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2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Bose 13-speaker Sound System Review

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Redesigned for 2022, the Nissan Pathfinder treats its three-rows of occupants to a 13-speaker Bose audio system in its top trims. How does it sound? Pretty good!

Do hey everybody it’s charlie from daily motor and today we’ve got the sound system demo of the 2022 nissan pathfinder and it’s 13 speaker bose audio system this is going to be an in-depth review we’re going to take a look at how the infotainment system works take a look at audio adjustments controls inputs speaker locations android auto and apple carplay then

We’re going to head out in the road and listen to these sample tracks while we’re rolling and i’ll give you my thoughts at the end now if you don’t care about any other stuff the beginning you just want to hear the music click ahead in the video i’ve got chapters to get you right to the tunes and if you’re tired of hearing the same songs week in and week out

Sign up to become a daily motor member there you can see a members-only sound test with real copyrighted music and it helps support the channel so if you’re interested check the link in the description or the join button before we get started hop out and take a look at it all new for 2022 the nissan pathfinder now with a little bit of time i’ve spent with it so

Far i actually quite like this thing this might be one of my favorite nissan products right now although i did like the frontier as well so clearly nissan is doing some good things here in 2021 if you do want to see more on this pathfinder we’re going to head out right after this and shoot the highway fuel economy test see how that does and then i think tomorrow

Morning we’ll have a dm test drive review so if you want to see any of those links are in the description now we always do these tests with lossless uncompressed wav files on a usb stick plugged directly into the system and high quality roland binaural microphones both of my ears giving you the most realistic audio system demo on youtube we also do the tests with

The sound settings set to their factory defaults let’s take a look at those now admittedly not the prettiest infotainment system but i have to also admit it’s quite functional and i’m getting pretty accustomed to it so here’s nissan’s touch screen infotainment we’re on the media screen right now let’s go there’s actually two ways to adjust sound settings you can

Either click this knob and go through all this stuff or you can just go to settings sound and there you have it bass treble front rear left right fader and balance and a speed sensitive volume control let’s go through bass and trouble there’s a broad range of adjustment for base and trouble but i am really disappointed to not only not have a nine band

Equalizer but you don’t even have a mid-range adjustment on here kind of strange that bose and nissan would decide to not even have that not really any surround sound function either not a huge deal for me i usually prefer to have that off as it’s not very true to recording but a lot of people do appreciate that and when you’re talking about a car that’s pretty

Well equipped like this some people might want those gimmicks for audio adjustments you have this nice volume knob it’s a little shallow but easy to reach and turns got nice clicks to it you also have volume on the left side of the steering wheel for track selection you’ve got physical buttons here physical knob there if you’re on the audio screen you can use

The touch screen and physical controls right here left side of the steering wheel right by the volume which i appreciate and i also appreciate nissan keeping all these physical controls it’s very straightforward and easy to use for audio inputs in the pathfinder you have your standard am fm series xm satellite radio usb a and usbc data ports bluetooth wireless

And wired apple carplay but only wired android auto and that’s it what does that mean you’re missing well like i said no wireless android auto support maybe that’ll be coming for next year and no 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input jack not the end of the world for those and i am glad that we have two different data ports 1c and 1a i think that’s the best way to do

It these days speaker locations as i said this is a 13 speaker bose system starting in the bottom left you’ve got one door woofer two three kind of uh i guess this is probably a tweeter and that’s a little bit more of a mid-range four or five right in the center six seven up there eight in the door coming into the back we’ve got nine and ten door woofers in the

Second row and then 11 12 woofers and the third row and then in the back somewhere buried onto the floor is a subwoofer android auto and apple carplay demonstrations let’s start off with android auto first there we go takes up a good amount on the screen looks pretty nice as well you can move around your map after a second i guess i don’t know why we’re getting

That delay hmm i’m not sure if that’s my android device fault or the car it’s probably the device using a cheaper kind of older android phone for that let’s go home and settings there overall looks okay not super crisp but not as bad as i’ve seen as well there’s youtube music all right android uh apple carplay as i said you can do carplay wirelessly let’s see

If i can hook that back up through here there we are easy enough you can see i do not have my iphone plugged in there’s carplay also not the highest resolution definitely seen it higher from other things but and not the highest refresh rate either you can see that is it’s not the smoothest operation amazon music and let’s go to settings okay all right let’s get

This stuff away and get out on the road no so so so i’m pretty satisfied with the balancing in this system there is a lot of forward-facing music and i could see people not really exploring that some people prefer more of an enveloped surround experience and so i’m kind of surprised that they didn’t include a surround mode the bose center

Point for this one i could do with a little bit more power coming from the subwoofer and the door whoopers overall things are like i said they’re pretty decently balanced i could balance between the crispness of the highs and and the lows i did find myself turning the base up when it came to more rock and complex sort of music just to get a little bit more of

That that power aspect for this next song we will turn the bass all the way up see how it sounds oh wow i’m pretty happy with that base actually it’s not sloppy it’s pretty well balanced some mirror shakage and i’m feeling it in my legs as well from those door workers so it’s got the base power it just it needs a little bit of a little bit of a bump from

The factory settings so foreign me wrapping up my thoughts on the 13 speaker bose sound system here in the new nissan pathfinder really not too bad it’s it’s perfectly good for a common sort of a brand car i do think when you’re cresting fifty thousand dollars for this platinum model they could have done more to give that wow factor a little

Bit more rumble a little bit more gimmick just something to to make it when you really crank up the good music to give you those goosebumps i’m not really getting that at all i listened to some pretty loud music some of my favorite songs earlier and i’m testing it it’s just meh i do think something that hurts the system is the fact you have a good amount of road

Noise coming through with these tires let me just turn this down for a sec so a lot of that road noise intrudes into the cabin and and takes away from the sounds experience if that were improved a bit it would sound a little bit better but all in we’re giving this a b rating just kind of sneaking in at a b overall it is solid i think most people will be happy

With it they’re just they could do a little bit more to make it impressive thank you all so much for watching if you do want to see more on the new pathfinder check the links in the description and we’ll see on the next one i’m charlie from daily motor and as always drive on you

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2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Bose 13-speaker Sound System Review By Daily Motor