2022 Mercedes Benz C200 – The Good AND the Bad – Review

Mercedes-Benz, a name that means safety, innovation, good looks, and luxury, is one of the old ones. In fact, Mercedes-Benz is one of the original car makers, period. Like all car makers, it isn’t perfect.

David’s something this week from mercedes-benz what is it it is a mercedes c 200 which they described as being opulent and sumptuous when this was first released in i think it was february thereabouts it came with two models the c200 and the c300 this is the 200. with a 1.5 liter engine 150 kilowatts and 300 newton meters this has the nine speed g-tronic and in

Fact anything that’s in this car is a tronic we’ve got distronic which is the smart cruise control oh okay park tronic which is the parking system it doesn’t have matrix tonic headlights they are led but we’ve just got standard uh which which i don’t think got looked too bad i think at first i thought this was a little plane now i’ve lived with it for a week i can

Get used to it this mercedes starfield grille which is just the mercedes symbol without the circle tell you what i do like and that’s the wheels these wheels david i think they look absolutely sensational but what size are they 19 on this it’s always better when it looks bigger foreign there’s smart locking and unlocking on all four doors now we had a comment

David this morning saying that all of our reviews look like a sales brochure okay they don’t you want a sales brochure go to the website meanwhile david let’s see what it’s like around the back around the back i think this is quite plain there is a kick to open function which works if you’ve got the key in your pocket i don’t the key is inside the boot is not

Particularly huge there’s a button here to fold the seats a bag hook and as you can see the seats fold down not quite on a flat floor in a uh what would you call that david 40 40 20. uh looks like it 40 40 20. it’s quite long there isn’t it it is and underneath you see there is just the repair kit and the normal medical kit and uh vest and so forth what do you

Think of the upholstery david i think this is not real leather would that be correct would this be whatever the the 2000’s equivalents is of mb techs you can see that someone’s built something here at one stage so the perforations haven’t quite cleaned out there’s three eyes are fixed places uh that’s good we’ve got some vents a little tiny tiny cubby hole but no

Outlets of power for any kind and you’re just getting ahead under here because that’s because yeah i said that the the sunroof doesn’t quite go back that far starting a little 1.5 mercedes go over to there take me home and i’d previously entered my destination so let me get out of that we’ve got this large central tablet now which is the mbux the mercedes-benz

User experience system which i found a little bit clunky there’s you’ve really got to go hunting for things and to be quite honest with you i was just trying to change the radio station and i couldn’t find how to do it these controls are touch and slide and david the gears are behind the that’s that’s caused no end of consternation the wipers are down here on

The stalk a quick push gives you one swipe but it’s this rather large driver’s instrument panel that i think is pretty good now you’ll notice down below it’s got the eq symbol which is mercedes for for yet for semi-electrified and you can see power on one side and charge on the other side that’s charging up the tiny tiny battery with the tiny tiny auxiliary motor

That’s in front of the gearbox so this car does not have a starter motor well i think they’re just calling it 48 48 volt hybrid so it’s it’s i mean it still saves you fuel but have a look at this as you know i’ve always got my navman dash cam going people often think that this is a satellite navigation system it’s not it’s purely a dash cam but i hunted around to

Find the 12 volt there’s no 12 volt here no it’s down in the footwell way back where you couldn’t see it in the dark the voice system is a little bit touchy when i got this car it was turned off now i see why because it just periodically thinks that you’ve said hey and it tries to do things for you these look really classy i think that just looks spectacular

But the feel is really cheap it feels like cheap plastic and that does not feel like it will last but this on the other hand this carbon fiber effect trim i think looks spectacular you like that yeah i’m not quite as enamored to that let’s talk about ergonomics for a minute david here that is your cheap ad for charging okay how do you know it’s on i’ve struggled

Well it does come up charging up here yeah but it also comes up on your phone but it’s just trying to get your phone in and out here’s something else there’s the vanity there’s the vanity light the vanity light is immediately above the cover and then here have a look at this it’s a touch and slide touch and slide touch and slide so there’s no way of pressing oh

You can press the button okay well yeah at least that’s bigger these things are so small tiny tiny that you know i got chubby fingers but that’s ridiculous because this has got no starter motor it’s incredibly quiet and vibration free to start the steering in comfort mode is unbelievably light this by the way is miss nat now you might think that this 1.5 turbo

Is going to be a little underpowered and around town it isn’t it it just isn’t on the highway though you’ve got to plan you’re overtaking it does run out even with nine gears it runs out of puff the burmaster sound system fabulous fabulous and i love the drilled covers i think that just gives it a touch of class they’re trying to give us with this new c-class

Which is only a couple of months old they’re trying to give us the s experience do you think it’s giving us the yes experience it’s a no the ride is good but i think to say that it’s as good as an s-class is probably a pr stretch pr stretch too far but let’s try a little something hey mercedes take me home calculator now normally that actually gets at first go

I had to put in my home address originally but all i had to do was to save the address that i’d wanted to go to so that was quite easy but it does get a little scanty pants and tries to do things that you don’t want it to do on this fairly dreadful road i’m going to activate the distronic by pressing the set and i’m going to rub my finger up to 100 now going

To overtake and the mercedes is picking up speed nicely very quiet cabin it’s also got lane keep assist but quite often on this road other brands have seen these lines on the road and they’ve kind of gone all over the place this seems to be coping fairly well and i think is when really did you see that serious ly did you see that i can beat that bit out hey

Mercedes change interior lighting to pink i will change the colors so all the lighting’s changed to pink including inside the vents which i think looks kind of cool again you can’t see it really well in this but you can see it in this picture that i took the other night hey mercedes activate seat kinetics on passenger side it’s on the front passenger seat has it

Done it yes the idea behind it is that on a very long trip your body would be sitting in the one spot and what the kinetics apparently does is by moving your body very very small amounts it helps the circulation and helps your muscles and you get out at the other end feeling less tired fuel consumption has been a little disappointing at the moment it’s sitting

On eight liters per hundred kilometers this kind of strikes me as very odd but my whole heads-up display now is map with the speed and so forth along the bottom when we get close to nearing to make a turn we get an augmented reality here on the screen like so it’s come up at just the right time now it’s telling me to go that way however i am not going to go that

Way because i know at this time of the day going through the harbor tunnel is not world’s best practice so instead i’m going to go over the harbor bridge david it’s come time to hit like leave a comment and anywhere on the screen the little round button to subscribe

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2022 Mercedes Benz C200 – The Good AND the Bad – Review By Gay Car Boys