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2022 New Nissan Sentra – Review Detail(Interior and Exterior)

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2022 New Nissan Sentra

Foreign hey everyone check out the versatile nissan sentra this compact sedan goes above and beyond with muscular refined styling fun to drive performance an unexpectedly premium interior and loaded with the latest connectivity and safety technologies and because it’s a nissan it has a lot of smart solves built in let’s go for starters check out this

Seriously upscale interior everywhere you look says premium the accent stitching it’s double stitched and everywhere the d-shaped steering wheel is sporty and sculpted to your grip the front seats have bolsters that hug you in the turns and the zero-gravity design helps keep you comfortable on long rides even the pinpoint vents designed after the ones in the

Nissan gt-r supercar and want to add a little more excitement to your drive just push this button and instantly feel centra become more responsive or if driving efficiently is your thing just put it in eco and cruise center solves weekends shopping and errands with deep cargo space ever get frustrated trying to load a bike well nissan solved that centro’s trunk

Has a wide opening and a low floor no need to pop the wheel off it just slides right in moving day you might not need to find a friend with a truck take your moving boxes check this out even an 8-foot ladder fits in a sedan unexpected things happen so nissan gave central lots of high-tech safety features that look out for you what if you’re driving along

And someone suddenly walks out in front of you sentra can detect and help break for you and when you’re backing out of your parking spot or driveway rear cross traffic alert can warn you about cars detected creeping up from either side or if you don’t see a large stationary object when you’re backing up sentra can sense it help you stop and avoid or mitigate a

Costly collision maybe you’re cruising down the highway and you start to drift out of your lane sentra can help alert you what if you’re changing lanes and you don’t see a car in your blind spot area once again sentra has your back sentra has another smart solve high beams you don’t have to constantly flick on and off when you’re driving at night they can sense

Oncoming traffic and automatically dim themselves they do the work for you now we’ve come full circle you can see why we call this safety shield 360. and the best part is it’s all standard sentra solves parking so well it’s almost like cheating you’ve got the around view monitor ready to help you out you get a view on the left to help guide you into your space

While the right is a virtual composite drone view the large display really lets you see and be aware of your surroundings tap the camera button and you even get a curbside view to help you avoid scraping a wheel it’s a system that makes parking in even the tightest spots much much easier you can even get an alert if movement is sensed around you sentra’s cameras

Have motion detection as well inside today’s smart homes everything is integrated and connected sentra is no different hey google ask nissan connect services to start my sentra now watch this everything picks up right where i left off the track that was playing and my directions show up right on the screen boom i can use my favorite third-party map apps for

Even more traffic intel and google assistant can help out with things like reserving a table checking your schedule and even opening your garage door when you get home and what’s a drive without some good tunes sentra amps up your playlist with bose premium audio system when it comes to staying charged up you’ve got options with both usb-a and usb-c ports sporty

Premium technology packed and loaded with smart solves sentra will surprise you at every turn you

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2022 New Nissan Sentra – Review Detail!(Interior and Exterior) By CarAmazing