2022 Nissan Altima vs Nissan Sentra – Worth the k Difference?

2022 Nissan Altima vs 2022 Nissan Sentra review by The Straight Pipes. The 22 Sentra is putting down 149 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L 4 CYl. The 22 Altima is putting down 182 horsepower and 178 lb-ft of torque from a 2.5 Cyl 4 Cyl. At $25,598 and $32,798 CAD, would you take it over any Toyota, Hyundai, Honda or Chevy?

I’m jacob gary we’re going for a drive in this episode of car review court i will be defending the 2022 nissan altima sr midnight edition and i’ll be defending the 2022 sentra sr midnight edition to prove to everyone and the jury that this car is a better bang for your buck than that bigger altima and just in case you’re wondering i am dressed like a lawyer

Today because i have hopped on the bandwagon my partners have invited me to the game and we are in the playoffs so go leafs go and the joke for that is you can’t get tickets to a maple leafs game because companies own them all and give them to their business partners yeah so the section you see on tv is actually the suit section back to the video i would like

To begin with the starting price of both of these and that is an eleven thousand dollar canadian difference a fairly large difference but you do get a lot for your money and these are not the starting price versions of these vehicles either that is true and your ultima is all-wheel drive where this sentra is front-wheel drive and we have discrepancies in the

Horsepower and torque hit me with a horsepower torque the sentra has 149 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter four-cylinder non-turbo and the ultima has 182 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter four-cylinder non-turbo i would like to hold off my exhibit of us flooring it until later in the video please no no exhibit a right

Now three two one see you later very slowly okay they’re both slow so i think that’s a tie it can’t be a tie but they are both slow this one is slightly faster and then my next point why you should get the sentra over the altima midnight edition they both look so similar why would you pay more for a car that looks the same as the less expensive version these

Could not look any different especially from the back end where i have two exhaust pipes you only have one and my midnight badge is beside my sr badge because i also have an all-wheel drive badge which you don’t have does that make it better the fact that those badges are next to each other look man i don’t even know what to say these things look so similar

Okay so midnight edition means you get more stuff blacked out like we don’t have chrome handles on either of them and then we’ve got blacked out at the front but the sentra has a black roof which is you get into different ones too the midnight also only gets you like black gray or white in both of these which as far as we’re concerned kind of sucks because there

Are too many gray black and white cars on the road that’s all we ever see and with the midnight package you also get black wheels mine have more spokes on the ultima and more is better so you’ve got five spokes nobody likes five spoke wheels these wheels on the center are undoubtedly way sicker than the ultima and i don’t even care what you have to say in your

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And sponsors we appreciate you guys so much thank you guys for sticking with us all the way to 1.5 million i could not be happier to reach this number and to be honest i never thought we would actually reach this number but it’s nice to see it so you’re mentioning exhaust tips earlier we should probably find out which one sounds better please jury let us know in

The comments below good luck deciding that one jury and then who has the better transmission we both have cvts and we both have drive low and a button to click for sport so i would say dead tie do we have the same amount of simulated fake gears let’s just see i can go up to eight i don’t have paddles i actually i can’t do that ah that’s what i thought i win

In the ultima because my client has paddles and i would like to defend that the centroid doesn’t need paddles it is a putt around get to work don’t really care about driving car but it has a lot of nice features on the inside which is where i’d like to focus my case next i mean both of these are definitely put around vehicles but go ahead with your case with

Your increased price in the altima do you have a better infotainment than the sentra i believe i have the exact same infotainment as you in the center and i have no issues using it i have hard buttons for my volume and my tuning and then hard buttons to control all of my audio and menu settings they both have apple carplay they both have android auto and what’s

Fantastic about this sentra is the sensor we reviewed in the past was very laggy the screen moved it wasn’t too bright now it is all up to date there’s no lag it doesn’t move it’s very bright it’s a great update from previous models and taking off my lawyer jersey for a split second there’s actually some lag in this altima i think there’s actually more so i think

