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2022 Mitsubishi Mirage ES: This Car Is Perfect For The Upcoming Recession

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage ES with the effects package!

Man um anyways yeah you can tell this is a more inexpensive car that being said though hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re going over the 2022 mitsubishi mirage es before we get in the video i do want to mention a huge shout out and thank you to the southtown imports here in utah for giving me some time with us mirage check out the inventory

In the description down below they sell new mitsubishi’s as well as a ton of cool used cars and then on a side side side note if you don’t save time money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get to the video under the hood we have a naturally aspirated 1.2 liter three cylinder that goes through a cvt automatic

Transmission fuel economy is 36 around town and then 43 on the highway with power plus being 78 horsepower and then 74 pound-feet of torque now let’s go to the front end of the mirage so first off you can see here with the sharp body line that kind of continues there in the front bumper we’ve got the halogen lights for the headlights got the fog lights down below

And notice the kind of aggressive pattern there around it notice the chrome trim here got the mitsubishi logo there on the center also finished in chrome it knows we have the red accent here and the carbon fiber print to make things look even more aggressive and sporty and there’s the front end now coming on the side here we’ve got 165 millimeter tires wrapped

Around 14 inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see here with the design on the wheel notice it’s uh pretty much all covered up that actually helps out with aerodynamic efficiency so we’ve got that going for us nice little light there for the turn signal indicator and this one has a special package that adds the chrome here

On the mirror to kind of make things look a little bit snazzier and then notice again the carbon fiber print here with the red accenting on the bottom portion and taking a few steps back here’s your side view and just to kind of give you guys an idea of scale there’s a kia soul which kind of looks pretty big compared to this so suffice to say this is not a very

Large car so here’s our key fob we got the mitsubishi logo there on the back we have our unlock and lock pretty straightforward setup and then we’ll open up the hatch to the rear here so you notice that we’ve got the cargo cover here at the top and then storage space is actually i mean for how small this car is it’s actually pretty decent here i wonder if we

Can uh lift up the oh yeah we can look at this got some carpeting there spare tire underneath that’s definitely solid and i mean other than that what more could you ask for you got a handle up here too look at that now finishing things up here with the rear first off i love the look of the taillights you can see the design on that they actually look really cool

Got the mirage logo here and you can tell the uh backup camera was tacked on after the fact right once the federal regulation came into effect and then again with the carbon fiber print and things here at the diffuser there at the bottom and you know what i’m just going to say this right now i think it’s actually a pretty cool looking little hatchback notice the

Spoiler there at the top too it’s it’s got some it’s got some flair now here’s the door panel in the rear you can see here pretty basic from a material standpoint but coming to the seats here those cloth seats actually like the design the cloth actually feels nice to the touch now popping in i fit well kind of my head touches the top but that’s got a cup holder

Right there and i mean other than that let’s head to the front now here’s the front door panel you can see a little bit more happening here from design standpoint got the window controls the front windows automatic just quick look at the mirror then here’s the front seat so again with the cloth trim and then look at the design there in the center and then your

Adjustments here on the side pedal layout down below now we’ve got our mirror adjustment right here stability control actually have collision assistance that’s pretty cool steering wheel is manually adjustable and let’s pop in now here is the steering wheel again pretty basic from a material standpoint but we’ve got cruise control we’ve got phone controls we’ve

Got volume controls everything you need right turn signal light stock windshield wiper stock and there’s the steering wheel now here’s the center gauge cluster you can see you’ve got the rpms over there on the left side right in the center we’ve got our speedometer and again you know pretty basic from an appearance standpoint but it has all the information that

You need and so it’s nice and simple here’s the center infotainment system first off we pop in reverse it’s the backup camera with the trajectory lines they don’t turn with the steering wheel but uh resolution is actually pretty good on the camera so that’s nice as the rest the infotainment system uh response time with the buttons is great and the screen too the

Screen’s quick to respond so i don’t have anything bad to say about the infotainment system and also it’s like nicely integrated here into the dash and then also we have our single zone climate control down below we got a little snowflake button for the air conditioning always gotta love that we have our charging area down below a couple cup holders shifter for

That cvt with the low range notice we’ve got our break here cup holder glove box and you can see again pretty basic from a material standpoint the dash notice here with the vent off to the side and then well you guys can see here but we have a lighter colored headliner we have a light up here at the top manual mirror dimmer and cloth headliner but that’s all

So here’s our window sticker for this mirage es and this is the hatchback so you guys can see the standard equipment and i love how they like list like this rear suspension like rear torsion beam suspension um but you guys can see the rest of the equipment that comes standard on this uh which is a lot of stuff uh but there is some optional equipment on this uh full

Tank of gas included as an optional equipment if you buy one the effects package right we’ve got the chrome package as well and then the fog lights that’s also another package premium audio and all that but you can see the base price here thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars and then the total msrp 20 000 right on the dot and let’s see how it drives let’s

Talk about visibility before we set off there’s your visibility of the hood both the mirrors the rest of the rear and let’s set off so setting off here in the mirage and i think this might quite possibly be the lowest horsepower car that i’ve ever reviewed on the channel it’s also probably it’s not well yeah it might actually be the smallest too so smallest

And lowest horsepower we’ll see but um first sitting off it’s actually not bad okay so i’m just partial throttle here okay so yeah it’s as the power figures suggest it’s it’s definitely not um again that was just partial throttle def definitely not quick and light on his feet well it is light on those feet but definitely not quick by any means but that’s

Not what this car is about um what this car is about is saving money and getting good fuel economy which also helps you save money right especially in today’s market where gas is crazy expensive but you know i’ve coming into this i was you know a little bit uh worried uh and the reason i say a little bit worried is i’ve just seen so many bad reviews on this car

Right uh from like doug demiro for example right just saying this is you know just a really cheaply built kind of not a good car right and so that’s kind of what my preconception was coming into this reviews i’m like oh okay so i’m gonna review this and it’s um gonna be very cheap but it’s gonna it’s gonna feel like it and all that and here’s what i’ve seen is

Uh yeah there is definitely like you can tell this is an inexpensive car there’s no hiding that let’s see full throttle man um anyways yeah you can tell this is a more inexpensive car that being said though i i don’t feel like it’s it’s worth it it’s and i don’t feel like this really lives up to its uh quote-unquote bad reputation because ultimately i think

It looks pretty good on the outside for for what it is right especially with this package i think it’s a pretty good looking car and then from an interior perspective yes it’s basic but the seats are comfortable and this has all the stuff it’s got a backup camera it’s got an infotainment system it’s got a radio right i can see how many miles are on the car i can

See how much gas i have right it has all the basic stuff and so like i feel like in this world where we have super complex cars nowadays this is just like something simple and some people are like oh because it’s simple it’s bad it’s like no wrong yes it’s simple but like that’s nice uh i kind of i kind of see this as like a really good car to get you just like

Run around town and you don’t have to work like because it’s so inexpensive if you like accidentally curb a wheel or if you you know something happens like it’s like oh whatever right it wouldn’t it wouldn’t feel it wouldn’t feel bad um this would be such a great like around town runaround card gets great fuel economy and so inexpensive twenty thousand dollars

The average price for a brand new car in today’s market is forty five thousand dollars this is less than half that and yeah it may not come with all the you know fancy features you get on other cars and you know it may be you know pretty slow it moves right it’s got it’s got four wheels it drives and so you know if you’re looking for a really inexpensive car

That is and it’s got a solid warranty so like i mean that you guys saw on the windows deck with the warranty it’s like okay you don’t have to worry about things for quite some time um and they’ve got really good roadside assistance with this too so if something happens right you’re covered for quite some time so the point that i’m trying to make here is this is

A really solid value proposition really solid value proposition um it’s like again this it’s it’s not great it’s it’s it’s not crazy nice in any respect but like it’s still like this is a well put together cart it’s got power windows um yeah i don’t know i like i really don’t see anything wrong with this car it it’s at the price point that it’s at so if you

Just want a solid inexpensive car then check this out also the beam suspension in the rear is very strange i will say that though but check one out that’s gonna something’s up for our video on this 2022 mitsubishi mirage again a huge shout out and thank you to south town imports for giving me some time with the mirage check out the intro in the description down

Below i will see all of you in that next video

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2022 Mitsubishi Mirage ES: This Car Is Perfect For The Upcoming Recession! By Ben Hardy