2022 Platinum Coach Cadillac XT5 MasterCoach DEMO (NZ142907)

At a glance you can see why the MasterCoach is one of Platinums most popular coach! Standing slightly taller, and much more handsome than competing coaches. This coach is big, bold, and beautiful! You can choose the elegant European style window, or the standard landau top. Either choice, you will be representing your company well. Call Parks Superior Sales today-800-229-5008

Hi let’s take a look at this really sharp platinum coach cadillac xt5 master coach so looking into the interior this you can see it has the really nice signature lighting that comes standard on the master coach this one is equipped with the madagascar floor and as you can see very easily nice easy to put away quick release adjustable beer pin so let’s take a look

In the casket compartment here and you’ll see the largest earned valet in the industry which is large enough to hold a baby casket god forbid if needed very easy to set up this one actually has some flowers around it also this has the extendasil which nicely comes out to protect the back of the coach and you can hear it drop down in place with a locking mechanism in

It so a couple things about the master coach that make it really really different than any other coach in the market as you can see it has the larger glass in the back the higher silhouette than any other coach in the industry as we go around to the side you’ll see how that gives you plenty of room in the casket compartment without a little additional headspace

If you don’t like the window feature on this the master coach does come with this all a complete vinyl top with land owl bows for the more traditional look so this master coach has the closed church truck by that it means it has the flip lid very nice and easy flip it up you can get your coach up on there and have room to fold it down and under the floor fold

The flip lid back down and you have your full floor space so let’s start it up and take a look at what we have here got the push button start really nice part about the master coach as you can see it has the switch to illuminate the casket compartment at any point in time if you are have a military member with a flag draped coffin you can have the light on the

Casket the entire time so this coach has the strobe lights in the front you’ll see nice easy illuminated switch up here on the center console as we scroll down here you’ll see the display screen which will have your apple carplay your android auto along with all of your heating functions radio functions and also your reverse camera what’s better than strobe

Lights to keep your procession safe as you can see this one has the forehead strobe light in the front along with the fender strobes which are very nice for what we call opening up the intersection with the cars coming from both side directions interested in this coach or any other coaches on our website please reach out to us at 1-800-229-5008 or visit us on

The web at www.parkssuperior.com thanks you

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2022 Platinum Coach Cadillac XT5 "MasterCoach" DEMO (NZ142907) By Parks Superior