2022 NEW Mercedes MAYBACH GLS800 BRABUS +SOUND Interior Exterior Details

I AM BACK with the all-new 2022 GLS800 Brabus Maybach based on the 2022 GLS600 Maybach on our YouTube Channel featuring stunning paintwork in Obsidian Black! 😍

Hello guys i am back welcoming you all with this today i will be presenting you this the mercedes maybach bravos gls 800 guys this thing here is based on the gls the mercedes maybach gls 600 and brabus has completely brabusized this by the exterior interior and the performance so stick with me guys today i will be doing a full walk around showing you all the

Exterior highlights of this beauty or shall i say beast afterwards we will be jumping inside for an interior view and finish it off with a sound check and maybe also drive it in a another video so let’s get it on let’s start talking about this car here as i mentioned guys this thing is based on the mercedes-maybach gls 600 so what has bravo’s done they took the

Base model of the gls 600 and completely bravo sized it as you see by the exterior and also by the interior plus the performance the stock gls 600 we talk about 558 horsepower the 600 engine unfortunately no v12 it’s a 8 cylinder but here we have the bravo size 8 cylinder the 800 engine they push the performance up to 800 horsepower which in my opinion is not

Even needed for such a beautiful and luxurious car but yeah let’s get it on and start with the front and as you can see guys this looks so much more like a brabus oh let’s just talk about the headlights first gls specific multi-beam leds irrelevant let’s talk about the grille and here you can instantly see the famous brabus shadow chrome they also had it on the

S-class i showed you back in the days and the gls 63 i also showed you and now we have it here on the mybach specific grille as you see we have the bravos double b and the bonnet here but let’s look at the front bumper and here you can instantly see we have full carbon fiber parts by brabus in bot drop as we move a bit lower you can see the led lights here in the

Front lip it’s in extension which looks extremely good in my eyes guys and as you see here bravo’s front lip and bravo’s part as well carbon fiber overload plus the nice looking shadow chrome so how do you like the front compared to the stock version of the gls but now guys let’s talk about the size since we are talking about a maiba guys i mean the entire exterior

The wheelbase of this is comparable to a normal gls the only difference is when we talk about the rear seats you have way more space and it’s way more comfortable than inside a 63 or normal stock gls these are the bravo’s monoblock wheels these are 24 inches the biggest wheel option you can get from bravo’s full finished in shadow chrome absolutely amazing i love

These they look so nice i just love them they fit so well on this car we have the vital 800 battery on the side but now there’s something very cool about the gls 600 and the gls 800 my bar we have here from bravo’s as soon as you close the car soft closing doors and the step board guys and brabus has also refined this one let me just demonstrate you wow i just

Love the movement and as you can see we have the brabus masterpiece badge with the signature of constantine bushman the ceo of bravos i love it guys let me just close the door again some closing doors step boards beautiful here the rear again 24 inches monoblock wheels here on the c pillar also bravo’s masterpiece badge again with the signature of constantine

Bushman finished in shadow chrome but now guys it’s time to talk about the rear and look at this here we have it so guys now it’s time to talk about the rear but before we start talking about the rear it’s time to give you something back for your continuous support and brabus has supplied me with their amazing merch they have given me some of their nice t-shirts

Sweatshirts hoodies cabs and elves and instead of keeping this all for myself i just want to say thank you to you guys and give some of this to you so if you want to win any of these make sure to subscribe to this channel and leave a comment with hashtag team brabus in the comment section below at this point huge thanks for bravos to supply me with all this stuff

If you want to check their shop out with their new merch and new collection check out the link in the description guys but yeah now it’s time to focus on the real let’s talk about the tail lights first gls specific tail lights these are exactly the same as we have with the gls so they are relevant to talk about as you can see the full chrome bar here is finished

In shadow chrome again we have the 800 badge also shadow chrome finish the bravo’s double b as always and the bravo strategy on the left hand side all in all guys the most interesting thing about this is the rear and the diffuser especially the exhaust tips here these are made by bravos and as you can see let me show you a picture of the stock gls maybach exhaust

Tips these look very nice very big very dominant looking and in my eyes these look even better than the stock ones also here the diffuser is finished in carbon fiber there are no fins or extra things to make it look sporty all in all guys how do you like the exterior of this bravo’s gls 800 oh i love it honestly i love this look i also lowered the car so it looks

Extremely good right now before we step in the interior let me show you the key and here we have it the mercedes maybach gls specific key normally you also have the gls maybe patch in the rear unlocking this beast which is already unlocked time to step inside as soon as we open the door step board again and have a look at this guys there is a lot to talk about

When looking at this interior oh my god what have you guys done look at this but before we start as i mentioned we have the step boards here for a very nice and smooth easy entrance inside this gls talking about the door panels first completely bravo sized we have it full finished in orange leather here but guys just have a closer look the attention to detail is

Just amazing on this car even these are full finished in shadow chrome the boom is the speaker covers shadow chrome here the door handles shadow chrome and have a look inside here this is normally like in plastic finish but they have redone it in full leather this looks amazing you even have stitching inside here and something also very cool as you have a closer

Look on the leather you have the brabus initials even on the leather here makes this car look so special you have all the stitching nice quality leather here the brabus badge also on the left hand side here we have the brabus entrance board which is illuminated the floor mats even look even under the floor mats we have the floor finished in leather guys this is

Truly and simply amazing the gas and brake pedals finished in shadow chrome have a seat inside the bravos 800 here my box specific animation which i am a huge fan of guys look at this this interior is officially out of this universe i don’t know what to focus on about because there’s a lot a lot to show you let me just start the ignition here and as you see the

