2022 Ram 3500. Mega cab for hotshot trucking.

Hey hey guys look what i got for you today i’m excited about this one man my boys get to be high rollers now i remember making a video a few months ago and man have i failed doing youtube properly and i’ve asked you guys guess what i bought you know and i never followed up with that video because shoot i haven’t followed up with jack squiggly on youtube i do

My best guys i promise but i’m just overloaded i’m working hard on getting more helping but here she is it’s like i can’t keep up with the demand i keep hiring people and i’m getting help but i’m also adding equipment so i’m just playing catch up this whole time but nevertheless this video is about this truck i’ll keep my business and personal stuff out of it

Here you go my regulars this is what i meant about guess what i just bought three of we bought three of these mega cabins you guys three of these mega cabs i’ll tell you what uh i’m happy for my guys my seniors are gonna get the mega cabs and then obviously their trucks are gonna get passed on down am i excited or what let me show you before i get inside let

Me show you what all the options we got like this one no spring loaded so you got the gooseneck in there um that’s cool this is a big horn by the way it’s cool that they give you a power outlet which is pretty nice and then your trailer hookup which is pretty cool uh i spec this truck out because you know there’s jack squiggly on the parking lots right now with

The that’s a weird one why would they do that taped up okay so you got the button there for your lights which is cool so i spec this thing out i got it with what i needed and nothing more why pay for something you’re not going to use i love those steps there’s not a whole lot usage besides getting yourself dirty but i love the wheel to wheel you could reach in

There because y’all could tell i already got me some leather leather weather tech floor mats here’s the switch for the cargo let me show you 18 miles on this beast uh my brother-in-law’s excited my little brother-in-law just put on all the miles y’all gonna miss me if i start putting on all the miles on every truck i buy i’m joking guys hey i guess i’m trying to

Be funny but i’m horrible at at times so icin diesel what else do you want to see cp3 yep it’s in there um she’s all there guys she’s all there i haven’t driven this truck myself honestly uh i signed the papers i looked at it made sure i had a nice in the diesel i walked away from it came in next day uh handed the keys to my father actually he was with me

I said can you drive this to the yard he said yes that’s that’s it i should probably jump in and go for a ride but this is a big horn i couldn’t get a tradesman i would i would have gotten a tradesman um if i could have fog lights and if i could have a mega cab i think the fog lights wasn’t the issue i think my mega cab was the issue so we’ll get these seats out

Build a platform and then yeah i’m excited for my guys whoever’s gonna get this chuck these they’re more room the bed space um it’s really not going to be an issue for us i know the long bed with the crew cab travel it’s a little bit longer and i can feel the difference because i myself if you’re new to the channel drive a mega cab that’s my personal mega cabin

And it’s everything my business my personal my family hauler my uh my gooseneck hauler that’s my every everything truck saw the mega cab is uh it’s very useful for a guy that does hush hunting if you’re new to the channel that’s all we do with these pickups um my guy’s hot shot in them so more importantly is the the room that they have to live in so this is going

To be lower so their bed space if we get all this out think about it their bed’s gonna sit lower so now the guys are gonna be you know if we got the seat out they’re gonna be able to sit in here at least i expect them to be so i expect the bed to be about yay high and you know i can come in here and sit here you know i probably got oh wow that’s how much i got i

Mean what is that a solid five six inches which is awesome if y’all care how tall i am i’m five foot ten so you know it’s gonna be nice man it’s gonna be nice um big horn i don’t know what all the difference is my regulars know i have a 22 uh tradesman and the big old difference i’m seeing so far is the screen i mean this all looks the same but the screen’s

Different and the door panels this is not necessarily a good thing that there’s fabric here for what i do and all the miles we wrap on wrap on or rack on it somewhat hypocritical leather or whatever you want to call i hate this kind of crap i like the fact that it’s soft but i think they do this part in a laramie so that’s probably one of the reasons i don’t like

Cameras but i’ll leave that topic for another time a little inverter 400 watt now we don’t have to install inverters i was uh after that inverter it’s important for me so now my guys don’t have to you know bring in their own stuff uh when you install an aftermarket one you know a guy’s a guy could turn on his inverter drain the batteries and get himself in trouble

So this way they have to run the truck use the inverter shut the truck off kind of deal ah something i wanted to show you underneath let me finish showing you here there’s not a whole lot of options here something’s missing here i think the controls for like the footwells my limited has something here i think that’s where the light’s probably missing those

Lights and fog lights cargo lights auto yeah you got that a little bit of usb and uh c auxiliary i think this is a perfect thing possibly possibly what i should have might have had to off uh install is an auxiliary switch panel which is really nice ram why do you do this it’s supposed to be spring-loaded but it’s not you got a grabber so yeah i think this will

Really put the cherry on the top there’s something i wanted to show you my dad and his parts man oh my dad that’s a wonderful man she didn’t want to show you underneath oh so i’m going to show you is let’s take a peek underneath together what’s all this i got all this room in here there’s a box i think they i know in the four gems for a fact they only had the

