2022 Ram 1500 Bighorn Night Edition, Is tThis A Good Enough Refresh?

Here’s a video walk around of a 2022 Ram 1500 Bighorn Night Edition.

Hello youtube today i’m at pinkney chrysler dodge jeep ram taking a look at this 2022 ram 1500 bighorn this particular one does have the black appearance package on it its exterior color is billet silver it has the 5.7 liter hemi v8 and an 8-speed automatic transmission now the black appearance package is going to give you color match front and rear bumpers

Black wheels black emblems as well as your black headlight housing and grill for 2022 they slightly updated the bighorn grill so it looks kind of more like that elongated honeycomb style you are going to have your halogen headlights as well as fog lights parking sensors are going to be integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper you also have side parking

Sensors up front coming down to the wheel and tire setup we have a really nice 20-inch black wheel on some bridgestone dueler hl’s and the tire size on that looks like it is a if i can find it real quick for you guys 275 55 r20 it looks like i may be reading that wrong i can’t see that well in the dark coming up top you’ve got your 1500 hemi 5 7 badge blocked

Out mirror caps as well as ram emblem front splash guards right there rear plastic applique over the front portion of the bed and then your rear splash guards right here again color matched rear bumper dual exhaust with black tips your 4×4 badging your big horn badging and then your ram logo up top four pin and seven pin connectors back up camera is going to

Be right there incandescent tail lamps right over here we have your capless fuel fill port and this is the quad cab so you do have a slightly smaller door in back but overall the black appearance package looks really good especially on this billet silver let’s take a closer look at the interior all right so starting over here on the left hand side we’re going

To have your lock and unlock buttons all the controls for the windows the front driver and passenger windows are automatic up and down and then in front of that we have the mirror controls right over here we have the rotary diode selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle as well as the dimmer switch for the instrument cluster below that we have your

Electronic parking brake on the left and your power adjustable pedals on the right coming up to the instrument cluster we have your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right and a beautiful lcd layout in the middle each of the four corners can be programmed to monitor whatever you’d like including engine temperature transmission temperature and so on coming

Back to the steering wheel it is leather wrapped you do have your control pad right here for the center display you also have your hands-free call buttons to the right of that over on this side we have all of your cruise control buttons as well as your gear limiter buttons up top we have a nice storage tray right here with a 12 volt outlet that brings us to the

Touchscreen display this is the new uh 8-inch touchscreen display i believe this is uconnect 5. i’m not 100 sure but i will tell you it is extremely responsive the ui is amazing everything is straightforward you can see all of your temperatures of your dual zone climate control you can see if the heated steering wheel is on if the heated seats are on overall this

Thing is just absolutely amazing i wish i could update my touchscreen to have this user interface i also think this guy has a wireless apple carplay and android auto it is connected via lte and i think you can get it too to where you have amazon alexa included which is pretty cool push button start it’s going to be right here underneath the touchscreen display

You have the physical buttons for the radio volume knob your mute button screen off and then your tune knob in the middle we have your hazard light button under that we have the physical buttons for the heated seats and steering wheel dual zone climate control is going to be underneath that over here we have your rotary dial gear selector as well as your push

Button transfer case with two high four auto four high and four low coming down here we have your traction control off tow haul mode parking sensors for the rear and parking sensors for the front off nice little storage cubby right there which brings us to the media hub we have two usbc’s two usbs and an auxiliary jack right here we have storage for a smartphone

Or tablet two cup holders and some chain storage this center console is configurable in the furthest forward configuration you have access to both cup holders and storage tray push this button and slide it back once which gives us partial access to this storage tray down here with a 115 volt 400 watt power outlet push it again giving us full access to the center

Storage compartment and i have been told it fits a 24 pack of cans pretty well coming back to the center armrest it is a tiered storage compartment lift up on the first lever right here and that gives us access to a storage tray with a usb port and a cutout for cord management lift up on the second lever and that gives us access to this deep storage compartment

I want to bring your attention to the back of this tray we have your trigonomic ratios standard to metric conversions as well as your fraction to decimal chart so lots of cool information on this we also have these little cutouts right here for file folders so if you use this as a work truck you can store your files right there and be organized down in here i

Don’t know how well it’s going to come through on camera but you have all the previous generations of ram trucks on this little storage divider here’s a closer look at the cloth seats pretty standard this guy does have two glove boxes first one is going to be right here push that button it is led lit second one is going to be right down here up top to the vanity

It is incandescent lit for passenger as well as your driver the driver vanity does come with a three-door universal garage remote up over here we have your incandescent uh dome map lights as well as the button for the power sliding rear window your assist and sos buttons as well and then some glasses storage and then we have your auto dimming rear view mirror

So overall i think this is a pretty good value for a big horn um really nice accent uh trim throughout i like the leather steering wheel touch screen is probably one of the biggest updates for the 2022 model year like i said it’s extremely responsive wireless carplay and android auto and the ui is just absolutely amazing like they knock it out of the park with

This so with that being said let’s take a quick look at the back seats i’m gonna be honest with you guys i don’t think i will fit comfortably back here on either driver or passenger side the only seat i’d probably be comfortable in is this middle one uh you do have fold up seats though which gives you a little more cargo space it looks like you get storage in

The form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats two cup holders back here as well as a cutout for a smartphone you also have a media hub with two usbc’s and two usbs as well as another 115 volt 400 watt power outlet decent amount of headroom back here however i just wouldn’t have enough legroom to be comfortable incandescent dome map light we have

Your hanger hooks on both driver and passenger sides and there’s the back let’s take a closer look at the bed real quick so to lower the tailgate you’re gonna come up to it underneath the backup camera push the button and it will automatically come down for you it is dampened which is nice and it looks like you get two tie-down points on each side for a total of

Four i believe all of the hinged components on this vehicle are aluminum which means it’s very very light i can take two fingers and slam it shut and we’re good to go let’s take a quick look at the window sticker so here’s a window sticker for this vehicle again it’s a 2022 ram 1500 bighorn quad cab 4×4 base price of 42 700 your standard equipment’s gonna be

Right here and then we have your optional equipment most notably we have the uh night edition package for two thousand one hundred dollars big horn level b equipment group for two thousand four hundred and thirty and then a 5.7 liter v8 charge for 2 295 it looks like they do give you package value savings of 2 300 for a total msrp of one thousand eight hundred

And fifty dollars your fuel economy rating is going to be right here this vehicle is rated at 15 miles per gallon city 21 miles per gallon highway for a combined fuel economy rating of 17 miles per gallon i want to give pinkney chrysler dodge jeep ram a huge thank you and shout out for allowing me to come to their lot and do a video walk through of this vehicle if

You’re interested in this vehicle specifically or any of the 2022 ram lineup i will be posting all the contact info in the description below let andrew johnson know you saw the youtube video and he will be more than happy to go over all the discounts rebates and incentives you qualify for if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share as well

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