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2022 Ram 1500 Tradesman Single Cab: Is A Base Model Truck Just Too Dang Expensive Now?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Tradesman Single Cab!

Get up and move pretty well wow yeah hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re going over a 2022 ram 1500 classic tradesman first and from also a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram here and sandy for giving me some time with this tradesman check out the inventory in the description down below let’s hop right into the video so

Under the hood we have a naturally aspirated 5.7 liter hemi v8 that goes for an eight-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 15 around town and then 21 on the highway with power outputs being 395 horsepower and then 410 pound-feet of torque now let’s go to the front end of the tradesman so first off this one is finished in granite crystal as you guys can see

And this one has the tradesman black package so that’s why the headlights are all dark and then the front grille and then how this is all darkened as well but anyways we’ve got the halogen bulbs right there and nothing too crazy happening at the front and pretty basic stuff if you guys want to see this in a different color you can see again the uh trades in black

Package in blue and then if you want to see a tradesman that doesn’t have the black package here’s what it normally looks like so i definitely think the black package is worth it because it’s not super expensive and i don’t know i mean just my opinion i think these two trucks look a little bit better than this truck uh but there’s a front end coming on the side

Here we’ve got 265 millimeter tire dropped on 17-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see the wheels are also blacked out as part of this package and there’s a quick look at the front suspension if you guys are wondering why this dips down so low uh this truck’s actually two wheel drive so it’s a rear wheel drive to be exact

Anyways heavy badge here on the side ram 1500 classic badge as well and this one has these smaller mirrors and then you guys can see popping here to the rear with the wheelhouse liner and all that fun stuff and there you go so here is our key fob for this uh tradesman you guys can see you got the ram logo and uh pretty basic uh key fob anyways popping here to the

Bed whoop we have a payload capacity of 1653 pounds and then this truck does have a very large bed as you guys can see uh it’s the eight foot bed um so it’s the longest bed you can get in the half ton series trucks and so yeah very practical right you can haul a ton of stuff here in the bed got the cargo light there at the top and now let’s finish things up here

In the rear so first off you guys can see here with the tail lights got the exhaust tip down below and then the bumper’s also been darkened as well as the ram logo right there uh nothing too crazy happening in the rear end and again there’s the truck in blue now here’s the door panel at the front of the truck you guys can see pretty basic from a material standpoint

And yes this does have uh roll-up windows man the amount of nostalgia i’m experiencing right now just doing this maybe i should just make like an asmr video for uh you know people that actually had to deal throw up windows back in the day uh anyways you guys can see the mirror here and then we’ve got the cloth seats uh which actually stolen out of like a new uh

Tradesman um so you guys can see really nice here with the cloth and the bolstering and all that they are manually adjustable and then you got the pedals down below we have our light control it does have automatic lights you’ve got the steering wheel adjustment which is manual and there’s one look before we pop in here is the steering wheel again pretty basic from

A material standpoint it does have the gear limiter it has cruise control as well controls the center stack voice command phone controls i get your turn signal windshield wiper stock no radio controls in the back and that’s all now here’s the center gauge cluster you got rpms on one side you got the speed on the other side and you have this menu here in the center

Which you can scroll through see different bits of information like the fuel economy which isn’t going to be accurate right now because the truck hasn’t been driven um but you guys can see pretty basic and look at the graphics on that but again it’s a work truck so who cares popping into the center first off pop in reverse we do have a backup camera with trajectory

Lines that do turn off the steering wheel resolution is actually pretty good as for the rest the entertainment system it actually is a touch screen it’s like this little mini touch screen um pretty basic so like it has a compass it’s got the radio it’s got a camera built in you can pair your phone and that’s all we’ve got our analog climb controls just down below

This does have a single zone climate trailer brake controls right here stability control tow haul mode as well and then this does have the dial shifter we’ve got a little charging port right here and then on the other side of the usb and then there is not really anything that pulls out here but there is a little storage tray just down below and then we have the

