2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van 144 4×4 | Video Tour with Tom

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Hey jeremy tom cooper here at mercedes-benz of scarborough i want to put a quick video toward the other for you on this 2022 sprinter passenger van as i said this is a 2022 mercedes sprinter it is a passenger van in the 12-seat configuration we’re gonna take a walk around the exterior of the vehicle and then take a look at some of the interior features so as we

Walk around the outside i will point out some stuff to you um right up first is the obsidian black paint so we zoom in here we might be able to see some of the metallic flake there in the paint we’ll zoom back out so this is a very nice metallic paint job it is a it is an upgraded black paint as we go down the side you will see we do have windows all the way

Down for all your passengers up top there we do have the roof mounted ac so your rear passengers will be comfortable and as we round to the back you’ll notice we do have um a trailer hitch which is a nice little addition so if you do want to tow something we can certainly tow from here and then there’s a nice little step there if you do need to get up in the

Back you can do that right from that step makes it a little bit easier this is a four by four so it is a little bit higher to get up into so that step does come in handy as we open the back you’ll see even with all 12 seats in there um you do still have some cargo space back here you do have tie downs so you can secure whatever uh load that you are carrying if

It needs to be all the window windows are nicely tinted so um does stay nice and uh cool in here and you do have the headliner that comes along with the passenger van um as we come around the side i’ll open the side door and we can check out the amenities so again come up around the side here swing that open and here’s the first look at the seats we do have the

Driver convenience package as well as comfort seat package and basic comfort packages built into this and then the rear comfort package so um that is uh as as it would suggest a more comfortable seats you do have adjustable seats with these levers right here so you can refine them cool features you do have some charging abilities over on the side and you do have

Cup holders in the front of each seat so your passengers will have some ability to have charging and then right in the floor you’ll see you have these little tracks so if you did need to take out the seats you certainly can do so there is a look at the interior of the roof mounted ac to get up into this um we do have a handle right here which make it a little bit

Easier to get into and then we will come into the cockpit so um this vehicle does come equipped with the seven inch mbux display so that is a full touch screen um it will uh be able to bluetooth your phone you actually do have android auto as well as apple carplay available in here through this glove box right there and then when you get in here you’ll see the

Uh plugins for more charging right there and you have two more glove boxes on either side with cup holders throughout so you have plenty of couple there’s more storage above the driver and passenger seat in this one we do have cruise control then your phone controls on uh the right of the steering wheel heated seats up on the door as well as auto lights auto

Wipers all there on the blinker stock so that is a quick overview of this 12 passenger van i’ll take another look at the passenger seats if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me my number is 207-510-2286 thank you foreign

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van 144 4×4 | Video Tour with Tom By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough