better than the civic it’s more fun to drive in my opinion well it also has a six-speed automatic there’s no continuously

Variable transmission um you know the civic is a great handling product uh this is two that one has independent rear suspension this does not but i would argue 10 out of 10 people wouldn’t know that when they drove it so it’s uh really comes down to what fits your needs and i think price is a big one also the civic gets better fuel economy than this we put out a

Lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and it’s easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motormouth the name of the channel then the brand you’re looking for in this case it’s mazda or mazda and all of our videos pop up it’s that easy would you say that the turbo is needed for the mazda 3 or is the naturally aspirated

2.5 enough i really like this car but if the turbo doesn’t add a significant boost in power i’d go with the naturally aspirated engine instead all right i have a bit of a story here so when we were doing our drive-bys i actually thought this was the turbo engine later to find out that it is not we have the 2.5 liter non-turbo it has so much power that i have a

Hard time believing it’s not a turbo like i’m starting to think i’ve always been a huge fan of the turbo but i haven’t been in this non-turbo in a while and i’m really impressed i have earphones on when we’re doing the car drive-bys and andrew has said about four times i can’t believe this is not the turbo so that’s the answer save your money buy this 2.5 liter

And the other thing is we noticed a marked difference in fuel economy because andrea likes to drive spirited and some people call me a hooligan i don’t know why i say that too and it uses a lot more with the turbo versus this and and you know what if i was buying this i’d be very happy with it and it’s that 186 pound-feet of torque when you’re going up a hill wow

It’s fantastic so i’m a big fan of this non-turbo and the turbo and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea is mazda doing anything in the form of electrification well they already have an electric car you might not have heard of it it’s the mx-30 the reason why you probably never heard about it is it only has 160 kilometers of range that’s right just

100 miles of eevee range but they’ve sold a lot because you can’t get any a car these days so people are actually buying them and mazda plans by 2030 to have an electrified version of every model which will include a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid and then of course pure evs too so they have an aggressive plan they just need to get there so some of you might not also

Be aware that this company and toyota do have an alliance to work together to create new products so what is toyota good at they’re good at hybridization put the two and two together that’s probably what’s coming right well the cx-50 is coming next year with a hybrid option will it have that power train that toyota offers maybe so what kind of fuel economy do you

Get with this engine and more in our vital stats let’s start with pricing we’ll do canadian pricing first and then we’ll move on to the us the base manual front-wheel drive starts at just under 21 and a half thousand dollars canadian and the base automatic front-wheel drive starts at just over 22 and a half thousand canadian and the top gt 2.5 t starts at 35 and

A half thousand dollars canadian in the us the base front wheel drive model starts at just over 21 thousand dollars and the top 2.5 t premium plus is 33 and a half thousand dollars here’s the fuel economy for this 2.5 liter 9.5 liters per 100 kilometer city 7.2 on the highway that’s 25 miles per gallon city 33 miles per gallon highway mazda offers a warranty of

Three years with unlimited kilometers in canada and three years or 36 000 miles in the u.s okay you’re in the market for a compact car we’re gonna list cars that have two liter four-cylinder engines let’s get into that for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider up first is the honda civic with 158 horsepower and a starting price of just over twenty

Six thousand dollars toyota corolla with 169 horsepower and a starting price just over 22 and a half thousand dollars the hyundai elantra with 147 horsepower and a starting price of just over 22 and a half thousand dollars here’s our used car alternative from we chose a 2021 kia forte with just over 32 000 kilometers on the clock for twenty six

Thousand nine hundred ninety dollars click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from so there are four sedans for you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improve i really like the power that this non-turbo engine offers i prefer the openness of the sedan version

What i’d like to see is a height adjustment on the passenger side and it really is time for them to add wireless apple and android to this head unit every time i get in a mazda i’m never disappointed if andrea’s happy i’m happy this video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery

And the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit to learn more

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2022 Mazda 3 Sedan review // "I can't believe it's not a turbo.." By Motormouth