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With the world going gaga over luxury SUVs, Land Rover has introduced the 2022 Range Rover with futuristic features. The epitome of luxury has been redefined with the Autobiography variant. Outright performance coupled with unmatched opulence is what it is here to deliver. Watch the video as we unfurl few tit-bits about this legendary SUV, and even take it off-road to splash some muck.

What does range means range is the difference between the lowest and the highest point what does rover mean rover means vagabond a restless a person who spends their time traveling when you add the two words you get range rover ladies and gentlemen this right here is the 2022 range rover and all is fast 51 years it just got five iterations this goes to show it’s

A range and it’s cloud let’s get to work there this is called the bosses chair and the boss’s chair get a one-touch recline option and it takes about 24 seconds for the whole thing to stretch itself and while do that you can enjoy the land rover headphones you get two of those you have 11.4 inch crystal display screen in front of you you can connect and probably

Do netflix and chill if you don’t have anything great to do then while that happens you also can take a 24-way massage hot cold hot stones all the kind of options are available right here in the control room over here the driver can also operate that in case you were lazy once again all the four seats gets massage option that’s important because you seldom get a

Luxury car with all the four seats having massage options so that’s a very very nice feature everything here feels top-notch luxury of course then you also get a very very lazy feature your luxury is lazy by nature so you what you what they have done is they have given you electronically adjusted coffee mug holder yes hold me right this is electronically adjusted

Once you fire it it takes about nine seconds for it to completely fold in before you can manually open the lid and place your coffee mug now this is a place which will be used most often in a range rover of this time because you are the boss but in case you like to be in that seat and that man over there has lots to tell you thank you i have ditched my suit

Because this range has a range of 900 mm for water weighting but seriously who will take a three plus grow card for that but that you can is always a good thing there’s an electric range rover coming in a year’s time that definitely is not going swimming from the outside it might look like a huge car to drive being two and a half transfer from the inside it’s a

Very simple cutter drive and that the rear axle can pivot up to seven degrees makes turning a lot easier there is absolutely no kevin noise and the reason is the active noise cancellation signal coming out of the meridian speakers 35 of them 600 watts and four of them will look exactly located in the headrest itself so which soaks in most of the road noise tire

Noise mechanicals and gives it this noise free cable i really like how they have really thought about the driver in this range because everything is so really attuned to you look at this rear view mirror one press of a button and the cameras light up here and you can have a very very clear view of the people behind you look at this even this one this has double

Chest you can do this and you can also put this back when it’s sunny it’s not sunny right now so all these things really are very good driving aids to really make your driving more pleasurable touch screen in front of you is very crystal with very big icons you can’t really miss it and it’s very very intuitive so everything is very very neat you know they have

Really done a lot of hard work in making this brim and pop-up you also get display in front of you so when you’re driving the steering is very nice to hold and you feel that you have behind a very very fast and very very powerful machine and you never feel sense of underconfidence because a you’re driving at a very good hard position b you have all the power that

You need yes it needs it likes to be cornered it likes to be driven very incidentally but the moment you’re cornering hard you will feel the body over but i love the way range rover has really mapped driving on literally at a second floor position when you’re driving in this rain what happens is that your rear camera gets attracted by a lot of mud and gravel and you

Can’t really have a good visibility and what range has done is they’ve given you a washer for the rear view camera yes you heard it right and that really is a very nice little feature to have because that’s actually required because even if you go for off-roading you will need that camera to navigate you and when you do off-roading the camera and the 360 camera

Is so nicely integrated that you really don’t need a spotter to help you navigate yourself you can take it just go alone drive it on any surface and you can come back home very very smilingly it’s underpinned by an all-new chassis a mostly aluminum configuration dubbed mlfx that works in conjunction with land rovers integrated traffic control moving this 3 liter

Diesel range of autobiography addition is 345 brake horsepower and 700 newton meter of torque now let me show you the whole boot mechanism don’t underestimate the power of the boat a range rover to tailgate is an unrestricted movement itself the moment you fired up this thing slides itself automatically you will also get the bottom half of the boot electronically

Operated yes if you think that this is on a very high pedestal you get an air suspension button here and when you press it this goes down yes so loading and unloading becomes much more easier so they have really thought about it completely not only this you can also get the seats tumbled down right from here the front seats right now are reclining and it will fold

Out completely right from here you see like you can see the movement in fact both the seats i can do simultaneously so if you have a big luggage you can slide it all the way up to the grab a seat almost touching the driver’s seat yes then you get acres of boost space now once you’re done telling that they’ve also given you some feature which perhaps you don’t get

In many boots no matter what boot it is you get a back seat think of it like this you can sit and watch a sunset sunrise in my case i’m watching a pond birds flying and have a good time yes now when you want to put this all back in you have to push this manually and just one button here and you see in a synchronized manner it shuts off so that was the whole of

Tailgate for you now let’s get back to driving you sit at a very towering height really and look down upon everything else quite literally but that doesn’t undermine the drivability and drive quality of this drain because it drives very simply you feel very very comfortable in the driver seat also you get all the modes right on this knob here when you’re driving

On eco or dynamic it has three levels of air suspension which can adjust to your drive condition and gives you added ground clearance and the moment you take it on off-road and drive it on the mud or rocks then offer elements come into place and you can really choose all the modes that you get over here like right now you can see in front of me i get a cross level

Snow i get a mud sand everything else now if you don’t believe me should we take this range off limits maybe a miracle floating let’s go let’s do that now this is one expensive door thug very resounding they have given an auto battery badging on either side this has only design is still exploded there is no side step there is no 23 inch rim both of them come

As an option this rides on 22 inch rim the side step will be important because ingression aggress especially for the elderly people would be difficult yes they have packed it to the brim with tech and features there’s pretty much nothing more to pick maybe they could have played more with the ambient lighting because the gls my back really scores on that even the

Interior of the jail is my back is i think a step ahead than the range rover but in terms of tekken features they are really not lagging me and it’s not the range rover of the yesteryears it is of today it is of tomorrow and they have really gone all the way up in terms of design in terms of a streaks in terms of drive quality and having driven on the tarmac and

On this environment i can safely conclude that this range rover is the one you buy if 3 plus crore is not something that you bother about but this range rover right here has this range all mapped out for the future under the next one you take care

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