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2022 MINI Cooper S Countryman Review | Behind the Wheel

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Facelifted for 2022, the MINI Cooper S Countryman’s all-new and ready for any adventure in or out of the city. Get to know more about it apart from its spritely 2.0-liter turbo motor on this episode of Behind a Wheel with Caco. Does this reskinned BMW still have its British sensibility? Or is it all the better for it? Find out if its P3,750,000 price tag is worth it!

The last term you ever want to use when you’re talking about a mini is large but yet you can’t help but use that term when you’re talking about a countryman because well it is the largest of the model lineup it’s a five-door crossover that is about a mere inch more than 14 feet long about six feet wide and just over five feet tall to be honest with you next to

Our family car which is montero this thing looks like a little type it’s actually quite cute unfortunately the term large also is used to describe its price kind of painful so the question is does this 2022 mini countryman s actually deserve the price it commands let’s find out do you need help purchasing your car insurance head on over to dot

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Get the best deal on insurance without a deal i’m not sponsored or anything by carmen’s best i only thought about this skit right now because it’s quite warm today but much like the ice cream i haven’t met a mini cooper that i did not absolutely fall in love with and this this blue has got me floored now i did mention that it is a bit on the pricey side and that’s

True but it’s really not the fault of the car not at all see in the united states if you were to get this trim you’re going to spend roughly about 38 39 000 so you’re looking at about 2 million philippine pesos but because of all the tariffs that you need to pay when the car gets here and of course they import taxes say hello to three million seven hundred and fifty

Thousand fifteen pesos but back to the original question is it worth it at its heart is a twin power turbo two liter four-cylinder gasoline engine mounted to a seven-speed dct that produces 192 horses and 280 newton meters of torque now what all that mumbo jumbo means is that inside the city moderate traffic will return about 12 kilometers per liter but on the

Highway this thing is capable of 20 kilometers per liter those figures are roughly the same as a subcompact sedan that has only a 1.5 liter engine granted this is also four times the price but think of it this way this can achieve zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just seven and a half seconds it’s got a top speed of 226 kilometers per hour and there is no way

A subcompact sedan sounds like this the 2022 revision introduced a lot of new changes and it essentially made its predecessor look well kind of old in a day paired with its iron blue color not only is it stunning but it’s still distinctly mini in design there’s hardly any chrome on here with the painted surfaces instead of old shiny bits that we’re kind of used

To in the previous iteration it’s an all led affair with projectors and fog lamps found down below that have such an awesome throw and then this brilliant drl that surrounds the entire headlamp it’s so cool it looks like it looks like david bowie with eyeliner maybe not as cool and the only thing though is that i wish that they would have hit the sensors just a

Little bit better i don’t mind them they’re not bothersome but yeah a little bit more work on that would have been nice so you got matching accents down the side roof rails and cladding at the bottom a black roof with matching mirrors that have repeaters and then 165 millimeters of ground clearance not much for a crossover no but the 165 is helped by these large

Doors and smaller windows to give the appearance of a larger automobile then these are some of the biggest wheels i’ve also seen on the mini they’re two-tone 19s on 45 series tires which to be honest with you add such a badass factor to this car and then these guys are in front of discs up front and discs at the rear some of the most robust brakes that i’ve ever

Used in my entire life i mean they’re so strong it feels like they could stop the rotation of the earth as if its size and shape weren’t iconic enough now you can really spot a mini from like miles away thanks to these bright rear leds and the union jack pattern that you will find inside these guys are so bright that if you’re stuck in traffic and you’re applying

The brakes look at your rear view mirror and you’ll be like oh momolo it happened uh also since this is an s there are twin exhausts found down below now when you open it up with the power tailgate which is actually pretty fast by the way jack noticed that you are looking at 450 liters of very usable space because this to know can actually 86. um at 450 liters

Of space you’re looking at about the category of the same subcompact sedans that i was talking to about talking about earlier uh and if you haven’t seen that review by the way i just shameless plug do click somewhere on the link because we have a comparable of the m grand the city and also the almera which actually was a lot of fun to do if it’s the link’s not on

The screen i’m sure it’s somewhere down below now back to the mini it may have a little bit less space than the subcompact sedans because those guys were above 450 a little over 500 but when you fold the second row you are looking at a thousand four hundred liters of space now there’s no way a subcompact end has that and then also obviously there’s a little bit

More space when you remove the false bottom and then there’s also this cool and nifty feature that you can stick out so you can hang out at the back of your mini without scratching your car or dirtying your legs that is pretty darn cool i like that i wish all cars had that the rear seats of the countryman s are a pretty large contrast from those uh front because

Well the bolsterings back here aren’t as noticeable or as supportive as that in the front seats and quite in fact if you were to go around the twisties you’d actually be kind of sliding around back here which might be actually a lot of fun uh toys back here include air vents found up front two of them i might add and then two type c charging points then in the

Center armrest you’ve got two cup holders and then additionally you’ve got bottle holders on either door with speakers space is actually pretty decent elbow room for two passengers in the rear not an issue a third passenger not so great because well there’s a tunnel and yeah that’s gonna eat up a lot of elbow room so two adults actually not an issue uh legroom is

Actually pretty good because you can stretch your legs even underneath the passenger or rather the driver’s seat because that’s well that’s my normal driving position so uh leg room is you’re looking at maybe about seven or eight inches that’s actually pretty big and then head room at least four inches man that’s a lot of space back there um it’s quite comfortable

