2022 Rivian R1T Review // The Cybertruck That Actually Exists

The 2022 Rivian R1T ($90,000 CAD starting, $67,500 USD starting) is an EV pickup truck that’s been designed with adventure in mind. It has a quad motor powertrain – one electric motor per wheel – which helps propel the R1T to its claimed 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds. A number of different outdoorsy options can be selected as well, which make use of the abundant storage space. This includes a 3 person tent and a built-in camping kitchen. But how does it drive on the road? And is it as capable and functional as it appears? Thomas and James find out! We hope you enjoy the episode. SUBSCRIBE!

So oh my god what a useful gear tunnel you’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is the rivian rt1 it’s actually the r1t but rt1 is a better name so i’m going to call it that what happens when you combine the 0 to 60 time of a c8 corvette the utility of a ford ranger the interior tech of a tesla and the curb weight of a rhinoceros

You get this the fully electric rivien r1t it starts at seven thousand five hundred dollars comes with 314 miles of range as standard and yeah it can do the off-road stuff the baja stuff and the drifty stuff no problem on the face of it it appears to be the ultimate do-all vehicle but since most of us don’t do all how does it cope with the normal stuff let’s

Find out we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell i’m excited because this is the first time i’ve been in an electric pickup truck it’s a big deal because we’ve said for a long time that ev luxury cars in ev pickup trucks are going to be the best versions of themselves and so far we’re being proven correct

This is a quad motor ev truck that means that there is literally an electric motor on each individual wheel this is the first quad motor ev i’ve been in and the advantages of that are huge the biggest one is that it can dominate off-road you don’t need to use locking differentials if you have a motor on each wheel this thing can just crush rock crawling and

Then when you want to do some kind of rally drifty stuff it’ll do that as well but out here on a road it’s not like it compromises the car in any way because with 800 horsepower and 900 pound-feet of torque it doesn’t matter that it weighs about 7 000 pounds it’s so friggin quick three seconds to 60. and another thing that i think is pretty cool is that they

Haven’t hidden the electric motor noise too much so when i put my foot down you can hear the motors winding up four of them it sounds fun it sounds cool and of course it’s butter smooth and the throttle is calibrated very well it’s not a punishing ev punch and it can stop quite well as well the brake pedal itself is pretty intuitive it kind of is meshing with

The regen which james will talk about in a minute but the brakes feel like they have power and they’re linear which is nice all right hustling a canyon in a truck now as thomas said this thing is 7 000 pounds our ram full size truck is somewhere in the mid 5000s and yet you would think that this i mean it drives almost like a slightly bigger mustang marquee

The way it is hustling its weight is madness one thing that’s new about this is the regen and i say new in the sense that you really don’t have an option to turn it off if the tutorial is over baby you’ve got to use standard or high and the standard one is quite strong so if i come off the accelerator right now it’s breaking half of this acceleration pedal is

Breaking and you cannot turn that off for some people that’s going to be a strange thing i’ve really got used to it you can one pedal drive in the canyons which like it or not is actually quite a unique feeling because i’m so used to brake managing brake and throttle in these canyons now as we live more and more with this truck i get more and more impressed with

Each minute because first of all you know as thomas said it’s got motors on each wheel this is also on adaptive air suspension so right now we’re running it in sport so it drops the ride height so i’m currently at 10.1 inches ride high actually tells you where you are it also says keep it on the track which is really a bunch of bs because if you track your 7

000 pound truck you’re a lunatic this doesn’t belong on the track and we actually have all terrain tires on it right now so they’re definitely the wrong tires for it but what that does mean is it’s more controlled and the steering in this is some of the best steering we’ve experienced in any vehicle in the last year or so there’s tons of feedback if you’re

Getting a tesla it feels sharp but you don’t really feel anything else this on the other hand is reasonably sharp but it’s got way more feedback like as i go over these bumps here you can see the steering wheel move that’s telling me what the front tyres are doing the sum of all of these things means that not only is this massively composed and very quiet by

The way on the highway it works pretty much everywhere from a rock to a highway to a canyon road and that is not something i’ve ever been able to say in any truck ever he’s having a hard time getting out how you doing good i’m good how you doing it’s having a fit now what’s it doing it’s it’s getting ripped up sounds like the air compressor is running i

Heard they made it weight or less this year there is there is an air compressor went right into it yeah uh how’s your voice mate yeah i’m recovering from a cold i feel like a big old bag of buttholes right now well i hope you don’t give it to me because we’ve been quite close quarters in this anyway but i think that’s what this vehicle is isn’t it it’s a vehicle

