2022 Ram 2500 Laramie Sport MegaCab: Start Up, Test Drive, POV, Walkaround and Review

👋 Today we check out the Laramie Sport for the Ram MegaCab! This is the 2022 Ram 2500 Laramie Sport MegaCab! This truck is a very capable work truck that has plenty of towing and storage! In todays review we check out the all new 2022 Ram 2500 Laramie Sport MegaCab! The exterior of this truck has a great design! The front end has a known presence to it with RAM spelled out along with the unique design for the surround of the grill, and it even features a forward facing camera for better visibility! The exterior is subtle and with the shorter bed it has great proportions! The interior on this RAM is pretty loaded and has all the creature comforts needed like heated seats and the steering wheel and an easy to use infotainment system! You can tell this 2022 Ram is designed for the job site because of all the interior storage for any items needed for the day! The back seat area is also multifunctional from having three people, to flipping up the bottoms to have a nice flat surface or to store items under the seats! The bed has plenty of space for any items and even has the power outlet so you can use power tools while remote! The driving experience for this truck is smooth, it’s very quiet and I love how for a work truck, this would make a great daily driver! While it’s a pickup, it’s very luxurious and nice feeling inside behind the wheel, so that just adds to the drive!

What’s up guys and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at carolina auto direct and we get to take a look at their 2022 ram 2500 mega cab laramie edition so huge shout out to them for providing this massive truck for me today make sure you guys check out their website because they have an awesome selection of pre-owned inventory all the info is down in

The description but the ram that you see behind me is finished off in granite crystal metallic and it has a list price right over 85 000 we’re gonna start off today’s review with what powers this ram because there are two different engine options available this truck here has the 6.7 liter inline six cylinder cummins turbo diesel engine and that is paired with

The six-speed automatic transmission it pumps out 370 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque this is rear-wheel drive with the four-wheel drive system weighs in right around 7000 pounds it has a top speed of 120 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 32 gallons you can expect to see around 12 miles per gallon in the city and 18 out on the highway this has a

Wheelbase of 169 inches its overall length is 260.8 it has a width of 79.4 and a height of 80.1 inches as we move on to the exterior now for this mega cab let’s start off with this massive grille you’ll see it’s finished off in chrome the ram logo is finished off in chrome this has an integrated forward-facing camera which is great to see provides a lot of extra

Visibility for the size of this truck and you can see there’s plenty of cutouts to provide cooling to that diesel engine you can see on both sides as well we have even larger air inlets which is really nice to see so it definitely gives it a great presence and matches nicely with the size of this truck this also has led headlights led drls and turn signals and

You can see we have a pretty large headlight housing just to match the rest of the truck the drls are on the top section in the lower section we have a really nice triple beam design with the turn signal in the lower section and then down below you can see the led fog lights as well we have all the parking sensors that you’ll see incorporated nicely along with a

Tow hook on both sides this even has a lower air dam just to help better improve with aerodynamics this truck is really not meant for mpg it is a towing truck as i’ll go over those specs later but as we work our way up to the hood now you’ll see there’s really nice lines coming down both sides we have the 2500 heavy duty badge on both sides as well and then as we

Work our way to the side you’ll see this model has a really nice set of 18 inch wheels we have the body colored fender flares you can see the cummins turbo diesel badge along with ram finished off in chrome and that’s also incorporated into the mirror cap so you can see the turn signals i currently have them up in the tow mode right now so when you have a trailer

This gives you better visibility they are manual adjusting so you can fold them away when you’re not towing and you can also see the cameras that are on both sides up top this also has a sunroof you can see with the mega cab here we have a very large truck it’s actually very proportional looking too with the shorter bed we have the six foot bed there this also has

Power side steps so when you walk up to the vehicle and open up the door this will provide a easier way to enter and exit the vehicle which is great to see it extends all the way to the back section of the magnet cab there so you can use that as an extra step if you need items in the front of the bed there and then as we work our way to the back here we have the

Led tail lights you can see the ram logo front and center we also have the body colored rear bumper along with all the parking sensors and this has a maximum towing capacity right around 20 000 pounds and it also has a payload capacity right around 3000 pounds very impressive for this truck the backup camera is also incorporated up top near the release for the

Tailgate or you can push on this button here and it will automatically open up which is a great feature you’ll see we have plenty of space for the six foot bed there’s some tight on hooks so you can safely secure items we even have some cleats and there is a power outlet so you can use that as needed and this is a very lightweight tailgate you can easily close

This with one hand and now as we work our way to the back seats as soon as i open up this door you’ll see the power side step automatically deploy and we have a lot of very nice materials on this door panel you can see this trim piece along with the brushed aluminum it’s surrounding some suede here we even have that on the release handle and there’s even leather

On the armrest so it’s very very nice you’ll see we have a little bit of storage right in the center and then some down below along with the speaker and now at 5 foot 10 it’s time to hop up in here we do have a grab handle so it makes it very easy to enter and exit this truck and you’ll see just behind the driver seat here we have a little bit of storage and with

