2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class | New Benchmark? | REVIEW

European guy living in America takes a look at the all-new 2022 Mercedes-Benz C300!

Foreign foreign even with more buyers shifting towards suvs compact luxury sedans are still an interesting proposition finding a lot of buyers so back in early 2021 mercedes unveiled the 5th generation c-class internally called w206 which is just entering the north american market the new model is slightly longer wider and lower compared to the predecessor

And both interior and exterior have been completely redesigned to match brand’s current design language what’s more important at least from the driver’s perspective is that the new c-class writes on the mr82 module platform which is also shared with the flagship s-class and is full of enhancements and new technologies there are a lot of things to cover so let’s

Jump into a new c300 4matic with an amg line package and talk about the interior space you are just like the exterior the interior has been completely redesigned and all changes were more than welcome both quality and fit and finish are great giving you that feeling of solidity typical for german luxury cars now something that probably caught your attention right

Off the bat are to displays the first one is a 12.3 inch digital cluster which is very customizable allowing you to change the design of your gauges show driver assist information or display a full screen map the second one is a 11.9 inch center touchscreen display running the newest version of the mbux operating system there is a little bit of learning curve

In the beginning when using it but once you get used to it you will find it logical and easy to use the driving position is great and despite the front seats being on a little firm side they are comfortable offering a decent adjustability and support now moving to the back typically for this segment there isn’t much leg room but if you are shorter than six feet

You should feel comfortable back there last but not least the trunk it is practical offering 12.6 cubic feet of space and if you need more room you can always fold the back seat down all right so that was the interior of the new c-class with that let’s take it on the road and see how it drives sadly you can say goodbye to the v6s and v8 in the c-class the new

Model is only offered with four-cylinder turbocharged engines with some sort of hybridization and a 9-speed conventional automatic the lineup starts with a mild hybrid c300 which you see here available in both rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants the engine produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque and returns decent fuel economy it’s 23 miles

Per gallon in the city 36 on highway and 27 combined more powerful c43 variant is coming up and most likely we will see the top of the line c63 in the future now the c300 is all right it produces an adequate amount of power for everyday driving but when it comes to more spirited behavior it’s average at best the reason why i’m bringing this up is because the new

C-class feels much sportier than i anticipated and you can clearly say that the w206 is a generational leap in terms of chassis dynamics the steering is quick and responsive providing a nice amount of feedback and the car feels very nimble and predictable on curvy backroads at the same time the c-class is impressively compliant over any road imperfections and with

The cabin being well isolated from the road and outside noise the bands is an awesome everyday car so since we established that the new c-class is a fantastic daily you probably wonder what driver assist features it has which no matter how you look at it are important nowadays well it comes standard with an automatic braking with pedestrian detection blind spot

Monitoring and automatic high beams for seventeen hundred dollars you can upgrade to the driver assist package which includes an adaptive cruise control with curve adaptation and automatic lane changing active blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist with automatic steering and an active emergency stop assist which can completely stop the car if the driver

Is unresponsive all those features work great and are not intrusive at all so i would definitely consider getting the driver assist package speaking of upgrades the headlights for eleven hundred dollars you can upgrade to the digital light intelligent light system which i highly recommend especially if you do a lot of night driving the light output is amazing

Automatic high beam assist works very well and in certain situations the lights can project warnings or information on the road ahead of you in my opinion the new mercedes-benz c-class is the best luxury compact sedan being a very appealing proposition especially for younger clientele in a still competitive segment the benz offers a good ride quality and even

Better driving dynamics it’s very technologically advanced and gives you that solid german feel pricing for the new c-class starts at 43 550 for a rear wheel drive c300 model and that all-wheel drive is a two thousand dollar option my fully loaded c300 4matic with every additional package available was priced at 62 270 dollars if you wonder how i would spec out

My c-class click the link in the description thanks so much for watching and i’ll catch you later

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2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class | New Benchmark? | REVIEW By EUROCARGUY