2022 Ram 1500 V6: Does The V6 Suck?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn V6! #ramtrucks #ram1500 #ramtrx

And get our full-blown acceleration here hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re going over a ram 1500 with the v6 powertrain first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the alert miller dodge ram here in sandy utah for giving me some time with this truck check out the inventory in the description down below and then on a side note i

Just released my carbine course to help you save time and money the next time you purchase a vehicle super affordable link to that in the description down below as well let’s get into the video so under the hood we have a notchy aspirated 3.6 liter v6 as paired to an e-torque system fuel economy is 19 around town and then 24 on the highway with power plus being

305 horsepower and then 269 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of this ram 1500 big horn so you guys can see this one’s finished in dell monaco red definitely a beautiful paint color we have our 1500 e torque badge so if it says 1500 torque that means that truck has the v6 like this one and then we’ve got the halogen lights just down below fog

Lights down below that and then you guys can see the chrome front grille and they notice how it’s partially black that’s kind of like a big horn thing and then the whole front bumper is chrome no tow hooks on this particular truck uh but yeah that is the front end and i guess since we’re talking about powertrains and badges and stuff today we have the other type

Of badge which is the hemi 5.7 liter badge and we have the eco diesel badge down there and i don’t see any uh 5.7 liter hemi e-torque badges but you know there’s got to be one at i mean they have a lot of trucks but yeah those are the different badges and that’s the front end now come around the side here we’ve got two 75 millimeter tires wrapped around 18 inch

Wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see the design on the wheels themselves uh you know pretty basic design but it looks good here’s the front suspension you guys can see the ram logo here on the side and then this one does have the trailer tow mirrors and then just like all new 1500s we have the coil suspension the back end and

This one has the wheel house liner here in the rear as well you can see the tires are pretty relatively aggressive for a street tire so they do great in the snow and stepping back quite a bit oh this warlock’s in the or the single cab’s in the way but there’s your full side view kind of so here is our key fob we have our unlock lock and then the remote starts and we

Will pop down the tailgate which is dampened we have a payload capacity of 1771 pounds and you guys can see nothing too crazy happening here in the bed do you have the cargo light there at the top and uh lifting up the tailgate is actually very light now you guys can see here uh with the taillights bighorn has more basic taillights got all the chrome badges here

On the back end and then you guys can see no parking sensor here in the bumper now as for the tone capacity the v6 is quite a bit less uh than the v8 the v8 you can tow like 11 000 pounds uh with that roughly whereas this can be more like the six to seven thousand pound range depending on the gearing of the truck and the equipment and all that fun stuff here’s

The door panel in the rear you guys can see the darker trim here at the top and then the cloth trim down below the padding with the stitching right there and then here are the seats again with all the gray cloth i think it looks fantastic and then the darker gray here off to the side and then you can see here with the ice buckets got the vents and a little bit

Of extra storage right there and then we’ve got all the rubber floor mats and yeah that’s all see now here’s the door panel at the front you guys can see again with the darker trim the cloth down below and then the padding with the stitching down below that all of our window controls right here with the mirror adjustments and then again like i said this has the

Trailer mirrors which the main mirror is heated and then here the seats again with the gray cloth all down the center and then the darker gray here off to the side power adjustments and then you guys can see the pedal layout just down below we’ve got our pedal adjustment here parking brake light control the fog lights and the cargo light steering wheel is manually

Adjustable and there’s room to look forward to pop in now here is the steering wheel you guys can see with the leather all around and you got the darker stitching here on the center with the gear limiter cruise control radio controls there on the back controls for the center stack voice command phone controls as well then we have our turn signal windshield wiper

Stock and well that’s all for the steering wheel now here is the center gauge cause you guys can see rpms on the left side on the right side you’ve got the speed and then we do have the screen here in the center which you can scroll through a few different menus see different bits of info on the truck let’s see what the fuel economy is even though it’s not going to

Be accurate well 17.2 miles per gallon but the truck only has nine miles on the odometer so yeah you know but there you go now here’s the center for tam system above it there is a 12 volt charger now as for the backup camera you guys can see got nice trajectory lines you’ve got the zoom function too with the camera and the lines do turn with the steering wheel

Now moving on from that to the rest the infotainment system response time is very quick here and also clicking kind of a nice little sound that it makes but very user friendly uh overall and there you go analog controls here for the radio climate control just down below it is a single zone climate our tow haul mode with the stability control and then you guys can

See we’ve got the shifter for the eight speed automatic got our two wheel drive forward auto four wheel high four below true neutral and then auto stop start as well in that area sorry about my hand being so white and causing the camera to go dark you can see you’ve got the usbs down there and then you’ve got the storage space right here see nice this one does

Have the bench seat so you’ve got cup holders here on the top mini center console and then this does pull up to be a seat and then since it’s a big horn there’s more storage underneath the seat as well then we have the dual glove box situation notice it says bighorn on it and other than that power sliding rear window darker colored headliner and yeah now here’s

A window sticker on this bighorn um you guys can freeze frame if you can read the standard equipment i don’t know if it’s actually popping up on ah it’s not popping up on camera anyways total msrp with this particular one 51 375 dollars and let’s take it out and see how it drives talk about visibility before you head off there’s visibility of the hood both the

Mirrors throughout the rest of the rear and let’s see how this v6 drives so we are setting off here in the v6 ram 1500 and well let’s talk about it so first off it’s quiet definitely quieter than the hemi and i actually just drove a durango hemi before this uh funny enough but yeah definitely quieter than the hemi suspension feels the same though uh sometimes

With different power trains uh they have to you know either loosen up the suspension a little bit or stiffen it up depending on the weight and everything uh so sometimes you will get rid quality differences between cars with different uh powertrains uh this however though feels uh doesn’t feel any different i will say that uh something i will say though is the

Fuel economy seems like this truck coasts pretty well so that’s definitely a big positive i see comfort with the bighorn is great you guys know that it’s definitely uh the best cloth seat in a truck right now in terms of comfort and everything some other manufacturers have more comfortable leather seats but in terms of just a sheer cloth seat this thing’s great

Steering’s very light as well just like normal ram 1500 so when you’re just kind of driving around this feels like any other 1500 you don’t really feel a weight difference with this versus one with a hemi um the only time you can actually perceive a difference in weight is when you go up like the t-rex but the hellcat powertrain is very heavy uh but yeah this

Versus the hemi feels the same in terms of that and also in terms of like the low end acceleration you also don’t really notice a difference so i guess if you do like a ton of around town driving then the v6 definitely will feel great you won’t really notice the difference between the semi i mean if you you know full on floor it you’ll know and right here there’s

A perceivable difference in power but for most everyday driving you’re not really going to notice it which i think that in itself is a pretty big positive and we’ll get up and get our full-blown acceleration here oh yeah so full acceleration you really feel the uh deficit of the v6 compared to the hemi in terms of the acceleration so there’s a significant

Difference with that um so take that for what it is right and that’ll get into summing things up for this uh v6 powertrain should you get it or should you not um first off like i said at low speeds not really that big of a difference um so i guess if you’re living like a town that has really low speed limits then v6 will be great uh and then you know once you’re

Up to higher speeds that’s where you kind of feel the deficit and highway passing power is not nearly as good as the hemi and then from a towing perspective from what i’ve heard with the owners is the v6 doesn’t compare to the hemi it tows but it’s like when you go to a hemi it’s like a whole new world opens up in terms of how good it is so if you’re telling a

Lot probably not the power train for you uh so who should buy this power trade i’d say if you want a run around truck that you’re just gonna be you know throwing stuff in the bed and you’re basically just gonna be driving around town most of the time then that’s where the v6 will get you a little bit better fuel economy than the hemi and will feel a little bit

Better but if you do a ton of highway miles if you do a lot of towing the hemi is going to get better fuel economy especially on the highway and the passing power is going to be there that’s going to be significantly better so there’s some benefits and downsides um overall the v6 is a good powertrain it’s good entry-level powertrain um but i mean if i were to buy

A truck i’d do the hemi and that’s why they order so many more hemis than they do v6s that’s gonna sum things up for our video on this 2022 ram 1500 bighorn with the v6 again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram here and sandy for giving me some time with the truck check out the inventory in the description down below i’ll see you guys

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2022 Ram 1500 V6: Does The V6 Suck? By Ben Hardy