Auxiliary auxiliary fuse box here but looks like the fifth gens use them for other things as well which is cool you guys saw those problems you could you know run your little wire through there put a fuse in line and call it a day so we’ll see we’ll see but man am i excited about this truck i’m excited for my guys man that’s what it is so what all am i going

To do with this truck what am i going to install on it so we’re going to put hid bulbs like like quote unquote oem replacement there’s no balance is there none of that nonsense we’re gonna put airbags on this truck i’m gonna go out and buy me a ball yes i always say bmw is a better thing but the way parts are going right now it scares me uh bmw’s another company

That’s struggling out there with the demand as far as on my last trucks i freaking i shouldn’t say freaking but it was freaky in a way because i picked up every single hitch that there was in my area pacific northwest which is like dude how many more guys like me need three trucks equipped and they’re struggling you know so i went ahead and ordered the factory

Because i could just drop a ball in there and curtis makes it ram themselves i think they probably buy from curtis you know bmw make the kit so you got more options with this setup no i don’t prefer the setup over bmw once the supply gets back to normal i will go back and start ordering non-prep package i think that’s what they call the gooseneck prep packet prick

Prep package i’m not going to order those sort of wish there was a step but i think that step was part of another uh another package that i wasn’t going to pay for so this is bare bones for what we need and this is all we technically need wish had a bigger fuel tank but obviously it wasn’t an option i know the crew cab long beds are an option so we’re going to

Put also we’re going to include a tank fuel tank in the back as you can tell oem steps and inverters there everything else is there if i’m not mistaken this truck needs airbags and a fuel tank floor mats are covered and then as i said previously in this video we’re going to cut out these seats hey man by the way if you guys have anyone that needs rear seats i

Got a storage uh i got a little a pretty sight a good-sized room in that building over there that i just showed you full with back seats from two cat crew cabs and now it’s gonna get filled with mega cab seats so let me know if anyone wants to buy them i’ll sell you bulk deal anyways guys um i don’t know if you’re excited as me but we’re going through the mega

Cab short bed config now so that my guys could be comfortable and uh yeah as always the law bless you may have all mighty fine day and know that if the cop the dlt wants to get you they can if you’re hauling a trailer over i think it was 86 or 96 i want to say it’s 96 inches some law a lot of dlt don’t uh uh enforce it but know that if you’re hauling 102 like

Average hot shot out there is you need to have roof uh roof lights pretty pretty sad to tell you anyways i guess you could call it a ride along my first ride along how about that uh if if you could get a smoking deal on a 19 and 20 do not uh be afraid of them but definitely uh per i definitely prefer the 21s and 22s over the 19s and 20s and that’s so mainly

Two reasons solely the biggest reason is the cp4 versus the cp3 uh the 21 22 being better because cp3 and then the next reason is the tuning the tuning on the 21s and 22s are phenomenal keep in mind guys this is my so these three are gonna be my sick i’m gonna have total of six of the 22s and they’re phenomenal trucks i absolutely like them i like them a lot

They’re phenomenal trucks let me buckle up she runs super quiet i’ll tell you what i had to take this thing for a longer drive um why did i take a left i want to keep this drive really short and i want to see if they change anything about suspension that’s pretty much it there’s a lot of potholes back here so i want to see it how it is shifts a little different

Than mine and it you know it’s very important the first 500 500 miles to drive like you really usually would so the could adjust it’s hard to say i want to say it’s a little softer but i can’t quite pull the trigger on it so i’ll tell you what all i ought to drive this truck one of these days for a day or two and uh confirm that with you guys oh that tranny’s

Doing some weird stuff let’s try that again so if i were to give it an eighth of a throttle like i did there i think it did that weird thing because i was in a complete stop taking a left yes you’re good man i love the way this thing train the way the shifts is really good for people that tow now for people that just haul their rear end around guys this thing

Shifts like a box truck or a semi truck it’s very delayed it’s very slow but it’s solid when it comes in it comes in you know what i mean it’s like click click click no matter what you throw at it it’s perfectly fine and never heats up that’s why i absolutely love my essence guys help me decide i’m at that point where i think i want to keep my fleet right about

25 trucks and i’m thinking of selling off my old equipment let me know let me know what you would pay for you know a healthy running 500 000 mile truck so i’m thinking all the trucks have 500 and over either to part them out or to sell them and what other choice do i have um if i could get good enough money for them to sell them i mean a lot of people are going

To run from that mileage you know afraid uh but if hey mother neighbor saying goodbye to all my neighbors today and my other neighbor oh these guys are good man god bless them for all their patience look what’s going on around here and this is on the this is on the low side a lot of times there’s equipment all up and down the street i know sort of looks like

It right now but it’s not packed like it is at times well let me know what you would pay for a 4th gen with five hundred thousand on it five six hundred thousand and yeah i’m curious i’m really curious anyways boys as always middle bless you may all my fine day oh in the comment section let me know if you guys want to see the other two ones they are identical to

This truck ain’t nothing different about them i built one truck and i put times three total that’s how i order this truck so same identical truck unless the truck gets numbered or you see the vin number you’re not gonna be able to tell the difference of them anyways as always the lord bless you may all my fun day ciao

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2022 Ram 3500. Mega cab for hotshot trucking. By PD Diesel Power