Bench seat here because this is a single cab you guys can see there is space also behind the seats which is definitely nice uh big plus of the uh single cabin look where the seat belt pulls out and then this is also carpeted which is kind of nice anyways the seat pulls up as you can see um there’s no storage underneath the seat though and then you have the open

Part there with the glove box and then the bottom portion which is closed and then also the mirror is manual with the dimmer and then the glass in the back is fixed now here’s the window sticker for this tradesman um feel free to freeze the frame if you want to read all of the equipment that comes with this truck is standard and then the optional equipment here

And then the total price 36 360 dollars and wait for it let’s take it out and see how it drives well let’s talk about visibility before we set off there’s visibility of the hood both of the mirrors and then throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off so setting off here in this single cab 1500 classic pretty interesting truck i will say that um first

Off the thing that i want to mention is uh this is probably the first time i’ve reviewed a two wheel drive uh single cap on the channel i think so this i guess is a first um ride quality let’s talk about that so it’s actually pretty good um again this i kind of view this as just like a work truck right it’s two-wheel drive it’s got a long bed it’s a single cab

Base interior it does have cool exterior aesthetics but again i still kind of just view this as like someone’s probably gonna use this as a work truck and uh you know the ride quality is actually pretty good for a work truck it’s not super rough or anything like that when you go over bumps and everything it definitely smooths it all out and uh yeah i think it’s

I think it’s solid i don’t know what just happened back there but there was people swerving and stuff that was interesting steering’s good um yeah so this doesn’t feel as like refined as the new version of the ram um but it’s still very comfortable very daily drivable seats are comfortable uh putting the newer seats in the truck definitely benefits it it makes it

Feel a little bit more modern and the seat comfort is definitely welcome so that’s a huge positive crazy having a bed that long and a half ton but it’s not difficult to drive by any means it’s very easy to drive and maneuver so that is not an issue whatsoever um then we’ll see what this is like with the acceleration everything i mean being a single cab long bed

It’s pretty light right so it should uh get up and move pretty well wow yeah feels pretty peppy actually it’s it’s got a little bit of a rocket ship right having such a light truck definitely uh definitely pretty unique um so yeah this is this is an interesting one like i said um and at this higher speed it’s still super smooth it’s benefit of coil suspension

Right it’s smooth over everything that the back end doesn’t hop around which is very important with a long bed like this you want stability especially towing and all that super important um yeah that’s going to sum things up so extra wise like i said i think this blackout package is worth it uh it differentiates this truck a little bit and just doesn’t look like

Every other basic work truck right so it’s like you get and again that package you guys saw was like what 600 something bucks or whatever so it’s not like it’s crazy expensive uh i think it’s worth it like i said it gives you better aesthetics so that you can stand out a little bit interior-wise uh with the newer seats and everything it’s it’s a pretty nice

Interior again for a work truck like you don’t expect much it’s durable right everything’s well put together i think it’s awesome that has crank windows uh so it’s missing quite a few features but again work truck right uh so i guess there’s like a to something’s up in totality um i think this is a i think this is a great uh package uh this is this is like if i

Were to order a work truck this is how i would order it right uh the reason you get the two-wheel drive right is you get a little bit of a better payload capacity and typically uh with work trucks right usually not doing a ton of off-roading or anything like that where you need uh four-wheel drive this is probably just gonna be used to tow and to haul stuff in

The bed right um so you don’t necessarily need that um and yeah having the blackout package like i said differentiates it so there’s a lot going for this uh and so yeah if you want like a differentiated work truck right then that’s where this uh single cab comes in and hopefully you guys enjoy this review because it’s a little bit different than i normally do

Because it’s not like a crazy fully loaded uh truck with like all the options now let’s get something’s up for our video on this 2022 ram 1500 tradesman classic edition whatever you’re going to call it anyways a huge shout out and thank you to the largemouth dodge ram here and sandy for giving me some time with the truck check out the inventory in the description

Down below i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2022 Ram 1500 Tradesman Single Cab: Is A Base Model Truck Just Too Dang Expensive Now? By Ben Hardy