2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van 170 4X4 | Video tour with Roger

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Hello mark i’m roger here at mercedes-benz of scarborough in scarborough maine i know you and i have been emailing back and forth i sent you some options this particular van i didn’t have pictures for yet so i’m going to do a video for you um go over all the equipment this van has you can see right here in the front it does have the safety sensors in the front

Bumper there’s a six of them also this fan does have the 360 degree camera i know i sent you the build sheet on this there’s your front camera right there for your part of your 360. and we’ll come around here to the passenger side the other cameras are right here underneath of the mirrors on the exterior there’s one on the driver’s side as well and you can see

Too it’s got the nice black wheels matches the graphite gray very nicely i am going to show you more equipment on the inside but we’ll start right here on the passenger side this van does not have the swivel seat package unfortunately i know that’s one of the options you’re looking for however it does have heated seats and it does have electrically controlled seats

Which is a very nice option once we do the walk around on the outside also show you some more features on the up here in the cab area and also this has got the sunroofs i know you would mention that you didn’t think that that was possible but this particular van does it all also has some led lighting up in the ceiling and as you can see too the wheel wells are

Covered which is another package the sidewall paneling the really nice hardwood floor with the anti-slip coating over it we’ll come around here to the back of the sprinter van so i know in the build sheet you probably noticed it has the mercedes-benz trailer hitch you can tow a 5 000 pound trailer with this van has the seven way pin connector right here and

A beautiful backup camera here just above the third brake light when we get on the inside of the van two mark i’m gonna display that back up camera for you as well and then with the back doors open you can see what a nice uh view of the interior 14 feet six inches of floor space 76 inches tall inside from wall-to-wall is 70 inches so there’s lots of space your

Back doors to open up 270 degrees so if you’re loading or unloading stuff in the back of the van you can get the doors completely out of the way so now mark we’re gonna hop up in the cab of the van i’m gonna show you a few more features that this van has very nice unique van all right mark so we’re sitting here in the cab with the 2022 graphite gray sprinter van

Right up here too is your wireless charging tray for your cell phone we have a usc port right here for apple carplay it will also do android you have a 12 volt charger right here and then two more us c ports and then we’re going to come down here to the 10 and a quarter inch display screen which is very difficult to get at the moment i want to display that 360

Camera for you so you can see the yellow lines your tires will follow the yellow lines when you’re backing up and then also if you have a trailer hitch you get a nice yellow mark right here once you get your draw bar in you can line your trailer up nice and easy nice rear view angle nice blind spot so you can see both sides of the sprinter van and also the 360

View nice front angle nice wide front angle on your camera as well nice navigation system you can shrink the screen and blow it up then your radio so you have sirius xm satellite radio that’s free for six months after that you would have to subscribe to it and then you got your fm and am you get your media center so you can actually stream music from your cell

Phone or any of your other devices right to the system nice info center right here you can keep track of your fuel economy it will keep help keep track of it for you you have an app store your vehicle settings so esp is your stability control that’s standard in all of our sprinter vans that will help keep all four tires on the ground so you don’t just flip over

You got lane tracking assist in the sensors i showed you in the front bumper there’s also sensors in the rear that helps with your parking and then we just went over the camera for you you have traffic sign assist as well so it will tell you what the speed limits are in whatever area you’re in and it will pop up in your dash here instrument panel as well then

You have your active lane keeping assist active brake assist so when you have your cruise control on you’re not going to just run into the vehicle in front of you the van will slow itself down and then you have a tension assist which is really neat if you’re on a long trip it will give you an alert that you’re drowsy or falling asleep and it will actually tell

You to pull over and take a break you have blind spot assist which is very nice it uses the cameras and the in sensors to tell if someone’s in your blind spot and it will give you an audible and a visual warning that there’s someone in your blind spot then you have acoustic door locks i always recommend leaving those shut off so you don’t lock yourself out of

Your vehicle and then this right here you can find a wi-fi hotspot it is a service that you would have to pay for you can do it through bluetooth and also we can set your time and date right here automatic time zone it will set the time wherever you are a few more things too this has the leather steering wheel also you can control this system with your thumb

Here on the steering wheel on the right hand side you can answer your phone and hang it up here you have volume for your radio and on the left hand side is where your cruise control is just some really nice features mark so if this is a van that you’re interested in please give me a call back my name is roger you can reach me at 207-838-0169 thank you so much you

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van 170" 4X4 | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough