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The 2022 porsche taken cross turismo is quite a mouthful so let’s break it down first it’s a porsche which means you’re getting performance for a price of course second it’s a taken porsche’s first all-electric vehicle that debuted two years ago lastly the crossturismo denotes that it has a wagon-like hatch instead of the more conventional trunk put it all

Together and you’ve got a very fast and pricey electric vehicle with more versatility than a sedan like the standard taken the cross turismo is a joy to drive it can be incredibly comfortable and effortless to drive one moment and then with a simple twist of a knob provide otherworldly performance the next for 2022 porsche is enhancing the taken’s appeal even

More first up is a new gts trim slotting between the fours and turbo trims in price the gts has special front and rear styling turbo-like power and other performance-oriented upgrades as standard equipment porsche actually calls this version the gts sport turismo instead of crossturismo the other big news is that android auto finally comes to the taken this

Year it requires plugging in via the usbc port in contrast to apple carplay which supports a wireless connection but owners of either smartphone type will now enjoy an integrated experience overall the taken cross turismo is one of the best luxury ev’s for 2022 and has distinct advantages over the rival audi e-tron gt mercedes-benz x and tesla model s check

Out our test team’s expert trading to learn more about its real-world range performance utility and more the mid-range taken cross turismo 4s should have more than enough power to satisfy if you’re performance-minded it comes well equipped off the bat but we’d also add the premium and technology packages to get items such as ventilated seats adaptive cruise

Control and other safety and convenience features porsche taken models the 2022 porsche taken crossturismo is a four passenger wagon based on the all-electric taken sedan it is offered in five trim levels four fours gts turbo and turbo s all cross turismo models feature dual electric motors all-wheel drive and a 93.4 kilowatt hour battery though performance and

Range vary are we having deja vu all over again at last year’s suv of the year competition we tossed out some perfectly wonderful contenders for the sin of being cars both the audi a6 all road and the mercedes-benz e450 all-terrain failed to make the finalist cuts simply because they weren’t suv enough to compete granted we really liked both wagons as cars in

Fact the e-class went on to take home our coveted 2021 car of the year award as features editor christian c baugh said at the time there’s a sense of gatekeeping that comes with proper suvs here here so obviously the 2022 porsche taken for crosstarismo is just another chapter in this foe suv story yeah not so fast porsche hypes this car as an suv by calling it

The crossturismo as distinct from the exquisite wagon version of the mark sedan the panamera sport turismo that said aside from the body style the only difference between the cross turismo and a run-of-the-mill taken is standard air suspension a gravel mode and a slight ride height increase of 0.8 inch that’s it underneath the great looking bodywork is a cross

Turismo exclusive dual motor powertrain good for 375 horsepower and 368 pounds foot of torque going from sedan to wagon oops we mean suv does come with a slight range penalty 215 vs 225 miles for an entry-level taken sedan though your mileage may greatly vary of course how does the take in four cross turismo differ from other german wagons dressed up as suvs

Off-road hijinx no really as associate online editor duncan brady said more fun in gravel and around our sand course than any other vehicle here you hear that the baby lift electric station wagon was more fun off pavement than everything else competing for the golden calipers including the mighty ford bronco and the mightier jeep wrangler the person writing this

May or may not have been asked by a videographer to perform six loops around a sand pit just for the epic rooster tales but a smile inducing hoon mobile does not an suv of the year make in fact most judges can’t bring themselves to even call the porsche an suv you

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