2022 Range Rover Evoque | The Mini Velar

As tested, the Range Rover Evoque featured in this video is the P250 Bronze Collection which is priced at $68,280. The engine is the turbocharged Ingenium 2.0-litre 4-cylinder which makes 246 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque.

What’s up internet world and welcome back to the channel today i bring you the 2022 range rover evoque huh this design is so popular with the ladies that in 2014 a chinese company named land wind basically copied the exact evoke shape and then they went to court and then they lost you see land rover was pissed they were like how can you copy design that’s

So popular from us bring it out there and charge one third of the price and then go to court in china and think you’re gonna win but then four years later they did and they did win they actually stopped a company from producing the exact replica to this evoque but back to north american soil you can get two engine variants both are coupled with a nine speed

Transmission one makes 246 horsepower and the other makes 296 horsepower attached with a 48 volt hybrid that makes a whopping 103 pound-feet of torque yes they are both 4-cylinder 2-liter turbo motors so in the range rover evoke ready to evoke my senses 0-60 in seven seconds the feeling in this thing feels pretty good it feels pretty premium even though it

Is the base evoke i mean not exactly its base but that looks pretty well it’s not exactly the base evoke but it’s the basis range rover you could buy what does that feel like what does that drive like well for starters i’ve got this really annoying creek that happens over here kind of like that stinger we had last year it’s the only car i remember the creaking

And it was like in my ear and it’s right here give it to a dealer maybe they’ll fix it but quality feels really and looks very prestigious and clean and nice and range roverish so i’m i’m feeling that vibe outside looks great in the front great in the back middle is funny power let me show you again delay let’s stop there the start and stop system is poor

When i come to a stop sign it shuts off i put my foot in the gas again it takes about a second to start up annoying performance it’s decent could use the more bigger powerful engine but it’s fine for what it is i think if you’re not a speed freak and you’re just zipping around town it’s plenty i wouldn’t really complain about that but i will say people will buy

It because the height you sit pretty high in here you feel sort of above the road you don’t sit low at all you sit high and you sort of sit refined and sit just like a range rover would you know caution luxurious so because of its short wheelbase this is one of its best attributes and that’s handling this thing handles very well the suspension is nice and firm

Brakes are good no complaints there as i said but the steering is good now in the front it does have a valar-esque design because it’s pretty much as i mentioned exactly the same but it does check the box that a car and funny will look in their rearview mirror and realize this is a range rover because you can’t tell the difference unless of course you look at the

Side but regardless it does have the signature drls and they’re nice and pretty it does have this nice black grille and the range rover in black along with the radar hidden right here i think this should center it but that’s just my opinion now moving on the side here this is called carpathian gray now my favorite color in range rovers are black but it does have

Some black accents including these 20 inch wheels and behind that you have nice red brake calipers in this bronze edition now it does have a color right here and you’re probably wondering what color that is well that is corinthian bronze and it does follow this piece you see this is a selling point as a marketer as a person as a sales guy you can say hey i got

Something different and that is what somebody wants when they buy this range rover evoke as you will see now on the side here it does have these flush handles that go inside when you lock the car and of course it’s really shortened wheelbase at 105 inches that is ultra short nothing is shorter in the sv market than this yes this is way smaller than pretty much all

Its competitors sub compact class here we go on a personal note my favorite looking range rover is really the velar in current standards now they have the new ranger that’s been dropped but i still like the way the velar looks this is pretty much exactly the same in the front and in the back of velar except smaller so if that’s what you’re looking for this should

Be a consideration the back of the range rover evoque follows the front it’s nice and pretty and nice and money you see on the back you have all the black that follows through with this nice big range rover badge telling you hey i’m driving a range rover even this evoque is nice and black look at this massive rear diffuser this is a little sub compact suv they’re

Really trying to pump it up and they’ve done some unique pieces they’ve hidden the rear wiper underneath here so it’s out of the way they’ve continued this rose gold aka bronze and my personal favorite a rear view mirror camera that is actually mounted right there now as i press the key fob for the power liftgate to go up you would like to know that this does tow

4 000 pounds which is a big number when you consider how small this vehicle is an audi q5 tows that and as far as space yes it is obviously small it has a 32 inch depth and has a 39 inch width so you can’t fit that much maybe three suitcases at the most back seat of the range rover evoke now it is a small vehicle so of course everything is going to be small you add

The fact that everything is black it’ll feel a little bit claustrophobic back here but everything appears to have a really good quality the seats are nice they feel well the door panel is not just plain and plastic there’s a lot of cuts a lot of modern pieces actually if you take a look there’s this piano black that flows all the way through not a big fan of piano

Black but it’s not done where your hands actually touch it it’s just really for appearance it has a nice little cutout where your hands fit in to hold the door in case you’re driving like a maniac as far as convenience go you do have a sunroof back here it’s not one big glass panel there is a structural brace that goes across the top which is sort of a little

Bit disappointing in a vehicle like this should have one big glass panel it also doesn’t have a usb or usbc back here it does have a cigarette plug and it does have heated seats on either side you think in a 2022 it would have usbs hmm but you have got two cup holders i guess that’s a plus front seat of the range rover evoque luxury at its finest it does have

A split armrest so i can slide each one for me a lot of brands don’t have a split armrest a lot of brands stuck with this elbow that’s actually hitting absolutely nothing or the cup holders but it’s a range rover so i do have a nice individual piece i don’t have an armrest here for my arm but i have one very close right there now inside feels very velarish nice

Quality materials they even thought about wireless charging yeah no usb’s in the back but there’s wireless charging and it’s for either side because it’s actually hidden underneath the center console right here where my hand is hello now stepping in the vehicle you have the sill that says range rover right on it and when you get in you have more range rover-esque

Pieces you’ve got three digital screens the driver’s display and two center displays including this hvac control over here that shows you the evoke not the right color but they’re trying it does have a nice big heads up display that is also color so a lot of digital pieces and of course my favorite this rear view mirror camera everything just seems very easy and

Very clean this interior is very very nice and it doesn’t feel like the most expensive slash inexpensive range rover and if digital is not your thing and virtual is not your space and you want something a bit more tangible well you have these nice big paddle shifters and they are real they are not plastic you have these hvac controls that are soft turn and very

Easy giving you that luxury feel and if the screen isn’t angled to your liking well you simply just press a button and it’ll tilt the exact way that you would like and if you are wondering where the usb and usbc as well it is clearly hiding underneath here it’s got a deep enough pocket that you can fit some stuff in not huge but again nothing in this vehicle is

Huge you do have a usb as i mentioned usbc and of course a cigarette plug light there so you kind of have everything you actually need including two memory seats and of course keep you in your lane heads-up display and a heated front windshield so on the lower screen here is where you have your hvac controls and some vehicle settings pretty straightforward stuff

You have your climate your seat heat and of course your vehicle in order to change the climate pretty straightforward stuff you have your left and your right and of course your sync button but the important piece here is your front heated windscreen that is very unique to range rover so next up is heat heat and in order to activate it you can use these little

Rotary buttons to activate it or you can simply just press this on button and you can touch if you want to have it in the back so that is cool in this level of car it’s hard to have one that does just your back you see most of them just do your butt or just do the back one of the other but in this case you can do both on either side that is pretty cool all right

It’s like a video game here next up is vehicle and this is where you have all your different drive modes so if i start the left here i have different dynamic programs selected i have eco comfort grass gravel snow mud ruts and of course cactus and then auto a strange piece here is if you look at all these buttons here they should really be on this side especially

Auto hold i’m going to hit auto hold pretty consistently because i like auto hold and i use it all the time very easy to use you come to a stop sign press the brake and the car will stay there and then i have to hit the gas to move the car forward as far as the upper screen goes this does have android auto and apple carplay but again it’s very clean we’ve done

This pretty in-depth in the discovery video but you have your navigation your phone your media and these are sort of your quick buttons that they also have in the mercedes-benz mbux very easy to read and very clean so no complaints here the only complaint i would have is sometimes there’s a bit of a delay when it comes to range rover land rover products but they

Seem to have cleaned it up a little bit with this model i am not the buyer of this car and everybody that i’ve seen drive this loves it because it’s small cute and there’s just not many offerings that have this luxury feel because what is small short and cute maybe a jeep maybe a bronco maybe an isuzu rodeo or is this a trooper from like 1995 shore wheelbase

There’s not much available that’s short and cute except this little thing so someone’s gonna look at this thing and love it because the outside looks like a velar the inside feels posh and premium and it’s priced pretty good for what it is so i’ll wrap up this video with all the things i talked about from the start to the finish by clearly saying that the outside

Looks like a baby velar the inside also looks like a velar and it feels premium for the budget because everybody that’s looking to buy this car will only look at those two things the inside and the outside they probably won’t even care about the drive so maybe you got this far in the video no idea thanks for watching see ya you

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