And the air is actually pretty good back here as well i have sat back here while jack drove and the other time my wife drove and i got to tell you the air is actually pretty good too because well since the cabin is not very big and there’s a to no for the cargo space it cools the cabin off very very quickly and that i think is actually a pretty big plus now if

You’ve never sat inside a mini before and partly because you’ve always thought that that car is basically for coco sized people that’s where you’re dead wrong check this out see the mini and its power chairs can adjust so much so that i don’t think fitting quite much taller people would ever be an issue inside this car because not only can you move the chair

This far back but you can also make it sink and then move the steering wheel as close to the dashboard as possible look at the amount of space i have i’m telling you right now from my foot to the accelerator it’s roughly about seven inches that’s seven inches of leg room and look at the headroom look at that that’s now what is that is that another eight inches

That’s eight inches dude and look at the reach that i have to the steering wheel oh mind you that when you do move the steering wheel even if you are a taller passenger the instrument cluster actually moves up and down with you i am not the biggest fan of it simply because i just like the analog gauges more but that’s actually pretty darn cool so truly i’m not

Saying that shaquille o’neal could fit back here no not that but anyone above six feet tall possibly even six two six three even six four wouldn’t have an issue sitting or driving inside this car and then watching them getting in and out of it would actually pretty damn damn funny too on the well-appointed steering wheel you will have buttons for your audio and

Cruise function with a braking function it’s not a full-on adaptive feature but it’ll be enough to keep you from rear-ending someone in front although wheel mounted paddles are available to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on the roads thanks to a heads-up display which provides speed and select menu displays you’ve got an 8.8 inch touchscreen

Infotainment system which doubles as your reverse camera which can be controlled either via the touchscreen or the idrive system using the knob here at the bottom if you know the idrive system that means it’s basically a bmw which means it’s actually pretty darn snappy the good news is is that it has apple carplay and wireless apple carplay at that the bad news is

No android automatic air knobs found just above a few function buttons and then just below that toggle switches that this century’s minis have been known for which include an eco standard and sport driving mode and then some found on the roof one of which changes the ambient light inside the car which it’s no disco but damn that looks pretty darn good the speakers

Inside the automobile are harman kardon and they sound pretty great the base at the start needs a little bit of help but you can easily change that in the settings of the automobile which brings me to the three things that i’d wanna tweak inside this car or perhaps even change number one is that well there’s no android capability not everybody’s apple so please

Include that number two these buttons here i thought they were touchscreen apparently not they’re actually buttons that you have to press actually quite hard and number three it’s very cool that there is a charging pad found here on the center armrest which has a clip unfortunately it can only hold quite small phones like it’ll fit jacks but mine is just too big

What what do you mean what did i say something wrong the countryman is well equipped with a total of six airbags abs with ebd parking sensors stability control traction control or reverse camera tire pressure monitoring and isofix ride height or not there is little so almost no body roll inside this car even when you’re taking corners which makes the mini

Just so fun to drive lane changes are immediate the steering is so quick that you’re in a turn even before you’re actually there it’s mind-boggling now for those that know what to expect from a mini that’s actually a great thing for those that don’t well it’s not as if that you’re going to be questioning your life choices when you’re driving on edza because of the

Rigidity of the chassis no not a month understand that it’s not rules but the trade-off is is that it’s got a very go-kart feel to it and on paved roads wow this thing is just so planted oh and speaking of rolls-royce i actually had the opportunity of meeting the ceo when he was visiting manila a couple of years back torston mueller otvos god i hope i’m saying his

Name right the thing about him is is that when he’s not balling in rolls guess what car he’s driving i’ll give you three guesses but you’re only gonna need one the nvh inside this automobile is actually quite superb you’d expect that when you’re on the highway it’s almost dead quiet really but inside the city it’s actually pretty darn good the most unpaved roads

That we can think of would be like again edsa but even then it’s actually pretty darn quiet and it starts when you close the door really because the car just feels like it’s built solid it’s so quiet and yet check this out when we open the door you can hear the road and the cars passing by once you close it it’s solid and all of a sudden it’s just so quiet it’s

Amazing granted the tire noise inside the city on more unbehaved paved roads does creep in yes but i mean you’re rolling around on 19 and 45 so it is a bit expected the dct is well it’s kind of uncharacteristic of a dct granted because the dct’s that we’re normally used to is on much more affordable vehicles where uh it’s trying to get rid of first and second

Gear as quickly as possible and there’s a bit of a jolt here there is none i mean you can floor it on on on eco on sport or on normal mode and the transitions are actually pretty smooth and i like it i think the best part about this automobile is i like the fact that it’s so tiny and powerful at the same time that it can bring you to the speeds of going back to

November 12 1955 in less than 10 seconds and at the same time it’s got breaks that can hold you in 2019 forever it’s kind of a deep reference but you’ll get it minnie has been getting a lot of flack and loyalists are right to say that it’s not the same car anymore it’s it’s either too big it’s too expensive it’s too german and yeah i get all of that but the

Truth is for a nameplate to survive it’s gotta evolve no matter what anybody says but at what cost okay so truth is you can probably get yourself a bmw x1 for much less than you would spend on this countryman well this is essentially the same as a bmw because it’s a bmw underneath but i guarantee you that the x1 won’t make you smile from ear to ear or as much as

This countryman will so is it worth it maybe not to you and me but i’ll tell you one thing that the next time i see this on the road i’m gonna be extremely jealous of the person driving that’s a fact you

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