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The 2022 Mazda MX-5 Club in Soul Red. A naturally aspirated 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that puts out 181 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque.

So in these little cars i’m always trying to figure out how big the trunk room is and seems like it’s big enough for me what is up internet world and welcome back to the channel today are bringing the 2022 mazda mx-5 so so you can get three different trims when you’re buying a mazda mx-5 convertible the first one which is the base is called the sport

Second which is this is called the club and the top model is called the grand touring now they all come with manual transmissions at the base and the club level but if you want an automatic you have to spend the dollar and buy the grand touring version now they’re all rear wheel drive but that is not all you can get this thing in something called an rf which is

A retractable fastback yes a hardtop convertible in something this small you don’t have to take it off the car it retracts that is pretty cool come take a look at the converter so who’s the competition well there’s the bmw z4 or z4 depending on where you live that is also a convertible but it is about ten thousand dollars more what else there’s a subaru brz and

The toyota gr86 but those are coupes only they’re also rear-wheel drive what else there is the mini cooper but that is front wheel drive man running out of options here hey if you want to get one of these things and you think you want one that’s the most expensive because you want to ball out and buy the most expensive one you can buy well you can get something

Called the brembo bbs and recaro package and when you get this fancy paint it’s almost 40 000 bucks maybe then you’ll think but for the rest of us we want to buy something that’s fairly inexpensive easy to work on wow underneath this aluminum hood you will see a two liter sky active with 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque yes there’s no turbos but you

Do have a front strut brace and a housing cover that looks like an original supra wow i just put the top down and i’m blinded by the sun glasses on hat on first gear 181 horsepower let’s go this is why people buy this car because it’s just so easy and light and the fact that top can go down in one and a half seconds is just nuts to me now there’s two things

I would change about this car one is the obviously infotainment system it’s archaic but also the placement of this rotary button every time my elbow’s here and i try to change gears i’m hitting this button and it always says trying to connect to james’s phone because well james had the car last in a british accent and the other thing i would change is the tires

I find that the quality of these tires are actually pretty bad considering this thing’s this thing is close to 37 000 there are other brands that offer performance tires at 37 000 just something to keep in mind because this thing would grip a lot better if it just had better out of the box tires i’m not going to point out brands but i want better ones but the

Shifting is just so good it’s easy it’s light and it’s a great beginner’s car because this is not turbocharged it’s pretty predictable all the way through the powerband and it’s fast enough i wouldn’t want this in a turbo i’d want to know that this thing is ultra reliable and yes i’ll stay in the lane it’s just a fun easy car and with all these numbers that

People are throwing up from performance they do zero to 60 times this thing doesn’t even have an exhaust it has an exhaust but it has an exhaust from like economy muffler nothing about it screams performance it just screams have some fun easy bare bones and mazda even the screen is so bad that nobody’s going to say hey i want to buy this thing because of the

Screen they’ll say hey i’m never buying this thing because this screen so it actually has a disadvantage for people that are looking for tech but then the person that buys this doesn’t care about tech they care about the drive the power plant the power train the convertible this will not break any speed records by a long shot but it doesn’t matter because this

Motor is just a motor not one you want to hear but one you want to feel front end aluminum fenders hood plastic bumper this is the original mazda stuff not the new grill but who cares because it’s all about the looks the fact it’s wide it’s not the skinny miata that we think about it’s wide it’s sharp it’s got these wide flares and again aluminum rain sensing

Wipers and automatic high beams that’s all you need to know so you can get seven different exterior colors two different top colors and an appearance package this one is the club trim so you get bilstein shocks you do have a lot of aluminum pieces in suspension and of course 17-inch rims that are black and also fancy bridgestone tires but what else what else do

You get it’s all here you get a limited slip differential in the back you also get something called torque vectoring which is usually when it transfers power from one side to the other when it’s going around a corner but in this case they apply brakes to use it so when you’re going around the corner what it does is it puts brakes on the inside wheel to just tidy

Up the car a little bit since we’re on the side we want to show you how the top opens and closes you simply pull this handle it releases the top that comes up by a little handle you can pull and then you can close it by this latch it’s pretty straightforward but the important piece to know here is not that this top is any different except for it has a glass rear

Window that has a defrost in it most cars don’t have plastic anymore but just something to point out in case you’re looking one of the older ones so in these little cars i’m always trying to figure out how big the trunk room is and seems like it’s big enough for me when i contort but i can fit and that is important to know because i can fit in a lot of cars that

Review here and accelerate okay here we go but this is a mazda mx5 and i could actually fit yes it ain’t as small as it looks i like the way this back end looks it’s nice and wide and it flares like this it’s just like the front i really like the way they’ve done this how much fuel can you put in this thing 12 gallons to be exact it doesn’t suck up a lot of

Fuel so that kind of makes sense you’ve got a third brake light up here you’ve got led tail lights right here that look very jaguars in my opinion what else take a look at this little camera nice smiley face and then lower down you got two weak peashooters i would like to even if they’re going to add more weight put an exhaust on here put an exhaust on here would

Actually make this thing look a little more beefier in my opinion they’ve added aluminum on this rear little lid and then this is always going to go missing because you haven’t subscribed check out these door panels this is a cool touch it’s a bit dated in some respects because that touch was good when used to get fiberglass panels on the doors 20 years ago but

I still like it because it matches the outside and it’s not that far off a lot of the guys do it but the color inside is so different from the outside so i like the fact that it’s there and just a nice touch mazda what else can i tell you about this storage there’s not a lot of it there’s basically nothing there’s this little handle here where you can lift up and

You get a key that you can stick inside here you can also get some storage in the back there not a ton just a really small car no place to put your cell phone and you have to plug your cell phone in to get apple carplay android auto because you have two usbs right there it does not have wireless now this screen is a touch screen so you can slide your hand left and

Right and actually make it work half decent but it’s pretty reflective when the sun is out but in apple carplay it’s brighter so it actually isn’t as bad so if you’re using apple carplay then maybe the reflective won’t bother you as much as if you’re trying to see something else everything else looks pretty straightforward a lot of plastics but who cares about that

Stuff it’s all about the shifter it’s all about the cluster and it’s all about the drive and hey if you have somebody with you they have a mirror on both sides so i’m not sure this is a phone holder but it’s right next to usb so you’d figure that it would fit a phone maybe like a iphone mini skinny mini skinny and while you’re out on a drive in this thing you have

Nine speakers because they’re in the headdress that is sweet and these are heated and they hold you in pretty decent we’ll find out when i go around this corner all in all the mazda miata is a niche product now the economy does change you have that spread of mazda to buy except in 2022 just remember that the steering wheel is a little bit larger you’ve got this

Srs thingamajiggy here which should really be something that hyundai does that says n-line or audi that says s-line maybe it’s time for mazda to bring back the mazda speed or call it m line and have it here i think that’s what mauser should do so i’m happy with it i think the ceiling i can really complain about is these seats i think the seats should have or they

Feel like they have some sort of seat cover on them they feel a little bit hollow especially in my mid back to upper back section everything else is pretty cool and i’m happy that i got to drive one so thanks for watching you

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