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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170E 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello trash i’m roger here at mercedes-benz of scarborough in scarborough maine thank you very much for your inquiry on our 3500 dually 170 extended four-wheel drive beautiful blue gray i know i emailed you the information on this van last night wanted to do a video today um so you can see this one has the fog lights here in the front it’s got the safety sensors

Across the front bumper however this one just has a regular backup camera um in the dash it doesn’t have the 360 but still a really really nice uh sprinter van uh we have the wheels uh uh painted black from the factory instead of having the regular steel wheel color now this has the nice leatherette seats comfort seat package too you have all your adjustments

Here on the side of the seat as well as the swivel seat package so as you can see the seat swivels right around i’ll open the sliding door you can get a better view and your your seat um levers right here for the swivel very easy to maneuver this is your forward and back lever and as you can see it has the nice hardwood floor with the anti-slip coating on it

It has the sidewall paneling to protect the walls i know you said you’d like to do some up fitting in the van and then we’ll come around here to the back of the sprinter van so we have the mercedes-benz uh trailer hitch put on right for mercedes it uh will tow uh five thousand pounds um if it wasn’t the extended it would tow more but it is rated for five thousand

And we got the uh these are the 270 degree doors um they latch in place right here at 90. and then they open all the way up um they the way the hinge is designed does latch in place so it won’t close on you it’s a little windy today and you can see they’re very stationary we’ll come around here to the driver’s side get a nice view this is uh this sprinter van the

Extended is 24 feet from nose to tail lots of room the floor space is uh gives you 16 feet of floor space your fuel filler is right here 24 and a half gallon fuel tank um very sizable and uh so now trish we’re gonna hop inside the van i’m gonna go over some features in here with you okay trish so we’re sitting here in the cab of uh the blue gray 4×4 uh 170 3500

Dually extended that we talked about last night um right up here in the center of the dash too this has the wireless charging tray for your cell phone there’s a plug-in right here usc port that’s for your apple carplay and then you have a nice 12-volt charger right here and then as you can see this has got the 10 and a quarter inch display screen very very nice

Very clear navigation and you can shrink the screen and blow it up and we can pair two cell phones and we have am fm radio you can also stream music from your phone we have another section right here the media device connected you can hit that button right there and stream your music there’s an app store vehicle settings so it has stability control um we have

Lane tracking assist parking assist just some really nice features and then your backup camera i’m going to display that for you you can see how nice and crystal clear it is and then for your trailer hitch we have this yellow line right here so you could line up a trailer very easily and then we have a nice wide angle rear view camera and then we have traffic

Sign assist so that will tell you what the speed limits are in various areas active lane keeping assist that’s on right now so you can see it will track your lanes so if you’re veering out of your lane it will let you know active brake assist so when you have your cruise control on if you’re coming up on another vehicle too fast that will give you an alert i’ve

Just some real nice safety features on the left hand side of your steering wheel is your cruise control on the right hand side you have the volume for your radio you can answer your phone and hang it up right here this has heated front seats heated electric mirrors just a really nice uh all-around sprinter van and we’re gonna go for a little ride here trash around

The parking lot you can see how easy and maneuverable the sprinter van is i’m going to demonstrate that backup camera for you too trish so we can back it right into its spot nice video of our dealership here in scarborough maine so as far as parking these sprinter vans they are very maneuverable to to be able to park and now you get a good view of the backup

Camera so trish i hope you’ve enjoyed the video uh like i said my name is roger um please feel free to give me a call my cell phone number is 207-838-0169 thank you so much

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170E 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough