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2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Review and Drive Impressions

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The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage has landed in the Philippines, and now looks similar to it’s siblings in the Mitsubishi line up. The front fascia has been updated to look like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, and the Mitsubishi Strada. The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage has also received updates in the infotainment system. The 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage now has a good infotainment system, keeping it at pace with the other city cars like the Honda City, the Toyota Vios, and the Suzuki Swift. In this Filipino car review, we take a full tour of the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 and then take it out for a drive. The Mitsubishi Mirage is known as the Mitsubishi Attrage in Malaysia and in other countries. The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage is also sold in the US, and in Europe. While these other markets get more updates like LED lighting systems, the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 has to make do with halogen headlights and tail lights. This may seem like a cop out, but the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is still assembled in the Philippines, hence the use of these older lighting units.

It’s been delayed by the pandemic but finally it’s here ever since the new mirage made its debut last 2019 local mitsubishi fan boys have been wondering when will this face-lifted mirage make it to our shores well the long wait is finally over because we have here the 2022 mitsubishi mirage g4 and in this video we get to review it and drive it let’s do this oh

Hello guys i’m reagan and welcome back to another car review if you’re new to my channel i hope you click that subscribe button for your regular dose of philippine automotive content if you’re my subscriber already well sit back relax and enjoy the show oh yeah and click that like button also special thanks to mitsubishi bgc and the autohub group for providing the

2022 mitsubishi mirage g4 to do this review if you are in the area and you have a need for any mitsubishi or a ford or even a rolls royce head on down here to the autohub dealership and check them out for any inquiries you may also contact the person in my pin comment below the refresh mirage g4 has been a long time coming and oh boy it sure is worth the wait you

See this thing is just fresh out of the oven such that i just got the retail price of the mirage g for just now while i’m filming this thing now the retail price of this top spec mirage g4 gls with cvt is 899 000 philippine pesos now i know that’s a 30 000 pesos more expensive than the outgoing gls but based on the updates and the upgrades that you’re getting in

This thing that additional 30 grand is well worth it the front fascia of the mirage g4 gets the most significant change from the previous model we have the same dynamic shield front fascia here that can be found in its other siblings in the mitsubishi stable the mirage even gets this front skirts here plus this faux carbon fiber trim for that added sporty look

However we don’t get the led headlights that can be found in the global model but rather we still have to make do with halogen headlights here but the local mitsubishi mirage g4 gets bold fog lights that can be found here at the sides of your front bumper now overall guys this front fascia has a more aggressive look to it and it brings the mirage back to its

Original fighting form the side profile of the facelifted mirage remains largely unchanged from the pre-facelifted model however we lose out on that front fender garnish that we first saw in the mirage gls so it seems that all the variants of this face lifted mirage now gets turn signals on its side mirrors now that’s actually a good thing now this mirage gets the

Same 15 inch alloy wheels and these wheels are wrapped in one eight five fifty five r15 tires behind those wheels we get ventilated disc brakes up front drum brakes at the back and for your suspension we have a mac version setup in the front and a rear torsion beam at the back now since the mechanicals of this thing is pretty much the same as the previous model

Well the ground clearance is also the same at 170 millimeters now that is pretty decent for a city car the rear end of the mirage g4 also gets a few updates we still get the same tail light assembly here and we have the same bulb daylight we don’t get the fancy led tail lights at the other markets get however the rear bumper has been given that sporty treatment

Because we get this rear skirt here plus a pair of reflectors that are found at the sides of your rear bumper now this is a more aggressive and sporty look now the good thing about the mirage g4 is that the trunk can easily be opened by pressing your key fob twice as you can see and once you pop it open you’ll see that the trunk space of the mirage g4 is still the

Same cavernous cargo capacity of 450 liters now you could put a lot of stuff here but unfortunately the back seats still doesn’t fall down so if you’re transporting larger items in your mirage g4 well you gotta get creative to get your stuff inside this car the engine of the previous mirage gets carried over into this facelifted model as such we get the same and

Dependable 1.2 liter three cylinder naturally aspirated myvic engine that can put out 77 horses and 100 newton meters of torque now the transmission options are still the same you could either spec it in a cvt or a 5-speed manual transmission now since this is the same motor as the outgoing model we get the same stellar fuel economy figures at the quoted combined

Fuel economy of 21 kilometers per liter well this new mirage g4 will get the same fuel economy as the other budget city cars in its segment well aside from a few upgrades here and there the cabin of this facelifted mirage g4 remains the same as the 2020 mirage gls that i featured last year we get the same engine push start button here that was found in that mirage

Gls the seats are also carried over we still get the same fabric seats here in that nice comfortable material that the mirage is known for the steering wheel is also carried over we get the same leather wrapped steering wheel here and the same glossy piano black finish as found at the bottom half of your steering wheel now we also have hands-free buttons here for

Connectivity we also saw that in the gls last year and this wheel also adjusts for tilt but it doesn’t telescope guys so yeah that’s pretty expected in a budget city car now when you look at the instrument gauge cluster the gauge cluster has received the white treatment making it a bit brighter than before but it’s still in the same analog layout that we first saw

In the mirage gls this is an analog speedometer and an analog tag and we had the same blank area on the right side of your instrument gauge cluster again this face lifted mirage g4 doesn’t have an engine temperature gauge so yeah if you’re about to overheat yeah this thing would just would just give you a warning alarm and yeah you’re already overheating now we

