2022 Mazda CX30 Turbo

Famous for their Zoom-Zoom heritage, Mazda put a Turbo Engine in their new CX-30 to offer an exciting fun to drive CUV. Our Auto Expert Nik Miles shows us how this new Mazda has evolved the fun to drive spirit.

You know the old saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too well that’s just not true anymore and in fact the europeans have known this for a long time you can have adult driving performance without spending a lot of money on gas or a new car and to do this mazda have harnessed the almighty power of the turbo although mazda tried to avoid talking about their

Zoom zoom heritage and try to move the conversation forward it’ll always be the zoom zoom brand to me and embodies that really fun to drive feeling and excitement behind the wheel the turbo just enhances that feeling now the mazda 3 and the cx-30 share the same platform however the big change for this year is the addition of the turbo and that in sport especially

Makes it a lot more powerful it’s interesting that this vehicle now with the turbo is a lot more powerful but the cx-13 is a raised vehicle for those that like the more adventure lifestyle the big difference with this it has off-road capability but still on-road handles very well and especially in the curves corners extremely well a good on-road vehicle at the

Same time enables you to do some mild off-roading i don’t see the cx-30 as a car or a crossover it sits in that perfect white space between the two the driving dynamics of a hot hatch and a utility crossover you can truly have your cake and eat it too when it comes to design mazda call this the kodo design where the car is actually art and to tell this is a

Turbo they actually give it black wheels these are aluminum black wheels but the car has lots of little intricacies the lower black cladding almost makes the vehicle look like it’s floating it makes the upper body look like it’s floating on wheels it makes the cx-30 look as it drives light and agile the turbo model also gets a gloss black front grille and black

Door mirrors mazda have a theory that the horse and the rider should be one they don’t want you concentrating on anything but the driving they want everything to be easy to do and with that in mind everything on the inside of the car has a tactical feedback if you touch something if you do something they want you to get a reward to know that you’ve achieved it

Without having to look down at a button or a switch so open a window you get a tactical reward touch a button you can feel that you’ve accomplished something and it actually works open a window i don’t have to look down push the window open i can feel that the window is open not just from the sound but i can actually get a feeling that the switch has activated

Mazda has been pushing into the luxury space with their upper trim levels space currently occupied by brands like acura and infinity not just with materials but with technology too something that mazda have added and they’re quite proud of it is traffic jam assist it comes from a button directly on the steering wheel not only does it use the radar in the vehicle

But it also uses the camera and that’s quite intuitive it does it under 40 miles an hour it assists with not only the speed of the vehicle but also assists with the steering and that’s quite useful now all we have to do is find some traffic it’s been kind of hard in the pandemic what am i complaining about the 2021 mazda cx-30 without a turbo starts at just

Over 22 thousand dollars and has 186 horsepower and gets up to 33 miles a gallon with a turbo it starts at just over thirty thousand dollars and has 250 horsepower and gets a top miles per gallon of 30. looking at the cx-30 overall mazda wanted to inspire confidence in the buyer and also deliver an inspiring and powerful performance i think they’ve done that

The cx-30 has a lot of black on the outside chrome on the inside and it’s sort of edging into the premium market mazda have been doing that for a while it starts at under 30 000 and i think delivers a very thoughtful well-priced and very nice package i’m nick miles

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2022 Mazda CX30 Turbo By Our Auto Expert