The centro has the better chips in it now i know i know it’s crazy how that works okay lawyer hat’s back on lawyer jersey back on we can also rewind sirius xm satellite radio in both of them and what’s very cool is that you’ve got your apple carplay logo right at the very bottom left corner at all times so to get from your car play to your radio you just click the

Audio button and then when you get back to your car play for your maps you click the car play button it is very convenient to get through different pages 10 out of 10 for both of these i’ll give you some points there jacob i will minus some points from both of us for the reverse cameras because they’re terrible this is like i don’t know if 12-bit 8-bit 4-bit they

Are not high-res in either but i do think in a higher trim of an altima you can get 360 cameras which is very cool and you can’t in the center you can only get a reverse camera and since the sentra is like a competitor to the civic and the elantra none of those ever have a 360 camera anyway so i think it’s fine i’ll let that go and then both of these actually have

Really good sound systems in the sentra i am shocked at how good the sound quality is considering it is a much less expensive car and i have no issues with the sound quality in the altima either and then i also have heated seats and a heated steering wheel which i know you do in the center as well yeah and it gets so hot for winter this would be the ideal steering

Wheel temperature of boiling and one of the biggest differences on the interior in both of these the vents in the altima are kind of rectangular and the sentras are circular and to counter the square and circle-ness i do have square cup holders in the center which is great for fitting my square bottle of rich people fiji water could i fit my rich people fiji water

In your more expensive altima uh no you can’t and objection you kinda really can’t in yours either you gotta like really squeeze it in there it fits it just doesn’t get to the bottom there are smaller square bottles of fiji and then there’s some square cardboard bottles i’m just saying square cup holders for the win and it will fit a small cup just fine as well

Yuri when’s the last time you saw a square bottle of champagne i will answer that for you never this is actually champagne holders in the uh whatever i’m in the elantra no i’m in the i’m in the what does this call it ultima how about square whiskey glasses i feel like those are are pretty fancy yeah but you can also get round ones not that you should have those

In the car at all well yeah i’m just saying maybe if you’re parked in your rich people driveway because you bought an all-wheel drive midnight edition altima just like the black edition rolls-royce midnight edition black edition champagne flutes that’s how we got there thank you for not objecting my car and helping a few more things for team sentra you have the

Same gauge cluster and orange stitching on the seats and dash and everything as the sentra why would you bother upgrading to the altima because of these leather seats that are very very comfortable and you’ve got cloth these cloth seats are just economical it is worth saving the price and they are very comfortable as well economical is a good word of saying cheap

Less expensive okay i will admit that maybe the ultima is the better choice if you have more fake carbon fiber than my sentra i have fake carbon fiber around the gauge cluster i have around the window switches and i also have it around the cup holders same as me i guess you don’t get points how about sliding visors let’s test those out oh this is the full thread

Three two one full pass it says sliding visor on the mirror mine does not say sliding visor but it still passes and then what about back seat room i have so much more back seat room in the altima however i kind of touch my hair a little bit more in the altima for some reason does your six foot one and a half hair touch the headliner in the center yes but slightly

Less oh i think that’s another point central how about trunk room the center has 14.3 cubic feet while the altima has 15.4 cubic feet which is a larger number and more space to carry more stuff i feel like in realistic terms they both have an equal amount of usable space but you know a little bit of an advantage maybe you can fit six golf clubs instead of five

Golf clubs in that altima i don’t really know for sure cubic feet are a realistic thing so i have more and we’re going to get into the driving stuff that differentiates these two while we’re heading to cliche corner but while heading there i want to talk about miles per gallon you get 32 miles per gallon in the center and i get 30 miles per gallon not a big hit for

Having all-wheel drive and this big block 2.5 liter v8 i’ll i’ll give you that that’s cool all-wheel drive i think is a very important thing to have if you’re feeling nervous but the straight pipes have been quoted as saying you don’t need all-wheel drive for winter as long as you have a good pair of continental winter tires and i think this with viking contact

Sevens would be just fine all winter while i can’t object a statement of fact like that through cliche corner there is a big difference between these two well we’ll have to find out but on the way comfort over bumps should we do the train track test absolutely we should but without hitting the train tracks these are actually both very comfortable and i kind of