Move on to the infotainment system and this is the first and only major upgrade that you get in this facelifted mirage g4 this is i think this is a seven inch touchscreen infotainment system i don’t have the exact figures yet for the size of the screen but it looks like it’s a seven inch touchscreen but the good thing here guys the good news we have apple carplay

Already we have android auto and we also have the reverse camera that we also saw in the mirage gls last year now the image quality of that reverse camera it’s also pretty good it’s very usable quite bright and yeah so it’s good that we all have all of those tech features in this new updated infotainment system now when you go down to your climate control system

Here we have a fully automatic climate control system there uh pretty similar to the mirage last year and we also have a couple of cup holders here which i already subjected to my clean canteen test but as a refresher guys you see that it marginally passes it kind of fits almost fits but it doesn’t really fit as well as you’d want because of the size and the length

Of my clean canteen yeah so because it’s too big and it’s too long it really couldn’t fit yeah that’s what my ex-girlfriend told me anyway we have the same yeah we have the same shifter here that also has that b option which is that brake option for the mirage which means that you put it there if you want to keep a low engine speed when you’re climbing up inclines

Or going down the same inclines we also have a manual handbrake here but i was quite surprised and a little bit disappointed to see that even in this facelifted mirage g4 we still don’t get a center armrest here i mean i would have expected that to come as standard already in the mirage but yeah tough luck just not here anyway when you look at the entire cabin of

This thing uh it is a budget city car and as such you’re surrounded by uh plastics you know the door cards are plastic the dashboard they’re all plastic so it’s the same material that we found in the mirage gls last year however the fit and finish of this thing is fantastic which is what you’d expect from a vehicle that is proudly manufactured right here in the

Philippines the back seat of the new mirage g4 is identical to the outgoing model hence we get the same amount of space here at the back i’m five foot six guys and this is my driving position and i get the same around six seven inches of knee room here plus around four inches of headroom now that’s pretty decent considering that this is a tiny city car if you put

Two average asian adults here well they could sit comfortably at the back but if you try to squeeze in a third person in the middle well things will get naturally tight now because this is a budget city car guys you’d expect to get zero amenities here at the back and you would be correct all right guys so we’re now driving the facelifted mitsubishi mirage g4 and

This is the first time that i’m driving a mirage and i am quite surprised guys because this is a very easy car to drive you see you’ve got a good amount of visibility up front and on the sides and yeah i love the fact that the sitting position is also mounted quite high and the belt line of this thing is also quite low so that means that all around visibility on

The front on the sides it’s really really good making this mirage such an easy car to drive steering feel is also quite surprising you see i’d expect this thing to have a super ultra light steering feel but that’s not the case here it’s not too light it’s not too heavy in fact it’s the goldilocks of uh steering feels i mean yeah we have a good amount of feedback

As well and surprisingly the steering response is also quite sharp turn in is also quick which is something that you’d expect from something like a sports car or a hot hatch yeah but this mitsubishi mirage yeah it feels like the steering feels like it’s the steering feel of a hot hatch now when it comes to the turning radius of the mirage as you can see it’s

So easy to turn it around and make a u-turn because of its small footprint now another thing that makes this mirage so popular locally is the comfort inside the cabin you see for a budget city car the comfort here is pretty good in fact it punches way above its weight despite having a three cylinder engine the engine noise and vibration can’t cannot be felt here

Inside now i couldn’t say the same for its competitors but this mitsubishi mirage g4 has a very refined cabin i’m quite surprised with that now when it comes to the air conditioning this thing also has a very cold climate control system now that is also an added blessing since we live in a tropical country handling wise as you can see we’re taking this curvy road

At a slightly faster eclipse it is quite composed it takes the curves uh pretty well guys so yeah for for for a daily commuter for a budget daily commuter this thing it’s the real deal all right guys let’s try the acceleration of this thing okay well that’s what you’d expect from a from a budget city car with a tiny three-cylinder motor well the acceleration

Is nothing to write home about however i love the fact that despite having just a cvt well the mirage geforce transmission tuning means that we get more torque and power from down low which helps it when it goes around town or when you’re just doing your daily errands so yeah despite having a a tiny motor the transmission is able to maximize that which is why i’m

Starting to see why this thing is a favorite amongst local buyers the properly chewed cvt transmission of this thing already tells me that it would have an easy time going up to triple digit speeds so if ever i get a chance to take it up to the highway i wouldn’t have to squeeze that gas pedal too much to take it up to the speed limit so that is also a thumbs

Up for me you know i really love how composed and how quiet it is in this cabin you see i’ve already managed some expectations and i kind of expected that we’ll have some vibrations inside the cabin of the mirage g4 because this is a three-cylinder motor but we have none of that here wow kudos to mitsubishi for properly tuning the nvh of this vehicle fantastic

Overall guys after driving the mirage g4 i can now tell why a lot of local buyers love this car you see despite being smaller than let’s say the honda city or the toyota vios it still gives you quite an engaging drive and a very comfortable cabin inside now the fact that we’ve got the well the updated features of the infotainment system plus that gorgeous front

Fascia well this mirage is now a force to reckon with the updates on the new mirage g4 may only be a few but it’s enough to keep this feisty city car in serious contention the new front fascia here now ties it closer to the rest of mitsubishi’s lineup plus that updated infotainment system inside well helps it keep pace with the rest of its competition so what do

You guys think do you think the updates on this new mirage g4 is enough to keep the mirage on top well let me know in the comments below anyway guys thanks for watching you

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