2022 Nissan KICKS w/ Test Drive | Bakit Ito Ang Pinaka Praktikal Na Kotse Sa EV Market?

Hello everyone! Ito pala ang bagong 2022 Nissan Kicks

2022 nissan kicks and let’s start the video so guys as of today’s video hello mr sir and then yeah what we actually needed to know because so right um listen kicks signature um charging the battery keep your mind about it so moving on the driver’s side here we go interface nothing you think dashboard so push button okay push button and push start button okay

So i guess right so okay okay um surprisingly you’re not really like a test drive so you can just wait for that video so so sir um this is a single year now correct so this is a transmission for for an ice or internal combustion engine since it is uh electric powered okay so um b stands for engine brake yes sir all right so i think we can understand i think

Infotainment system since uh this season kind of channels in menu and display and better understand um so maybe this is a boom mic as we expected okay so that now when devices so grab handles there you go and then surprise the electronic parking brake yes sir correct and under that is true so what does it do not specifically yeah so see electronic parking

Brake this is uh you don’t have to push this one so when you uh press on the brick it will automatically hold the parking brake yes okay so so after effectively so when you press again the accelerator bed pedal it will automatically turn off the engine okay that’s nice that’s convenient yes in your charge mode to fully charge the vehicle while for example

Waiting for someone right or not a heavy traffic vehicle that’s awesome sports echo and uh normal mode for sports mode sports mode right okay okay holders glove box is it’s very soft um it’s all completely black air louvers yeah a very plain very basic that was circular air louversity is a passenger side uh yeah we have side airbags for the ve all right

So passenger ended the driver yes and then details are left attraction control yes sir correct all right opposite one two three it’s a headlights so one so for example okay okay so then your usb charging ports data yes sir single zone auto climbing all right in different zones is it always off so i think it’s always off yeah so our quick reminder i think

We should uh turn this one on yes so yeah it’s okay you fresh but yeah i think it’s ideal you recirculating so needs a temperature and dirt in surprise manually adjusted details for the be yeah good side but uh oh can you see it okay we are now at the back seat so surprised you just have to pull this one okay so this one all right so yeah cargo space it’s

Very convenient it’s really nice for the nissan then you grab handles once again whenever it’s uh the seats are up i think 470s are with the cargo with this okay 600 to 700 cargo capacity when folded all right that was my partitions nice okay so let’s put it back up center armrests 41 liters okay and then let’s go on to the wheels okay so 17 inch 205 by 55

Apostoltonian design one two three four five tapos uh it’s it’s really quite unique and this uh fashion of age is young disc brakes the following video clips i am again voiceovers number two i think number three cell phone cases while shooting and they’ll start cleaning phone then i own probably but nevertheless i’m so sorry for this one okay so um brian is

Your internal combustion engine nissan kicks it only charges the lithium-ion battery which you lithium-ion battery in which the bbq electricity or coriente papunta electric motor in which an electric motor is internal combustion engine drives the front wheels so technically front wheel drive specs in one full tank is actually 900 kilometers that’s really amazing

So it’s no problem and then um radiator reservoir tanks um i’m not sure comparison is for the internal combustion engine so another thing here is the vehicle emission control information next one is the low pressure side it is right going on to the full led lights and on headlights from the daytime running lights from the turn signal lights from the high beams

To from the low beams led strips when you turn on the headlights in turn signal lights you reverse lights and your lung and then code made the low on usb chargers and has a height of five foot five or five foot six now moving on dunes are cargo space dito silicon cargo space leaders is actually around 470 then passenger seat it’s going to be around 835 liters

The time now um lithium ion battery then this is the keyless entry system this is a driver’s side once you tap the button due to some main door handle it will unlock the vehicle once is tap the button again to lock all the doors on the vehicle then it greets you with the facebook steering wheel data your audio controls nothing yeah it is a volume and then your

Turn what else i make cruise control yeah you can reset or set adaptive voice command and that was to decline a call in yeah so that will be all for today for the in-depth tour animal pictures that will be the next one and sir brian thank you so much for assisting so for today’s video yeah you’ll see him once again this is my test drive so so anthony test drive

Portion so sir push up all right now so reverse right reverse that is reverse on camera okay and 360 turned off yeah right into drive okay right now and as expected air conditioning turn signals uh yes sir drive mode foreign yes sir wow correct so you can do with sports and echo mode that’s eco mode yes the entertainment systems right from the

Previous video and then this one is the top of the line requirement here foreign accelerator engine breaking time just like i said kanina so it’s very very like yes foreign foreign like i’m entering the future okay one done the e-powered so yeah i’m very comfortable in the man very very quiet nothing potato you know nothing is it’s a leather

Seat s cool sorry you can enjoy it more it has the power both lithium ion battery and then the internal combustion engine they work together no yes for the full power so well done foreign there you go and then i think infotainment system there you go yeah most close-up look test drive nothing for today’s video i hope you enjoy for that eric my name is thank

You so much thank you so much once again commonwealth for providing this unit for today for this test drive who really appreciate uh for this content of today and this authorization general manager brian pineda neem genius lance de la cruz manager and joy tapulayan for the marketing professionals for the mention uh thank you so much guys bye-bye bye

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