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Mazda has stayed true to its formula of creating great-looking cars, especially its latest CX-5 model in the Philippines that now comes with a 2.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a host of new features. Find out what has been added and what has changed with our review of the 2022 Mazda CX-5 AWD Turbo on this episode of Behind the Wheel.

True story jack and i were out filming the fort everest when i had completely forgot that we were expecting a delivery of a vehicle in the apartment on that same day it’s not really an issue it happens all the time it’s just that well lisa likes a heads up so that she knows that she needs to go downstairs inspect the vehicle before actually signing for it now on

That day i was expecting a delivery of this the 2022 mazda cx-5 all-wheel drive turbo now i knew she’d be miffed but strangely enough when i walked through the door she only had one question on a scale of 1 to 10 how much trouble would we be in if we never returned the vehicle because apparently this zircon sand color is a winner now no matter how pretty a car

Is i’m not gonna be that devoted to a criminal act until at the very least i drive the automobile which i have and then figure out how to get away with it and pin jack for the blame because he looked good in orange what what dog we were fortunate enough to spend some time with the cx-5 for a quick walk around i’m sure that the links are somewhere above or

In the description below there we talked about some of the changes on the exterior the interior uh the tech and convenience now for the benefit of those that did miss out on it we will run through some of those changes yet again just before we go to answering the two big questions that we couldn’t on our walk around which was fuel efficiency and just exactly how

It drives so let’s begin on the front clip a huge mazda logo that shields some tech sensors on top of a new blacked out grille similar cuts along the face but with the absence of fog lamps since these leds like those of the cx-9 are sufficient to illuminate the road this zircon sand color isn’t excluded from body cladding front rear or center and is only found

On the all-wheel drive turbo bit of chrome around the windows repeaters and cameras on the side mirrors and 19-inch alloys wrapped in 55 series tires which are the same design as the cx-9 albeit an inch smaller then you’ve got 195 millimeters of ground clearance with disc brakes all around oh and because it’s rainy season anyway i noticed this just recently with

Mazda cars that the door comes all the way down and it protects this part of the automobile now what that does when it becomes a little too muddy because it’s rainy season it protects you from soiling your legs or your pants when you get in and out of the automobile because it shields you ah really nifty the tail lamps are a bit tamer in terms of depth the black

Cladding underneath has increased in reach and the exhaust tips have a better flex on them when you open the power tailgate it will reveal over 430 liters of space which is definitely good enough for a bullock buy-in box and other baggages left and right even with the to no on the tano is nice because it’s not in the way and you can easily remove it but even with

The bulk buying box it’s not an issue at all and then of course when you fold the seats you’re looking at over a thousand three hundred liters of space the beauty about it is is that it’s got some flexibility in the sense that the seats don’t fold as a 60 40. they actually fold as a 40 20 40. which is pretty nifty the rear doors as you can see open extremely wide

I like that for passengers at the back to get in and out very very easily space is very good that’s my normal driving position so even if i were to put jack back here he’d still be very comfortable that groom is good headroom is very very good actually elbow room is obviously going to be great for four passengers meaning two at the rear a third passenger like

I mentioned during the walk around not going to be a great idea because there is a slight tunnel that you can see right here and it’s kind of a tight fit so four passengers inside the automobile is great what’s great too is the leather inside this automobile this was lifted off of the cx-9 it is a red nappa leather and it is gorgeous if the red doesn’t come out

On camera it’s a very very deep red under the sun it really does come out and it’s gorgeous uh toys back here include two air vents found here up front but there are no charging points found here that’s because as i mentioned in the walk around also the charging points are found right here they’re actually facing me but there’s a usb sign right there and then of

Course two cupholders here a small little um i guess divot where you can put your cell phone in and then bottle holders on either door it’s actually very very comfortable to be back here because there’s good give to the seats and your legs are supported well enough that look see see there properly yes i know i’m a short guy but even tall people won’t have issues