Entire interior is covered by this orange interior done by bravo’s all handmade also on the door panels as i just showed you plus we have the brabus carbon fiber package on this you can see this here this all manufactured and done by brabus their own bravo’s carbon here on the center console the dashboard everything finished in carbon fiber in addition with the

Shadow chrome finish here now i have a closer look this here the frames are finished in shadow chrome something i don’t like this is plastic here as well plastic and something i also don’t like these buttons here i mean also on the stock gls my box these are always finished in plastic i don’t get it the shift pedals plastic i wish bravo says bravo size these as

Well but i’m not sure i mean even i mean the stock version has like plastic parts here i don’t get it even like the steering wheel honestly guys this looks like a normal e-class steering wheel after the brabus modifications here it looks very sporty but still i mean the shape and everything it just reminds me of of an e-class steering wheel what do you guys think

This is not fitting to this car how do you like the steering wheel i mean the look of it now it looks just amazing with the orange leather here round shape the airbag cover leather the star shadow chrome the frame carbon fiber everything redone by brabus here we have the brabus emblem as well all these parts shadow chrome also on top here everything is leather

Which feels amazing even the handles here leather finish i love it the seats guys these are the bravo specific seats bravo’s double b on the headrest we have the bravo’s masterpiece badge here on the seats as usual and yeah i mean the entire quality of brabus is just it’s just so nice i swear we have the like black line here then we have the black stitching

And the nice contrast between the normal leather and the like the perforated leather beautiful but guys it’s way more interesting to talk about the rear because just look at this so let’s just have a look at the rear seats before we continue it’s time to talk about the rear seats opening the door easy entrance with the step boards here you just step on them

And then easy movement inside the gls miba here i wish we also had like automatic doors on this but unfortunately we don’t have them we just have soft closing doors there we go and yeah it feels so comfortable just look at the color here the orange interior how do you like the orange interior here guys be honest to have your full privacy inside the interior

Especially with the rear seats we have these curtains you can just lower them also on the left hand side here there we go you see the moulds on the back just move inside which is so cool maiba lovely also on the left hand side my bar there we go we have the executive first class seats in the rear here also redone and refined by bravo’s full orange finish even

The cushion kisses finished in orange i love this this is so comfortable i just love touching it and it’s it’s very nice to have we have the bravos pillows you also have them like in a normal gls maiba but yeah these are also redone by brabus i need these for my living room these are so nice we have the nice ambient lighting movement here surrounding you even

Behind the seats and also in the back we have the covers here for noise cancellation also redone by brabus full carbon fiber finish this is huge like the entire part here carbon fiber all done by brabus shadow chrome finish the bravo’s masterpiece badge nice detail here normally i think we have the maiba badge here you can just open that up then you have your

Fridge where you can just put your champagne i’ve never seen it with with anything inside but inside here we have the bravo’s wine okay i don’t drink alcohol but this is so cool i mean you are inside the bravos and you have bravo’s wine very nice but yeah bro here we have the only my back emblem inside normally you would have the glasses inside here as well

Just close that back in since we have the first class seats we also have the table guys and just look at it it’s finished in chat oh my god an orange this is so nice also the left hand side oh wait there we go i don’t think that this will open up because it will be blocked by whoa it’s so close it should look but yeah it’s full finished in shadow chrome

Imagine getting shaffered and and working in the back of a brabus maybach what would you guys do inside this car be honest would you rather drive it or sit in a bag and enjoy a drink or have some time for yourself shadow chrome tables i’ve never seen this guys at rubbles are so crazy there we go also this one be gentle there we go you you oh there we go and

Close it in you also have your cupholders in here for your glasses specific you can just put them in here so nothing spills out and then it’s very easy you also have usb-c charger ports yeah for cooling and heating up your drinks as well the climate control buttons and something very cool bra was perforated in the leather i just love this it’s like a 3d leather

Effect which i love amazing so guys how do you like the interior ah should we drive this should we drive this or should we get chauffeured what do you guys say let’s just leave this car now step balls as well there we go easy entrance easy leaving this car and now it’s time to start this beast up and listen to the sound again step balls here we are inside

The ignition is already on we have the maybach themes here in design amazing and now guys let me just lower the windows for you and start this up okay the sound is also different to the stock version listen yeah you can instantly hear it this sounds way more dominant than sportier than the stock version but yeah we are inside this right now and don’t forget

It’s a maiba most comfortable car of mercedes-benz so they don’t want to destroy it with the sound even have noise cancellation in the interior so why should they be doing a louder car if you don’t want something loud inside do you get the point they they did a great job with the sound guys yeah i wonder how it will sound when driving but yeah also soundcheck

From the outside let’s go so guys we are out of the my back right now and it’s time for soundcheck from the outside uh guys please don’t expect a lot i mean it’s it’s a my buck but still let’s go wow yeah i mean you instantly hear it you you don’t have a lot of pops and bangs or something i mean it’s also a v8 but it is a miba it has to be silent so i i just

Love and prefer this sound it’s amazing how do you like it so that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like the bravo’s 800 gls mybach my eyes this thing is just so nice i love the exterior interior and how do you guys like it how do you like the exterior the entire conversion the interior just leave it all in the comment section below guys don’t

Forget to participate in the bravo’s giveaway should we drive this beast on the autobahn leave it in the comment section below which car should we present you next on our channel looking forward to see you all again and wish you all a great day

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2022 NEW Mercedes MAYBACH GLS800 BRABUS +SOUND! Interior Exterior Details By Mr. Benz