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2022 pole star 2 option pack cut back amid semiconductor shortage volvo’s electric car offshoot polestar has joined the list of brands forced to remove features as a result of the semiconductor shortage with matrix-led headlights cut from the options list of its debut electric car to keep production lines moving pole star will cut three light related features

Including pixel led matrix headlights an upgrade over the regular leds fitted as standard from the pole star 2 sedans optional pilot pack for cars built for most global markets from march 21 onwards with pixel led headlights and the other two features cornering functionality for the front fog lights and welcome and farewell light sequence animations removed from

The pilot pack its price is understood to drop from five thousand dollars to three thousand four hundred dollars the change will apply to pole star two vehicles with the option box tick that are built for all markets except the us and canada from 21 march 2022 onwards cars already produced or due to roll off the line prior to that date will not be affected standard

Lead headlights with auto high beams will remain however as will lead fog lights without cornering functionality and fake in and out sequences for the headlights no date has been given for the return of the unavailable features adaptive cruise control pilot assist semi-autonomous driving blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alert and the other contents of

The pilot pack are unaffected due to the global shortage of semiconductors from suppliers certain features in the pilot pack for pole star 2 will not be available in newly produced cars and will be replaced by features currently available on the car as standard a statement from pole star australia to drive reads the pixel led headlights with bending and adaptive

High beam functionality have been replaced with standard lead headlights with active high beam functionality and welcome and farewell light sequences animations are to be replaced with fate in and out animation front lead fog lamps will remain available but without the cornering function these changes affect pole star 2 cars produced from the week commencing 21

March 2022 for all pole star markets except us and canada we are reviewing all existing orders and identifying those affected we will contact affected customers directly from the week commencing 14 march 2022 to inform them of the feature change and compensation we continue to work to mitigate the impact of the global semiconductor shortage on our production and

To prioritize semiconductors in the best way we can the statement concludes as the pilot pack is an option the pulse r2 retains its base pricing before options of 59 900 to sixty nine thousand nine hundred dollar plus on road costs first deliveries are due to commence in march polestar follows mercedes benz in limiting the availability of options on its vehicle

With the german car maker recently removing the option of the engineering package comprised of adaptive suspension and rear axle steering for its new c-class mid-size sedan you

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2022 Polestar: 2 OPTION Pack Cut Back Amid Semiconductor Shortage | TOP CAR NEWS By Daily Vlog Sopanha