Can’t pick a winner between both of them yeah equally comfortable which is very nice and then another fun fact before the train tracks the sentra has adaptive cruise that’s why the logo at the front of the grill is darker where the altima does not end this trim yeah and then i have blank buttons on my steering wheel to show that as well and then another fun thing

Is the center in a lower trim can come with a manual transmission and there is a centra cup racing league in canada which i’m going to get to test one of those cars out soon and i can’t because i have knee surgery and there’s no ultima cup but you could probably sneak that ultima into the center cup and looks wise no one would probably know the difference yeah

You’re totally right they look identical basically and over the train tracks in the sentra and ultima at the same time pretty damn comfortable no issues break boost into cliche corner both of us three two one go i got tire squeal oh that all-wheel drive system hooked right up and my cvt is singing i am pinged off 6 000 and i love the efficiency i got 6 500

And i am seeing you get smaller in my rearview mirror yes this is a little bit slower than that ultima but let’s see through cliche corner if i can keep up or not through the twisties the steering is uh extremely numb in both of them because we have driven both of our vehicles but that is a compliment for a daily driver these are just chill commuter cars and if

You happen to commute through cliche corner and there’s an altima in front of you i actually think you’ll be fine because i’m i’m i’m on you bro oh this is nice this handles really well yeah and flooring it and i’m going to lose you in a second i don’t think maybe 10 seconds maybe 15 seconds maybe 25 seconds yeah i know these uh there’s nothing remarkable but

There’s also nothing bad they kind of understeer they kind of don’t really do much this one is all-wheel drive but it’s primarily front-wheel drive and this sentra i can say for sure would look awesome as a race car i want to see it race i want to race it yeah yeah go off my hit buddy if you can touch my bumper i’ll give you 100 bucks oh dude i’m taking that

Hundred bucks here i come here i come he’s gonna take you a couple miles i don’t think he’ll get oh dude dude all right all right all right i owe you a hundred bucks all right now back through cliche we know century drivers are the fastest drivers on the road they don’t have time to wait for anybody no that’s ultima drivers bro i think it’s both oh here we go

Oh this is actually hooking up it’s not the best definitely not the worst though yeah i mean we’re definitely doing what commuter cars aren’t meant for and uh it’s not it’s not a failure so that’s a pass on both sides it’s because they’re the midnight editions so you know they they’re just so cool looking that it doesn’t really matter what they handle like so

Driving wise they’re kind of the same they’re both equally comfortable the steering is equally numb this one is all-wheel drive so that will be an advantage in certain conditions like rain and snow and then this center has an eco mode button so i can save even more fuel theoretically you can so this is fuel efficient and a race car looks like the higher trim has

A black roof is just as comfortable we should probably get to the price and see if that altima has any chance of winning well that centra in midnight sr trim is 25 598 canadian and this ultima is 32 798 dollars so for a difference of about seven thousand dollars i have power seats and all-wheel drive and a big block you mean more room behind the driver’s seat

Yeah that too and for seven thousand dollars less i’m more fuel efficient i have racing pedigree and i look the exact same as yours so i think the better option is if you really really don’t need all-wheel drive you’ll be fine with the sentra but if you want all-wheel drive and you’re more comfortable driving with all-wheel drive and you want a little bit more

Space inside and in the trunk this is definitely the better option against competitors as well because of the value that you get for this price all right so now lawyer hat’s off i think i’m still gonna go with the ultima but i’m honestly at the end of the day i don’t even know which car i’m sitting in half the time the center is really nice and i have no issues

With it and i’m actually buying a civic hatch to be my family car because i wanted a hatch and it’s a cvt sport touring but if i needed to be a little bit more budget friendly i feel like this would be a great alternative and i definitely would consider this too so let us know which one you think actually wins this comparison battle of the century in car review

Court and thanks again to everyone for getting us to 1.5 million subscribers and do us a favor click the links for all of our sponsors continental tire tsp.trueguard.com at searsxm.sayer.com the straight pipes what a special video for 1.5 million subscribers this just shows that we just review everything for everyone

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