2022 Ram 3500 Tradesman Dually Build and Price

2022 Ram 3500 Tradesman Dually Build and Price: I use the Ram configurator to build and price a 2022 Ram 3500 Tradesman with the crew cab, the H.O. diesel engine and dual rear wheels. The 2022 Ram 3500 is available in five trim levels. The Tradesman is the base model.

Hi welcome thanks for joining me on this episode of build your own i’m going to use the ram configurator to build in price a 2022 ram 3500 tradesman with the crew cab the high output diesel engine and dual rear wheels before i do however i just want to remind you that if you find this video helpful informative or entertaining please like share and subscribe to my

Channel also real quick before i get started i want to remind you to take a look at my build in price review of the 2021 ram 2500 tradesman i’ve put the link in the description below okay here we are on the ram configurator ready to build in price a 2022 ram 3500 tradesman dually but before we spec it out let’s do a quick overview of the ram 3500 for 2022 then we’ll

Come back here to the configurator and do the build among truck owners numbers matter they settle claims justify choices and validate bragging rights this year the 2022 ram 3500 heavy duty holds two of the biggest ones among full-size heavy haulers first the ram 3500’s optional high output turbo diesel 6-cylinder engine delivers a claimed 1075 foot-pounds of torque

That figure beats the ford f-series super duty lineup’s power stroke turbo diesel v8 by all of 25 pound-feet of torque the duramax turbo diesel v8 in chevy and gmc trucks musters no more than 910 pound-feet of torque second the ram 3500 boasts the highest gooseneck fifth-wheel towing capability of any full-size heavy-duty pickup truck at 37 100 pounds depending on

The configuration the ford super duty is slightly behind at 37 000 pounds while the limit for the chevy silverado hd and gmc sierra hd is 36 000 pounds the rams numerical advantages matter much less in real-world situations all of these heavy-duty trucks are supremely capable for towing and hauling yet there are still plenty of other reasons to select the 2022 ram

3500 including its comfortable seating and wide range of available technology and driver assistance features it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re shopping for a heavy duty truck with dual rear wheels the 2022 ram 3500 is available in five trim levels or configurations tradesman bighorn laramie limited longhorn and limited regular cab crew cab and mega cab

The extra large crew cab configurations paired with standard six foot four inch beds or long eight foot cargo beds and rear or four wheel drive engine selections include gasoline and diesel power plants the standard engine is the 6.4 liter hemi v8 this engine makes 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque and it’s paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission

Optional is the 6.7 liter cummins turbocharged diesel inline 6-cylinder engine this engine makes 370 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque and it’s paired with a six-speed automatic transmission if that’s not enough power there’s an optional high output version of that diesel engine that makes 420 horsepower and 1075 pound-feet of torque your decision about

Which ram 3500 to buy depends on how you plan to use the truck and the size of your budget unless you can’t live without leather seats the cloth upholstered bighorn offers you the broadest access to cab styles drive trains seating configurations and equipment at the lowest price you can restrict options to keep the truck basic and affordable or you can add lots of

Extras to increase capability upgrade technology or improve its looks as the title of this video implies i am going to build and price the tradesman today mainly because i just like lifted base model diesel trucks with just enough options and i wanted to help somebody out because they said they couldn’t find the dual rear wheel option for the tradesman that said

The tradesman is a fleet vehicle aimed at bulk buyers or someone looking for a workhorse for the farm or business it comes with enough luxury equipment to keep the driver comfortable including air conditioning and an infotainment system with a inch touchscreen it doesn’t have the latest connectivity features but you can stream music from your phone via bluetooth ok

So we’re done with the overview but before we head over to the ram configurator let’s take a look at the msrp and standard features for the 2022 ram tradesman the tradesman has a starting msrp of thirty eight thousand five hundred and sixty five dollars in two wheel drive when you seek the maximum capability at the minimum price the tradesman offers 18 inch steel

Wheels locking tailgate vinyl seats and floors manual locks and windows air conditioning cruise control a five inch touchscreen infotainment system bluetooth hands-free calling a backup camera and tire fill alert system okay so with all that out of the way now we’re ready to build and price our 2022 ram 3500 tradesmen with the dual rear wheel setup so let’s first

Spec out the basics here the way it comes standard is two wheel drive we want to first set it up with four wheel drive now we’ve got the four wheel drive selected that bumps the msrp up to forty one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars i also think i want the crew cab with the eight foot box as well and that bumps our price up now to 45 235 dollars before

We’ve even began to spec it out truly so let’s click the build button and get started so like we learned in the overview the 6.4 liter v8 hemi is the standard engine you can also option the 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel with 850 pound-feet of torque or for 12 195 dollars you can get the high output version that’ll put out the 1075 pound feet of torque i think

We’re going to go with the high output engine why not let’s go all in so we’ve got the high output version of the motor that automatically defaulted us to this six-speed automatic transmission now one of the things that mike was saying that he wanted the gross vehicle weight of 14 500 pounds looks like you can only do 14 000 pound option so we’re gonna go ahead

And select the 14 000 pound option so when you go to the gvw rating of 14 000 pounds you automatically get the dual rear wheel option that’s plus fifteen hundred dollars and then they removed the standard wheels that originally came with the truck moving on we’ve got gear ratios they got the 373 rear end or the 410 axle i’m not going to jump into that one way or

The other we’re just going to leave it at the 373 rear end moving on they’ve got the electronic shift on the fly transfer case we’re going to go ahead and add that for sure you got a few towing options here as well you got the 30k direct mount fifth wheel hitch you got the trailer camera wiring and then you got the 20k direct mount fifth wheel hitch moving forward

They’ve got the suspension you can do the automatic leveling rear air suspension if you want to for seventeen hundred dollars i think that’s cool but we’ll go ahead and skip over it uh they’ve got several alternator packages here you can get a 220 amp alternator you can get the dual alternators rated at 380 amps and you get the dual alternators rated at 440 amps

I think at the very least we’ll add the upgraded 220 amp alternator for an additional 145 dollars i don’t think it’ll ever be cheaper do we want to option the 50 gallon fuel tank yes we want to option the 50 gallon fuel tank and then last here they got some additional mechanical features over here we can do an engine block heater upfitter electronic module and a

Rear backup alarm all cool things but i don’t think we need it so let’s go ahead and move on to packages they have several packages looks like they have oh wow 12 13 14 different packages here since they have several what i’m going to do is i’m going to go ahead and select a couple and then i’ll come back and we’ll talk about why i got those okay so i’ve got some

Packages selected the first package i selected was the bed utility group really because well i think the led bed lighting is cool and you also get the spray in bed liner moving on i also selected the chrome appearance group for a thousand ninety five dollars for no other reason than to just make the truck look a little bit better i also opted for the safety group

For twenty eight hundred and ninety dollars why because it gives you all the safety equipment adaptive cruise control blind spot detection digital rear view mirror lane keep assist power folding mirrors rain sensing wipers etc and then lastly i picked the tradesman level 2 equipment group mainly because i want a rear window defroster as for the other packages i just

Really didn’t think that we needed them we didn’t need the cold weather group we don’t need the dlt certified roadside safety kit we don’t need the snow chief group uh we don’t need the towing technology group unless of course i was going to set this up to tow which at this point we’re not looking at that and then of course they do have the fifth wheel gooseneck

Prep package or you can get the max tow package of course but again we’re just not adding that to the truck but do note that those options are there okay moving on let’s take a look at the exterior colors there’s a ton of them they’ve got your regular colors and then they have the low volume exterior color so let’s start with the mono tone exterior colors up top

This color here is bright white flame red del monaco red patriot blue billet silver granite crystal and diamond black for the monotone colors i really like the delmonico red and my backup color would be granite crystal now let’s take a look at these low volume exterior colors this color here is called yellow utility orange national safety yellow new holland blue

Omaha orange republic blue school bus yellow timberline green midnight blue light green detonator yellow construction yellow case ih red and black as far as these low volume exterior colors are concerned i like this case ih red and i think the black looks really good i think it looks so good in fact i think we’re gonna go with this color the clearance lamps and

The led bed lighting have already been added looks like our standard wheel here is the 17 by 6 inch steel chrome clad wheels we’re just going to leave it at that we do have our dual rear wheels set up we can see we’ve got our standard tire size down here we can see we’re going to go ahead and leave those they got other tire options for a spare you could do the side

Steps and running boards you can delete the pickup box you can put a tonneau cover on it if you want we did get the spray-in bed liner we also have the rear wheel house liners which is cool moving on to interior you only got a couple of options really here do you want the heavy duty vinyl seats or do you want the cloth seats i think i’d rather have the cloth seats

To be quite honest with you i did pop for the uconnect 5 nav it’s the upgraded one for twenty seven hundred dollars it made us add the convenience group another package that i skipped over earlier so now we’re pushing about seventy thousand dollars but boy this truck is sporty where i really want it to be sporty moving on under windows and locks they have rear

Window defroster i thought we had that selected i guess somehow some way that got deselected do we want floor mats i’m not really worried about that next you can delete the carpet i i was pretty sure we didn’t have carpet but we’ll go ahead and just leave that other options do you want the uh instrument panel mounted auxiliary switches do you want the 115 volt

Auxiliary front power outlet i think yes for 210 under safety and security they’ve got the trailer brake controller wired tow mode camera park sense rear park assist system i think that’s a good idea the trailer tire pressure monitoring system and a trailer surround view camera system and you know what there it is we’re seventy thousand dollars just over seventy

Thousand dollars to do a base model tradesman that originally started at thirty eight thousand dollars let’s not forget it these trucks are almost like german cars the price goes up fast because there’s so many options but it’s a very beautiful truck and you know what on that note we’re gonna go ahead and wrap this video up we did a build in price review of the

2022 ram 3500 tradesman with the dually setup if you found this video helpful informative or entertaining please like share and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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