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Hey Guys, Get an in-depth walkaround of the 2022 TITAN’s features including a standard 400-horsepower V8, a max payload of 2,430 lbs, and towing capacity of up to 11,040 lbs., with trailer hitching technology like sway control, light check, and brake controller.

Hey everyone this is the nissan titan it’s a full-size truck with a full payload of standard features there’s no base v6 engine every titan has a 400 horsepower v8 standard it’s got a spacious comfortable interior loaded with versatile storage smart technology and with every titan you get some of nissan’s most advanced safety features there are all sorts

Of different versions of titan to choose from if you’re curious which one’s right for you check out the nissan website now let’s see how nissan’s smart tech and design made titan a full-size truck that takes versatility to the next level titan’s bed is loaded with solves for every day of the week it’s got a huge payload capacity a dampened tailgate and lots of

Features inside first thing you’ll notice is this bed is deep it’s also got a really tough spray on bed liner for protection there are three utilitrak channels they let you position your tie-down cleans anywhere along these tracks they’re really great for securing all sorts of cargo there’s a 120 volt outlet back here to keep you powered up when you’re off grid i

Love these lockable titan boxes they’re inside the bed so they work great with tonneau covers and shells you’ve got plenty of room for longer items they’ve even got built-in drains so you could use them as coolers nissan solves tailgating too they put cup holders here and in the tailgate there’s bed lighting above inside the bed and at the tailgate to help you see

What you’re doing after dark in most trucks the truck bed is where you carry stuff and get work done but with titan the interior is productive too it’s versatile and loaded with storage solutions nissan made the rear seat area as versatile as the bed you can use it as a workbench there’s also lockable storage smart rugged storage bins keep stuff like flashlights

Or screwdrivers handy when you need them the lid folds out to create even more usable storage which is great when you have valuable items you don’t want to leave in your bed check this out anchors for tying your stuff down in the back seat now that’s a solve titan was designed from the ground up to be a towing beast for starters it’s got a 400 horsepower v8 a fully

Boxed ladder frame and impressive towing capability hitching a trailer used to be a team effort not anymore titan has technology that makes it super easy to do it yourself with the intelligent around view monitor you’ve got an overhead view on the right side to help engage the distance to the hitch on the left side you get a close-up view with a blue line to help

You align the hitch so easy and you don’t need to ask a buddy to check if your lights work just press this button and titan shows you you’ve also got trailer sway control and dialing in your trailer’s brakes is really straightforward with titan’s built-in trailer brake controller and tow haul mode for a more confident drive once you get out on the road these super

Wide tow mirrors give you a great view around the sides of wider trailers all adds up to a towing experience that’s easier and less of a hassle it’s a recurring theme titan uses advanced technology to make truck life better nissan safety shield 360 is like having a spotter with you all the time and that’s nice to have with a full-size truck especially with a fully

Loaded bed that might make it harder to see out of the back if you’re backing up and titan senses a large stationary object it can stop automatically that’s not all say you’re backing out into the street titan can alert you of detected cross traffic that you might not see coming accidents of any kind are no good that’s why titan can also apply the brakes if it

Senses a potential collision in front of you unexpected things happen that’s why titan can warn you if you’re drifting out of your lane or if someone’s in your blind spot when you’re changing lanes titan’s displays put all your desired content right in front of you you can have your music or directions right here you can use your favorite mapping apps from your

Compatible iphone displayed on the 9 inch touchscreen and the fender audio system makes everything sound great titan really shows you that a full-size truck can do a lot more than just tow and haul it’s the smart design and useful features that really set this truck apart you

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