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2022 Mercedes G Class – Extreme Offroad Capabilities Test Drive

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This is how the new Mercedes G Class 2022 performs in offroad. Cool SUV!

So this is the t-rex 45 uphill this already looks so wrong driving up there it’s perfect and now what we have new is the 360 degree camera oh that’s because it’s really cool and then don’t stop oh wow it’s wonderful that’s the speed perfect go up avoid spinning wheels that’s the important thing when we go off road trying to be real gentle with the throttle a

Little bit more to the right more to the right so now you’re on the top of it perfect now you’re on the top of the sheetrock and here you will see the different slope so face i want to jump outside give you all the information about the with the radio all right always first gear with m1 go down no brake perfect and go down no break yeah this looks cool it’s crazy

So the excellent twist that will be 30 uphill with really deep holes oh yeah i can see that we will have enough ground clearance to get everything when you will have spinning wheels then stop yeah perfect slowly so we have also no four ets in the car now yes or it’s so easy and smooth with the g-class perfect you locked all three or only two i gotta admit i’m

Using all three that what it looks like the turn right go down with two diff lock that we have also a stiff connection oh that’s so sweet so this is a massage for free you know this is really perfect and that looks like on the shackle mountain but on the places so the shackle mount we are much faster than this that’s the way where chiclas wants to go you know

Not only on road also awful this is perfect it really feels like the car is gonna tip over but it just doesn’t and it you can’t hear any crackles or noises it just goes and goes 60 gravel first gear no brake let the car go down perfect because only running tire gives you the possibility to handle the car ride wheels on the stones and the both left wheels are on

The gravel so this is really heavy for the car because you normally have only traction to the right and slowly yeah you’re my friend from amg ah slippery surface nothing happens no problem for a g-class stop stop stop easy easy it’s a g wagon now we use 3d flocks number one two and three soft and smooth that’s the reason why we have three diff locks you had the

Technical explanation wow no spinning wheels so easy oh it’s no problem at all i told you she must always move forward and always smiling that’s really cool so you get all the traction only to the right wheels perfect wow all right next chapter in our off-road adventure your little g-rock it’s pretty impressive i gotta say so now we will go to the chief forest

Choose the way i can go wherever i want yes it’s a g-wagon and then we have one obstacle we call it the shackle trail yes yeah we started with two diff locks i think we have enough ground clearance we’ll go slowly inside okay and that’s that means offroad to find your personal way what will be the perfect line for your car and that’s really cool now with the 360

Degree camera because you see everything now it will probably be yes so slowly slow this looking the important thing it’s not a racetrack it’s soft and smooth so when you have spinning wheels you lose the traction the traction never comes back activate number three yes turn a little bit to the right and really soft and smooth wow it’s slippery a little bit more

To the right yes and then you see how easy it goes but really not fully accelerated and soft as well the car will find a solution more to the left a little bit more to the left and then immediately disengage because the most powerful steering will be on the front axle and that’s the circle trail it’s totally easy the axle twist always straight yes that looks

Perfect a little bit more straight yes and really slowly enjoy it you are for a short moment on two wheels so and stop and then always find the perfect flipping and tipping point that’s really cool and slowly slowly slowly maybe five centimeters more yeah yeah a little bit more and break yeah that’s the feeling perfect you can feel the exact moment the car is

About and a little bit to the left perfect we go one round through the water how deep is that we will see i hope it’s only 70 centimeter with a new one we can go until 70. this is really cool and also go for the camera don’t stop so when you’re in the g mode you have to always start stop is d activate and then this is a cool sound you hear the sound of the v8

It’s like a boat engine and you can go straight up this is cool the sound it just sounds like there’s water flooding in the car right now but it isn’t my feet are still dry so and i think one of the coolest exercise will be the next one so both diff locks are on both diff locks on okay go straight okay 30 40 yes go i can hear it’s locked go a little bit

Up steering wheel straight steering wheel straight how many degree 28 25 26 27 so we’re at 30 degrees now yeah okay slowly that’s easy so now our tire is now full of mud okay going up the other do the twist slowly and now you’re on two wheels very very cool gonna fall over on the passenger side but now you’re on the wrong side if you want to pick some flowers

You know normally must come from the other side to pick flowers for your wife or girlfriend and straight yes but yeah the cast lights don’t steal so much you have no chance our tire is totally of mud but this is cool and i love the v8 sound you know felix great job well done we went 80 uphill yeah downhill we have 50 of the bumpy we have water we have the mud

Treatment but what is the maximum what you can go with the cheek lines up how many percent 100 so you’re ready for that we’re going for three digits oh we’re going for three dishes let’s go i’m supposed to drive up there that’s vertical basically and we drive it with the g63 amg the same car what we did on the on-road performance that’s 100 percent that’s maximum

Okay i mean i trust you we’ll do it let’s go you sure we’re not gonna scratch anything like the front door and then totally spread and really really soft avoid spinning wheels enjoy it wow oh my god oh my word it’s only 45 50 now okay relax enjoy better soft excellent bose hand on the steering wheel perfect this is m1 basically vertical perfect 99 a little bit

More to the right that’s perfect that’s means chica’s 100 and go up don’t stop so feeling 100 again more to the right perfect 100 more to the right much more to the right right that’s where i am i’m trying more right be relaxed perfect you did it and now we will do the same downhill really soft and smooth be on the break a little bit more to the right more to

The right we’re always going to break more to the right get yours straight oh my god oh my oh my god it’s only 60. we’re going to tip over no no not with a cheek glass i’m just hanging in my seat belt now i’m hanging in my seat belt so 97 so then we stop here so then go to reverse you’re serious yes it’s a g-glass every cheeklist can do this smooth acceleration

We’re going back why not it’s a cheek glass go up holy moly it’s totally easy you did it quite good and really well perfect so and then we go back to drive that is just crazy and this is a normal regular g63 amg but every glass must go 100 uphill and downtown i can only urge every g customer be it amg or mercedes to try this this is just next where you can get

This feeling is here in graz at the glass experience center so well done disengage all this wow and we are set

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2022 Mercedes G Class – Extreme Offroad Capabilities Test Drive By REC Anything