This set up my height which is five foot ten i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs and the headliner actually dips up here so i have around four or five inches above my head with the seat all the way up now you can recline being the mega cab you have all that extra space behind you so you can be extremely comfortable in the back of this pickup with two

Other people next to me which is awesome to see if you don’t have a center passenger here we have the armrest along with two cupholders and then you’ll see right in the middle there’s two more cup holders up top you even have an air vent on both sides a little bit of storage space right in the middle so you can place your phone or other smaller items and there’s

Even two usbs and usbcs and we have heated rear seats so that is an awesome feature to see along with a three prong outlet down below there is a massive amount of room in this footwell here and then as you can see behind the seats we have even more storage where you could place other items even with these seats upright which is great we have the electronic sliding

Rear glass and you can also fold these seats completely flat so if you need more interior storage space it definitely provides you with a lot you can use this control over on the side there to fold it completely flat and especially with the mega cab you have plenty of room so that is great feature to see now before we work our way to the interior up front this does

Have remote start so if i lock the truck and double tap this button here it will automatically start up especially with the diesel that’s a great feature if it’s cold out you can let the truck warm up you can double tap that button if you’d like to shut it off as well and then with the vehicle locked all i need to do is walk up to it it will automatically unlock and

Now we can move on to this door panel where you’ll see it’s just like the rear one we have that same design with some storage in the middle and down below all the window controls we even have the adjustments for the side mirrors now if you push on this button here that’s how you can adjust the lower section of the mirror when it’s not lit that’s how you can adjust

The upper section so all of that is automatic with all these controls even folding them in and then as we work our way to the interior you can see ram down on the door sill and we have these beautiful leather seats you can see laramie spelled out we have really nice piping along with all the stitching and a great insert to them and they are also automatic so we

Have all those controls down on the side and the same with the rear here it’s very easy to hop up in with that grab handle we have the grab handle on the door there and then working your way to the steering wheel you’ll see it’s completely covered in solid black leather we have controls over on this left side and the right side to go through the gauge cluster

In order to do that we need to start this up so with my foot on the brake we have that button over on the right side and we can bring this to life and you’ll see on this gauge cluster over on the left side is the attack as well as the engine temperature on the right side you can see miles per hour and the fuel gauge and then right in the center we have a pretty

Large lcd screen where you can use these arrows over on the left side we even have voice commands and bluetooth but using these arrows here right now you can see miles per hour if i scroll down you can go to vehicle information and you can monitor all these different vitals just depending on what you’d like to see so it’s really nice to have all that front and

Center you can scroll down to your off-road settings so you can look at the degrees for your steering wheel you can even see your pitch and roll so if you are taking this mega cab off-road you can monitor that you can look at fuel economy which isn’t too important for a truck like this we have the trip information along with your trailer towing system you can pull

Up your audio any messages that you may have and you can go to your screen setup so by going into this you can actually configure the four corners of the screen so right now you can see the compass the outside temperature we have some other vitals down below and you can go in and pull up what you like so in the upper left you can go through this information just

Depending on what you’d like to see so it’s very configurable to go through all of that and then we’re back to the miles per hour there you can change it to kilometers per hour if you’d like to but it’s very useful to have all that front and center you’ll see over on the right side we have the cruise control settings along with your gear limit so you can control

The gears if you’re towing that definitely makes it very helpful over on the left side of the steering wheel you can see we have all the headlight and fog light adjustments along with dimmer switches for the gauges you’ll see there’s one air vent we have leather up on the top of the gauge cluster here and then we do have one of these speakers for the harman kardon

Sound system you’ll see a little bit of storage space along with a 12 volt front and center so you can place smaller items there if you’d like to and then right in the middle we have the all new screen now this has been any rams for a few years now and i absolutely love this system even in this orientation here it provides you with a lot of great information to look

At so right now you can see it’s currently on comfort so we can go through the heated and ventilated seats for driver and passenger you have the heated steering wheel which is great to see we have where you’d like the air to go fan speed is down below here so you can turn that on of course and you even have the temperature here so you can adjust that as needed if

We go to home now you’ll see we have a split screen here we’re on the upper section it’s currently showing the navigation and we have some audio down below so you can configure that as needed you can go into your media and just pull that up you have the navigation so you can view that in the full screen setting there we have phone when you have that paired and if

You go into vehicle here you have your mirror dimmer your power side steps so you can deploy those as needed if we go to the surround camera angle you can pull up everything here where you can see the top down view along with the backup camera on the right side we can go to the full screen for the backup camera we have the same two angles for the forward facing

Camera there’s even a trailer camera you can look at your side mirrors and actually adjust what you need to see so that gives you a lot of visibility if you’re pulling a trailer and then you have another angle on the top of the tailgate you can also just pull up different angles if you want to look at your left mirror look at your right mirror we have the rear

Camera it is very nice we even have the guidance here or that camera that i already showed and we have a lot of apps that you can go into just depending on what you’d like to use you can go through all this put them on your home screen it definitely provides you with a lot you’ll also notice too on both sides we have the fan speed for your climates along with your

