2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition: Wait…This Costs How Much??

Today I drive and review a 2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition with Ramboxes!

So getting our turn here and we’re going to get our acceleration hey everyone it’s ben hardy here in today’s video we are going to be going over a 2022 ram 1500 bighorn that has a sticker price of over 60 000 in today’s video we’re gonna find out why first and foremost so a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram here in sandy for giving me some

Time with this truck check out their inventory in the description down below let’s hop right into the video so under the hood of this truck we have the 5.7 hemi which is naturally aspirated goes through an eight-speed automatic transmission it’s good for 395 horsepower and then 410 pound-feet of torque this one is paired to the e-torque system so fuel economy is

18 around town and then 22 on the highway now let’s go over the front end of this bighorn so first off you have the blacked out badges that are part of this night edition package and then notice how the e-torque is in blue which is pretty cool the headlights are also blacked out as part of the night edition package we’ve got the led lights that have been added

To this truck parking sensors here on the bottom with the fog light off to the side no tow hooks notice that the uh front grille and everything has also been blocked including the ram logo now this particular truck is black if it wasn’t black if you guys are wondering what it would kind of look like you can see this white limited is also a night edition so that’s

Kind of what the night edition does is it blacks it a lot of stuff but then it makes stuff like the bumpers and everything body painted anyways that’s all for the front now coming to the side here we’ve got two 75-millimeter tires wrapped around 20-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and you can see the wheel itself has been blacked out as part

Of that night edition package and then going from the wheel here’s a quick look at the front suspension and then you see this one also has the side steps it’s got the uh trailer tow mirrors the ram logo has been blacked out this one does have the ram boxes we’ll kind of get into those a little bit more uh later when we go over the bed area but here’s your full side

View on this truck and then you guys can see popping here to the rear this one has the wheelhouse liner and then you’ve got the five link coil suspension the back end with the rams now here’s our key fob we have the unlock the lock and then the remote start we’re going to unlock it so that we can open up the tailgate we have 1404 pounds of payload capacity you can

See this one has a spray-in liner from the factory got the led bed lights here this one also has the soft folding tonneau cover added to it uh on top of everything and then you guys can see we also have the led cargo light there at the very top and then lifting up the tailgate pretty easy now let’s of course get into the ram boxes now so you guys can see that we

Actually have the uh lock and unlock right here so you just press that and that will open it up now the ram boxes do unlock with the truck key fob so you just have to do that and then they will unlock you guys can see here with the storage space on the side and then we do have a power outlet on this side i’ll show you guys the ram box on the other side but that’s

Definitely a nice feature they’re very easy to uh close and then before we go to the other side you guys can see the led lights here with the blacked out element this one also has the kick step and then notice that the badges are blacked out and then the bumper is body colored and then we have the darker exhaust tips as well with the bighorn parking sensors along

The bottom tone capacity is right around 11 000 pounds and then popping here over to the other side you guys can see the storage space and again there’s no outlet on this side just on the driver’s side but yeah that is everything for the rear now here’s the door panel in the rear you guys can see you’ve got this black trim here with the cloth down below and then

You’ve got the padding with the stitching that goes across right there and one of the speakers for the sound system and then again like i said this one has the side steps and then here are the seats in the back so you’ve got the gray cloth that’s lighter and then you guys can see kind of the design here in the center and then the darker gray off to the side we’ve

Got the ice buckets here in the back of the bighorn and then you guys can see down here you’ve got all these little usb ports full power outlet you’ve got more black trim with the cup holders that pulls down to be a cup holder armrest situation and this is the crew cab so you guys can see tons of space so yeah now here’s the door panel at the front so again you

Can see the blacked out trim here with the cloth down below you’ve got the padding here with the stitching that goes throughout these mirrors do have blind spot monitoring they are manual fold away though just so you guys know i’ve got all of our window controls right here at the mirror adjustments and then here the seats at the front so again you can see the cloth

Seats here with the darker gray right there all the stitching throughout and you can see here with the inserts in the center power adjustments there on the side pedal layout just down below and then you guys can see the pedal adjustment right here and then this is for the cargo outlet to turn that on parking brake we’ve got the light control here at the fog lights

The cargo light steering wheel is manually adjustable and there’s one more look before we pop in now here’s the steering wheel with the big horn you guys can see you’ve got leather here all around the steering with the darker stitching we’ve got the gear limiter cruise control radio controls are on the back of the steering wheel controls for the center stack voice

Command phone controls we have our turn signal slash windshield wiper stock and well that’s all for the steering wheel now here’s the center gauge cluster for the bighorn you guys can see about analog gauges for the speed and for the rpms on either side and then you can see scrolling through here you can see different bits of information like fuel climbing all that

Kind of stuff this doesn’t have enough miles on it to be accurate with the fuel economy reading but you guys know there’s a ton of different menus you can scroll through with that and there we go here’s the center infotainment system first off we’re gonna pop it into reverse so you got a backup camera it does have the zoom function right there and then you guys

Can see that the trajectory lines don’t turn with the steering wheel this is something that’s new for 2022 where you can through the infotainment system decide whether or not you want the lines here to turn with the steering wheel so it’s it’s a cool thing that they’ve added you can still have them turn but also decide if you don’t want them to anyways we’ve got

Dual zone climate we have heated seats here the steering wheel here for the front as well and you guys can see response time with the screen is really good it does always take the navigation a second to load up but you can see once it’s loaded up response is really solid uh with the screen itself analog controls here for the radio down below we’ve got the analog

Controls for the heated seats and heated steering wheel dual zone climate controls down below that we’ve got our parking sensors here tow haul modes to belly control and then we’ve got the parking brake right there and that’s kind of this whole uh section we’ve got our dial shifter over here and you guys can see the functionality on that two wheel drive portable

Auto four wheel high four low and then that’s the true neutral the best way to activate that is with a little pen point auto stop start and then you can see extra storage space here with some usbs we’ve got these center consoles has nice padding on it you can see the storage space underneath and then this does slide backwards and forwards and then you can see the

Full power outlet down below and then you’ve got the storage space here for the phones and then you can see here with the whole glove box situation says bighorn and then this is new you guys can see here with the dash we’ve got the nice padding and stitching just like you guys saw in that rebel gt video that i did uh you can now add this to the bighorn so it makes

It feel a little bit more luxurious alpine sound system as well but yeah i mean this for like this uh level of truck right bighorn xlt uh and then from chevy you’re gonna have the lt this is this is really nice now popping up here we do have the uh camera mirror which you guys know i’m a huge fan of and then also power sliding rear window another big plus uh no

Center for anything like that and that’s all for the top so here’s our window sticker sorry about the uh glare it’s kind of hard to see um so you guys are probably not going to read the options but i’ll still put it there so you guys can freeze the frame uh if this does come through onto video anyways you can see the total msrp there 62 515 and that all being

Said let’s take it out and see how it drives um let’s talk about visibility before we set off you can see visibility over the hood and the heads-up display another option this has both the mirrors again they do a blind spot and then throughout the rest of the rear and if you guys are wondering that little gate thing is for the uh bed comes with the ram boxes

Anyways let’s set off so we are setting off here in this ram 1500 bighorn that is loaded up 62 000 it’s like the price of a laramie so uh first off let’s uh see how this uh truck drives right is this uh truck really worth the 62 000 sticker price um first off just like all the other new ram 1500s really smooth from a suspension uh standpoint uh just really nice

And uh compliant overall that’s something that you get with five link coil suspensions just that nice smooth planted uh ride quality uh that’s you know obviously is a huge plus moving on from that noise installation is great um thing about the ram lineup is anything from like a base model tradesman all the way up to limited pretty much has like the same level of

Noise insulation pretty much they they all feel like luxury trucks from an interior uh perspective and then aside from that steering very light you guys can see the trucks really easy to drive and so you get a pretty good grip with the wheel too finger holds and all that kind of stuff are great and yeah overall it lends to a really nice driving experience um but

I will say this you know compared to like a 50 000 bighorn this doesn’t really drive any different right you’re paying for uh options and so it’s it’s really just gonna depend on if those options are uh worth it to you that person has their what are they doing so they have their left turn signal on and they’re making a right turn that is not confusing to anyone

At all um anyways partial throttle gets up and moves at a decent uh pace get out of here uh what fourth gen ram fifth gen this is this is this is the fifth gen ram day today um but yeah good torque and something about the uh e torque hemi is you do get 130 pound feet off the line i’ll be it to be a complete stop and that’s when you get it and uh in trucks like

This it just if you just floor it and two wheel drive it just smokes the rear tires um so i recommend kind of just like easing uh into the throttle a little bit so getting our turn here and we’re gonna get our acceleration oh nice sound solid acceleration as well uh yeah the hemi is just it’s it’s solid uh with that 8-speed automatic transmission everything the

Gear shifts are smooth and does a really good job and so with that being said let’s sum things up on this crazy bighorn first off you guys know i’m a huge fan of the night edition i think that it makes the truck look a whole lot sportier gives it kind of just this more aggressive feel the one thing that i am disappointed about with the night edition in the bighorn

Package is that it doesn’t get the sport hood you just get the blacked elements but you don’t get the cool hood whereas like a laramie or limited you get the sport hood but i understand they’re kind of you know keeping the sport hood for the higher up packages so i get why they’re doing it but i know it’d be cool to have it on the bighorn um aside from that interior

Why is it this is really nice i mean having this on the dash completely unnecessary but i mean it definitely makes the truck feel a whole lot more uh luxury like that’s a huge plus the seats are very comfortable these are definitely the best cloth seats in the truck market right now there’s just not another manufacturer’s been able to make cloth seats that are as

Comfortable as the seats that ram has and then driving experience wise truck drive is great it’s smooth it’s comfortable it’s quiet but you know overall this package i mean it’s it’s up there right this is very expensive for a bighorn uh what i say is i’d recommend you know probably getting a laramie at this price point because you can get a better better bang

For your buck but if you happen to like all the options this has this will still be cheaper than a laramie with the exact same top the exact same options um so if you want like this specific truck great but if you just want like a good value the laramie at this price point is going to be a little bit of a better value now that’s going to sum things up for our

Video on this 2022 ram 1500 bighorn that is loaded up with pretty much every single option again a huge shout out thank you to the larry miller dodge ram here and sandy for giving me some time with this truck check out the inventory in the description down below i will see all of you in that next video

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2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition: Wait…This Costs How Much?!? By Ben Hardy