That brings people together i’ve i think i posted a video of you and greg actually getting quite close uh to instagram okay you’re gonna pull that up now okay yeah well you know you talked about the air compressor so he was pumping a suction cup to the front of the car anyway you called it whatever you want yeah i just realized i was like why is why do i love

The color of this thing so much you know what it is why is that it looks exactly like laguna seca blue from the e46 m3 which as everyone knows is the best car and color ever made yeah definitely a good color this thing gets a lot of attention like oh well it is very new but it’s also like really distinctive looking yeah do you know what i mean i think but i

Think the californians are a bit more clued into the new uv stuff as well because i remember when we drove the hyundai nexo and kona electric around here yeah those don’t look that different and they got a lot of a lot of attention but yeah we’ve we’ve been accosted you know when we’ve been buying bagels just in car parks everyone’s going nuts for this thing

How is that the new rivien so they’ve achieved a unique look for sure it definitely makes a lot of sense in terms of like physical design of the vehicle it’s not too big yeah right it is still a truck definitely but it doesn’t have any of the truck downsides like there’s no differential hanging down there’s lots of underside clearance it’s got a it’s got a bed

But they made use of where there would normally be drive shafts and stuff and they’ve got the what’s it called the gear tunnel the gear type james tunnel which he bullied me in yep and it’s got listen how do you crawl under things i don’t know it’s got a frunk that opens and it closes automatically all the stuff’s open now look at this how close already it

Doesn’t it doesn’t come fully up so you know the f-150 lightning which i know people don’t want to compare this to that because this is technically a smaller adventure vehicle and the f-150 lightning and the silverado ev and the hummer they’re all quite big yeah but they’re also this you know they’re the first four electric trucks it’s impossible not to compare

Them well will rivian keep saying to us we shouldn’t compare it to them yeah it’s in its own class is it or is it exactly in the class of the other eevee pickup trucks that are coming out no it’s slightly smaller but it i think the gross vehicle weight of this makes it a class 2b vehicle which is the same as an f250 yeah it’s heavy it doesn’t drive that heavy

Thankfully no it doesn’t it doesn’t you gotta look like where is the weight because this is hollow this gear tunnel completely lots of space inside that’s hollow so it must be in the batteries but we asked ruby and how much the batteries weigh and what did they say they they said they don’t want to focus on that they don’t want to focus on that they want to

Focus more on the truck as a whole yeah that was a that was a non-answer yeah that was yeah and the truck as a whole has a certain vibe to it and it starts with this key but let’s talk about it a bit more on the right side okay okay and so they’ve gone for this really like rei in canada it would be mec yeah lululemon kind of like uh culture hit the craig go

Camping kind of so the key yeah which is what do you call this thing a carabiner carabiner yeah this is uh very much aimed at a very very particular crowd as is all of the rest of the marketing for reviews yeah you’re not supposed to climb with it it’s not hasn’t it’s not rated for that i hope not but and you can’t see it at night yeah cause like yeah you can’t

They’re they’re not illuminated they’re not white on black outline it’s just you can’t see it in the dark and it’s kind of upside down the the icons are upside down yeah it is maybe so when it’s on your on your climbing harness you can flip it up yeah and then i don’t know anyway in the spirit of all of that stuff this truck can do a lot of things and there’s

Some things we didn’t mention on the outside so that gear tunnel has attachments it has a sliding out thing it has a kitchen that slides out which is five thousand dollars extra yeah you can get a tent thing for the back yeah and again all of these things are geared towards the kind of uh you know 31 year old couple that’s going on climbing kind of adventures

Basically there isn’t a slide-out gun rack no but maybe there will be one day but the the truck bed comes out electronically there is the air compressor as you mentioned which might be light or yeah i think it weighed her lessons there’s also some outlets in the back there’s an electric tonneau cover um this feels a lot like a subaru married a pole star in

A good way in a good way yeah absolutely and listen i i i know i’m poking fun at like the cold climbing culture i i was am a rock climber right like i totally dig this but yeah it’s maybe just a little bit too on the nose for me you know i don’t know i think once you’re in it it doesn’t matter no because i love the interior of this i love this look at these

