2022 Porsche Cayenne V6 Platinum Edition

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72 registered just a couple of weeks ago porsche cayenne platinum edition key thing about this car platinum edition gives you great specification panoramic sunroof reverse camera electric heated seats heated steering wheel but this car’s got two key extras on top of it being a platinum edition one is the color very desirable color crayon very very popular and

Secondly is the 21 rs spider alloys which just transform the look of the car platinum edition as well it’s all dechromed on the windows we’ve got privacy glass we’ve got black roof rails it’s stunning and it’s like i said a couple of weeks olds you’ve got three years posh warranty three years pass assist three liter v6 340 brake horsepower just a beautiful car

Priced exceptionally well there isn’t hardly any 72 cars available we’ve got one in creon with the front you’ve got them beautiful porsche dynamic lights we’ve got the led light across the front there as well it’s all color coded as well so like the bumpers here all these under sections all finished in the crayon around the arches i’ll bring you in and just show

You the wheels closer as well because they’re a beautiful wheels so these are called 21 inch iris spider wheels the silver polished you’ve got them grain sets and you’ve also got the posh badge in the center as well you can see close on the windows fully dechromed from factory you’ve got the big rear spoiler at the back and then i think as you move around the rear

You’ve got this led strip light the led sections brought into there it looks really really well i think a crayon posh when you’ve got against the led lights even the cayenne badge there in black quad pipes at the bottom it just sits and looks beautiful inside as you would expect it is like new couple of other features so i mentioned about the c2 we’ve got memory

Seats for driver on the door card there we’ve got bose sound system you’ve got this beautiful slate interior which on the camera it looks a lot lighter so it’s like a very dark gray you’ve got the posh badge on the headrests you’ve got the beautiful slate gray gt steering wheel which is heated as well which is leather stitched it’s a little look at the stitch in

There on the steering wheel it’s absolutely lovely car’s done 1189 miles it’s got porsche keyless start so if i just press the brake and start the car and then i’m just going to show you some other great features so i mentioned it earlier with being a platinum edition you get the all important sliding sunroof which is beautiful in here just gonna you’ve got

Your beautiful digital led center screen which has got all your your the latest porsche technology you know i’ve just been in a taikan turbo earlier which i’ve been you’ve got apple carplay you’ve got all your android auto it’s all touch screen and it’s really quick and very very usable heated seats driver and passenger reversing camera as well as park assist

You’ve got the different driving modes you can see that individual button there so you can change the little driving modes for comfort individual sport pdk gearbox with your paddle shifts cruise control automatic light automatic wipers it is also got porsche tracker system as well so the two fobs are there two keys just a lovely lovely cayenne beautiful color

Beautiful inside in the back just to show you we’ve got the bose speakers on the bottom of the doors there plenty of room look at the leg space in the back so cayenne sometimes people presume that they’re a little bit more compact and small but they’re not there’s plenty of space and then as we move around here got electric tailgate boot space is fantastic you

Can drop them seats down as well so you can see as well how well that car looks so that is a porsche cayenne platinum edition 72 just over a thousand miles in creon with them beautiful spider wheels not many cars available we get them it’s going live thank you for watching

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2022 Porsche Cayenne V6 Platinum Edition By Acklam Car Centre