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2022 Nissan Kicks Walkaround

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Get an in-depth walkaround of the 2022 Kicks features including 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space and best-in-class fuel efficiency. Kicks also features a suite of standard safety technologies including Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Rear Cross Traffic alert. Kicks makes your drive convenient and enjoyable with Remote Engine Start, Apple CarPlay®, Waze, available Bose Personal Plus Audio System, USB ports, and customizable displays.

Hey everyone this is the nissan kicks and it just might be the perfect compact suv best in class fuel efficiency with styling that gets a double take room for your whole crew and some of the latest connectivity and safety technologies let’s take a look kicks is all about making a statement it has its own style everywhere you look inside and out from a bold front

End to the two-tone color scheme that really shows off the floating roof design from led tail lights to available 17-inch alloy wheels it’s post-worthy kix has loads of cargo space to bring what you want and keep it out of sight let’s see how much fits inside the tailgate swings up high and there’s a wide opening with a low floor for easy loading and when you’re

Carrying valuable gear this cargo cover helps keep things out of sight airport run with just a couple of snaps the cargo cover comes out quick to make room for larger items with the rear seats up you can carry all these bags if you’ve got a bike you’ll love this flip down the rear seat kicks fits your bike and your gear and kicks is a great size perfect for

Slipping into tight parking spaces or city traffic yet it’s got plenty of room for up to five unexpected things happen so nissan gave kicks lots of high-tech safety features that can help look out for you you get six safety technologies that monitor all around and they’re all standard let’s take a look at a few of them kicks can help break for you if it senses

A possible collision with a vehicle or pedestrian or if you don’t see a large stationary object when you’re backing up kicks can sense it help you stop and avoid or mitigate a costly collision rear cross traffic alert can warn you about cars detected creeping up from either side advance tech also makes every day easier and a lot more fun like parking space an

Available split screen makes it easy to see overhead and curbside views help you slide in more confidently intelligent around view monitor can even alert you if something or someone is near the vehicle kix is loaded with tech to make your life easier who likes to get into a freezing car on a chilly day nobody with kicks you can remote start the engine and it

Will even warm up the front seats and steering wheel we carry some of the most advanced tech with us every day with standard apple carplay there’s no need to learn a whole new system when you get behind the wheel apple maps is your go-to for getting around or choose your favorite third-party navigation app like waze choose how you jam how you connect call charlie

Calling charlie and check this out the bose personal plus audio system with a speaker built right into the driver’s headrest it’s the closest thing you can get to driving with headphones and you can adjust the system to share the sound there are even three usb a and one usb c ports to keep everyone charged up here’s another great solve kicks customizable display

You can customize the display the way you want you can move your music over here and that lets you have your map over here on the big screen full time it can even show your text alerts move the music and see the driving aids drive computer fuel economy even tire pressure and if you have a low tire no problem kix has easy fill tire alert it gives you a friendly

Beep of the horn when the tire is properly inflated and it even warns you with three beeps if you’ve overfilled great looks super efficient and loaded with tech and smart solves the nissan kicks is the perfect compact suv that makes every drive a thrill you

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2022 Nissan Kicks Walkaround By Nissan USA