Seas i’ve got no problem with i think any single thing in here except for one we’ll talk about that in a minute but like the materials are beautiful it comes in amazing specs yeah this is the most boring interior spec yeah there’s like a green on brown there’s a white on on a lighter wood i i’m i’m so impressed with the interior here there’s so many good things

Like the sound system the meridian sound system in here is wonderful you can hear every single instrument being played in the song and as you saw in the intro this automatic it automatically kicks into playing off of this whatever was playing in here yeah if you’ve got the bluetooth on your phone yeah you just pull this out and it keeps playing so walk away

It’s so cool and like there are other things so this has a lot of this interface is very similar to tesla so yeah like like weirdly similar yeah so if you go to the climate you can move if i turn it on yep it’s going to be loud for a second but you can move these around but the difference is they’re not hidden which i kind of like which means you get to watch

Especially these ones uh this one here watch that and i can i can move it around oh i see i i didn’t notice that before that’s really fun yeah i like that yeah no this is this is quite intuitive it’s it’s quick it works the only problem and it’s a biggie no call player no car play because again these california upstarts think their poop don’t stink yeah and

That they’re better than carplay and guess what you’re not better than carplay because objectively worse actually yeah we tested it yeah and we do we we were actually very kindly invited to the smoking tire podcast and according to the rivian we were on time but according to all of our other apps we were going to be late and we were live we were late so yeah

Sorry sorry one thing they have done with credit to the phones is this is a double uh wireless charging pad yep and it charges your phone really quickly yep some of them are really slow and i really have enjoyed charging right above this is a was the word you used over engineered yeah that didn’t that really did not need to be powered no as cool as it is

It didn’t need to be powered yeah but it’s comfy in the back we’ve got this glass roof here which a lot of people because you can’t cover it there’s no there’s no um it’s very dark sunshine it’s very dark yeah so it allows you just to see the sky but it doesn’t it doesn’t cook you it’s the launch edition so it looks like there’s some yellow accents which is

Yeah we’ve got launch edition there yeah silver very very few critiques of the inside of this car windows are a bit slow and the the the steering wheel adjustment is a bit slow as well it’s quite laggy yeah considering considering there is something on the market with the exact same style of adjustment oh and another thing i guess i do have a few critiques

The parking cameras are full on potatoes yeah that’s right that’s not good enough right it’s just not um and we asked them and they said that’s one of the things that they’re focusing on improving but i still think that’s a bit weird because this is otherwise a very lovely screen it’s like the highest end ipad that you can get is what it looks like yeah and

You know as far as having no car play there is spotify built into this and i’ve really enjoyed that yep um but just the the maps thing as and again the maps are quite nice right this is this is a really good graphic it’s quick yep uh it just it just isn’t the traffic accounts for this isn’t accurate yeah and the roots and the roots weird like it doesn’t it

Doesn’t it erase the bit that you’ve already done of the route so if you have a zoomed out view you’ve got like this whole squiggly line where you’re like i don’t know where i am i mean it doesn’t erase it it doesn’t erase it yeah compared to it so it’s distracting yeah but what is nice is that first of all because you you don’t use the cardboard this helps

You know how much charge you’ve got left it plans your route yes um yeah and if you don’t want this on the screen which i doubt you know if you had got carplay it wouldn’t happen it shows you a third of your your actual dash is the map and your next direction is cool which which i really like yeah the dash is great too dash is great it’s got everything you need

Yeah they’ve committed to screens like tesla have but in a way that i think really works i like it in here i would i would totally own one of these uh from like an interior perspective right and to be fair probably the rest of the perspective as well this is a very good vehicle it’s very very easy to go it’s very easy to get along with and i think i think you you

Know where luxury meets evie is a match made in heaven and i think where eevee meets utility as well it’s a match made in heaven so yeah this is the way we’re waiting for evie meets sports car to be a match made in heaven that should that one’s harder yeah that’s the big question mark but right now this is a very usable future i think i’ve loved it yeah lots of

Automakers play dress-up as next-gen vehicles a new face or a big screen a lipstick renault if you will but the r1t joins the echelon of vehicles that actually properly feels like everything it does is for a purpose to move the game forward its acceleration is matched by its driving confidence its design contributes to its function it rides really well and quite

Unquantifiably it’s really cool so all the attention this has been getting from truck owners ev owners and even just pedestrians thus far seems quite justified hopefully that stays true thanks for watching just chuck it in my hair not on the back of my hair okay okay and let me get my arm and stuff give me some real sandy stuff oh yeah get it in there okay it’s good for the skin

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