2022 Nissan Rogue Review: Most Improved of the Year

In some major league sports, an award is given out at the end of the year for the most improved player. If we were to give out such an award for 2022 in the world of automobiles, the Nissan Rogue would be our pick. From a forgotten player among compact SUVs, the recently reinvented Rogue is now a front-runner, as can be seen by its third-place podium finish in our recent 2022 AutoGuide Compact SUV Comparison. It is also the highest placing pure-gasoline powered vehicle.

Recently we held the 2022 auto guide compact suv comparison test brought to you by nrs brakes one of the stronger entries in the test was the nissan rogue let’s take a closer look at it now we want to take a second to thank our sponsor nrs brakes nrs brakes offer galvanized brake pads which use a friction material that’s mechanically attached not glued to the

Galvanized steel backing plate making them the longest lasting and quietest brakes in the market find out more about nrs brakes in the link in the description below rarely is a new model this much improved compared to the old model but that is the case with the 2022 nissan rogue it’s like a player that was sent to the minor leagues and came back as a superstar

It’s obvious nissan spent a lot of time working out the details here there isn’t much the rogue does poorly as evident in our super comparison where the rogue consistently scored in the upper half of voting ride comfort is excellent as the small suv handles bumps in the road with ease it’s refined without completely isolating the driver from what is happening on the

Road surface rear seat comfort is another area the rogue excels featuring one of the best back rows for adult passengers inside the materials used on the dash doors and center console are all top quality we like the addition of rear sunshades in this class but we wish the tops of the rear doors were a nicer material the sheer number of features that are equipped

In the nissan rogue platinum all-wheel drive are impressive they include items like a tri-zone climate control panoramic sunroof and a fully customizable digital gauge cluster all this gear comes in at an as tested price of just over forty thousand dollars including destination charges besides being stuffed full of comfort and convenience features the real secret

To the rogue’s success lies under the hood new this year is a 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine that makes over 200 horsepower and more impressively 225 pound-feet of torque the new engine sends power to all four wheels through a continuously variable automatic transmission it provides ample low end power and makes the rogue feel positively quick around

The city on the highway the power is a little less impressive but still noticeably punchier than some competitors like the honda crv and subaru forester best yet it beats both of those vehicles as well when it comes to fuel economy rated at a combined 31 miles per gallon no other all-wheel drive gasoline-only compact suv in our comparison is rated as high as the

Nissan the rogue offers a great counterpoint to some of the wilder styled vehicles in this segment the conservative yet handsome sheet metal is the antithesis to the kia sportage and the hyundai tucson it’s also a great alternative to those who are not quite ready to commit yet to a hybrid drivetrain but want increased efficiency and performance in a compact suv

Of course it’s also an excellent choice for someone who just wants a well-executed vehicle regardless of what’s under the hood thanks again to our sponsor nrs breaks be sure to check them out and don’t forget to like subscribe and definitely ring that bell

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2022 Nissan Rogue Review: Most Improved of the Year! By AutoGuide.com