Back here why does it always have to fall on short jokes really jack wrote the script you were thinking short chokes and skinny napa we got up this morning and you were thinking it already up front it is similar to that of the previous model which is a good thing because it was already a nice automobile to start with you’ve got two analog gauges that flank a

Circular digital trip computer you have a touchscreen infotainment system that has wireless apple but unfortunately it’s still wired uh android they took out the dvd player which is nice i was always making fun of that then they added a lot of soft touch materials all over the automobile including wood trimmings you’ve got a 12 volt socket found here underneath

The air controls some piano blacks which again i’m not a big fan of then the commander knob for the infotainment system there and then you’ve got your uh wires or rather your usb ports found here in the glove box in the center um it’s not all great because this infotainment system hasn’t been updated to the latest one that mazda has that you can see in more of

Their later products the other big uh updates in this automobile would be now that there are paddles on the steering wheel which wasn’t there on the previous model and what was lifted off the cx-9 is that you now have cool seats there are buttons right here that turn on your cool seats and these things work so well that if i turn them on i can convince lisa

To bungee jump off of like the tokyo tower they’re that good oh and then the biggest change of them all is found up front it’s essentially a shot of adrenaline see mazda ripped out and replaced the heart with that of the cx-9 which is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that produces 234 horses and

434 newton meters of torque now that’s zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.7 seconds you’ve got a top speed of 224 kilometers per hour damn near enough torque to rival that even of a bt-50 and just that shy of horsepower of an fdr x7 you ever see pulp fiction uma thurman yeah that let’s go for a drive but before we do i’d like to be able to take this out

Properly there we go finally got it uh do consider liking this video if you think it deserves it and give us a subscription too because we create these videos just for you guys so again to reiterate one of the bigger questions that we had was fuel efficiency is it still as fuel efficient as previous mazda models i’m dying to find out behaved you can do about eight

Kilometers per liter inside the city that’s a mix of stop-and-go traffic and a little bit of a guaranto kind of a thing now on the highway again behaved you can do about 15 and a half kilometers per liter so if you think about it it’s not all that far from the fuel efficiency of the previous model which in all respect is actually pretty darn good when you get past

Fuel efficiency and you open it up that’s when it becomes clear why mazda would swap out the engine of the cx-5 for that of the cx-9 essentially also putting it in a car that’s close to 500 kilograms lighter and the answer is is it’s the exciting thing to do when you’re light on the throttle there’s very little surge that brings you forward like when you’re stuck

In traffic when you’re heavy on the throttle it feels like the power is always there it’s like it serves it to you on a plate and it’s readily available throughout the rev range and since it’s an all-wheel drive system well you never feel like it’s pulling you or pushing you it just feels like it’s it’s never on its heels it just it just stands up and goes really

You’ve got ventilated front seats you’ve got a sun roof you’ve got a 10 speaker bow system it’s really all very quiet and comfortable in here quiet because well the nvh has definitely improved see what mazda has done is that they’ve added certain materials underneath and sort of like restructured the undercarriage as well to make it as quiet as possible even with

The large 19-inch wheels man they’ve done a great job now as for the rest of the driving dynamics of the vehicle it’s much like most other mazda products which is to say that it’s really honed in on the driver and it’s really great it can take your daily mundane drives and really turn it into something fun and exciting it look the smiles per liter in this car is

Fantastic and i know it’s a cliche it’s a really bad one but it’s a cliche for a reason because it’s true 2022 mazda cx-5 all-wheel drive turbo is available at two million three hundred and eighty thousand philippine pesos now without sugar coating it is currently the most expensive non-premium if you can even call it that internal combustion compact crossover

In the market today but it is also the most powerful the most dialed in and in my opinion one of the best looking ones out there now i’m not saying it could replace a red 2006 wrx with four criminals on board and a boatload of cash but it’s damn near close sure it costs an arm and a leg but truthfully it’s worth it with what all the upgrades that mazda has put

Into the cx-5 it builds on the previous model and turns everything up to an 11. dog

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