Temperature for driver and passenger you can see some defrosters and the ac we have power and volume for the radio along with tuning over on that right side and then up top you’ll see the hazards along with traction control over on this left side you’ll see all the four wheel drive selectors to be able to go through that and then on the lower section of the screen

You can see the trailer braking system we have a few toggles here for the engine braking your tow and hull you can turn on and off the parking sensors for front and rear which is great to see and then working our way below that you can see the usb and usbcs along with an auxiliary we have a little bit of storage space along with a wireless charger for your phone so

It’s nicely placed right there you’ll see there are two cup holders right in the middle we have a ton of storage space behind that and even some coin slots and you can actually move this entire section so you can move it all the way backwards you’ll see there’s a three prong outlet down below along with even more storage and if you slide this forwards you can see

All the storage now in the center armrest so if i open this up you’ll see on the top section we have a usb and a little bit of storage if i open this entire section now look at all the storage space that you have behind there so whether you want it in front or you want it in the back makes it very versatile you can also see that maximum fill line so if you don’t

Go above that you can slide this forwards and backwards you even have this tray here that you can flip up and lock into place so these items will stay here your items up front will stay up there which is awesome to see and then on the back side we do have some conversions here if you have this out on the job site you can go through all this information as needed

And then as we work our way to the passenger side we have two glove boxes you can see the one up top and then we have the one down below you have plenty of storage space up front for this truck there’s even the slot on both sides here where you can place some smaller items we’ll take one last look at these seats and like i mentioned earlier this does have a sunroof

We have the manual adjusting sunshade where we have all the controls for the sunroof you can even open and close the power sliding rear glass there’s a sunglass holder in the front section here you can even see some call buttons we have the dome lights on both sides and you can even open up the tailgate as well all right so getting this 2022 ram 2500 mega cab out

On the road it’s always cool to get behind the wheel of these tracks because i own a toyota tacoma and this is by far so much larger than my truck but also at the same time too it’s really not all that hard to get used to i have to adjust these side mirrors just a little bit but for the size of this truck i can hop into it and pretty much be comfortable it’s just

Like my truck only a lot lot longer so if you’re looking for a truck like this don’t be intimidated with the size of it now maneuvering it around the parking lot you’re going to have to turn a little bit more than you would in a smaller vehicle of course but uh it’s really not all that hard to get used to and along with that is just how luxurious this truck is

It does have a pretty high price tag to it but you’re also getting a lot for that money pickup trucks are becoming more and more luxurious so you could definitely daily drive this truck use it as a proper work truck hauling whatever equipment that you need in the back there and still be comfortable with all these amenities like all the heated and ventilated seats

With the heated steering wheel you have pretty much everything that you want to go through so now that we’ve put a few miles on it it has been very very comfortable it’s weird to say that in pickup trucks today but this is a very smooth ride i have no complaints with us how it’s handling so far it’s also been pretty quiet too with all of this traffic that’s been

Passing me you really can’t hear them and so now i’m talking about the visibility for this truck without using that camera system that i already showed you pickup trucks really don’t have any blind spots now i will say in the mega cab it’s a little bit different because we have that extra space behind the seats so looking over my right shoulder there a little bit

Of a pillar but it’s not bad over my left shoulder i can see out of that glass and then obviously we have the where the rear window there so you pretty much have a 360 degree view now i love this camera system as i already went through all that just because of the size of this truck you can easily get through parking lot situations backing up if you have a trailer

You can see pretty much everything here without having to have a spotter and now with an empty truck we’ll give it a little bit of gas here get up to speed and i wouldn’t say it’s slow at all for the size of this truck and the amount of power that it has obviously you’re going to be using that for towing situations but with an empty truck we can easily get up to

Speed no questions there and as we switch through the pov angle you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel of this mega cab and just high up we are we are behind a 1500 it looks like hopefully i can get a little bit close to it to see we can almost look right over the hood of that or the roof of that i should say but hopefully from this angle you can see

How wide this truck is we are going from line to line right now but like i said earlier don’t let that intimidate you if you’re looking for a truck like this if you need all these capabilities it’s honestly really an easy truck to drive and it’s something that you can get used to the more you drive it of course and we’ll do another acceleration here getting up to

Speed without even thinking and not even doing half throttle there we’re up to speed so we’ll do another quick visibility check over that right shoulder there and then over the left it’s such a nice interior i love the orientation of this screen as well while it is a little bit narrow you can go through all of it and it’s really laid out well so i like all the

Buttons i like where everything is as we come around a turn handles well for the size of this truck you’re going to expect body roll things like that a little bit vague in the steering but it’s it’s very nice to drive but i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2022 ram 2500 mega cab laramie

Once again huge shout out to carolina autodirect for providing this truck for me today make sure you guys check out their website all that info is down in the description and if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up consider smashing that subscribe button if you’d like to stay up to date with our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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