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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d AMG Line Review

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Hi everyone welcome back to shandris awkward channel so as you can see for today video we have the 2022 the mercedes-benz gls 400 and this is the diesel and you can see we have the amg line packet in this car you can see we have more sporty bumpers and this grille is different as we have the adaptive cruise control and we can see this beautiful led multi beam

Headlights which are very bright and they work very well and now we can see from the side also we have this beautiful 23 inch wheels from the img we’ll step in the side there and we can see also we have the tinted rear windows and you can see how long this car is and we have the chrome surround from the window beautiful so now let’s go and take a look of the

Back you can see the 4matic also we have more sporty bumper on the back but if you can see we have completed fake exhaust i really love this beautiful led state lights the gls 400d so this is the 3-liter diesel it produces 330 horsepower and around 700 newton meters of torque so it’s very powerful and the fuel consumption is very impressive let’s go and take

A look of the trunk so you can see that’s very good room and we have a seven seats if you want more room in the trunk you can fall down the rear seats of course and we have the standard electric trunk and you can see we have electric adjustable seats for back passengers beautiful so you can see how roomy it is panoramic sunroof you can see the foot room

It’s massive also we have the amg floor mats here we have the armrest also the the leather is very soft very good two cup holders little storage here and we can see we have force on climate control so right now let’s go and check the interior also as far as the killers go and you can see also we have the heated seat and ventilated seat and the seats are very

Comfortable and i really love this uh dark brown color for the leather of the seats so you can see the dodge design is very similar to the gle which is very good and we have the panoramic sunroof but i don’t know if you can see we have this new mbux which is very good it’s very easy to use and we have touchpads for for the img we can see we have a flat uh

Bottom steering wheel and steering wheel is so so good design with beautiful shift paddles behind and you can see these touch pads you can control this driver screen beautiful you have lots of information consumption eco and you can see the map view and this is infotainment in the center which you can control with this touchpad or with a touchscreen how

You prefer and with a voice command hey mercedes how may i help you change temperature to 22 degrees 22 degrees on the driver’s side and uh you can see how good that uh that system is and this beautiful ambient light especially in the night of course it will look so good also this car has a 360 degree camera that is in the option and that is very helpful for

This huge vehicle you can see the rims beautiful and here we have the driving modes individual you can set up how you want it the sport comfort and eco and this car has the air suspension so for example when you go to the sport the car lower to be more aerodynamic beautiful beautiful car and you can see here two cupholders and you can uh heat and cool and

Illuminate also we have the wireless charging this is to adjust the air suspension and the storage with a usb port and the glove box with the perfume so uh can smell very good inside of the car also we have the bombster sound system which sounds very clear very good so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the mercedes-benz new gls comment down below what

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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d AMG Line Review By Shend Riza Cars