2022 Subaru Ascent Review

2022 Subaru Ascent Review!

Hello welcome to paul’s take this is a 2022 subaru ascent it’s powered by a 2.4 liter turbocharged boxer motor it has 260 horsepower and 277 foot-pounds of torque it could tow up to 5 000 pounds it has 8.7 inches of ground clearance it also can do 27 miles per gallon on the highway and because it’s a subaru you know it comes standard with symmetrical all-wheel

Drive this is subaru’s largest vehicle it can hold up to eight passengers this would hold seven because it has bucket seats in the second row this turing model has 20 inch wheels it will do zero to 60 in 6.9 seconds superior’s eyesight driver-assisted technology it reduces the rate of rear end crashes with injury by up to 85 it also has pre-collision braking advanced

Adaptive cruise control with lane centering lane departure and sway warning pre-collision throttle management these are all standard features on the 2022 subaru ascent and it also has five-star safety rating in all areas except for rollover where i have four stars it’s an suv it’s kind of upright a little bit i can understand that now those are all the facts now let’s

Talk about stuff that’s more subjective how do we like the way it looks on the inside and the outside this might not be subjective with the speaker system the radial system has over 500 watts of power here i am in the back seat way back third row seat and surprisingly i had enough room couldn’t use a little more headroom but i could fit in there pretty comfortably

Now let’s check out the second real seats definitely has more headroom plenty more and a little more leg room the second drill has power adapters for ac and for your cell phone usb ports cup holders extra ones there’s plenty of holes in this place more on the door seats are nice and comfortable and plush and even a little armrest for you in case your arm gets

Too heavy let’s check out the front front looks nice nice upholstery nice design speakers presets for your seating and again plush seats in the front leather watch the leather there’s a lot going on in this vehicle a lot of buttons and switches very technical has everything on here so there’s a lot to learn i’m not going to get into everything so it take way

Too long but it is pretty intuitive it won’t take you long to get the feel of how everything works at least the important things to you important thing is all the switches and buttons feel good and if you want something it probably has it it’s a matter of figuring it out it has a easy to use eight inch touchscreen display with all your favorite apps very clean

And easy to use it has nav as well it’s beautiful a lot of vehicles now are going with the giant touch screens and no knobs but some people believe i’m one of them that some things should be knobs like the radial controls and your ac and heat they should be knobs so you can reach them while you’re driving and not have to look it’s also equipped with x and front

View facing camera so you see obstacles as you’re driving towards them like when you’re off-roading and stuff there’s no lack of information on this vehicle you could actually set this to display different types of information with a nice mix of the old and new this one has analog tech and speedometer the ascent definitely ascended on the interior it is definitely

High end upper class nice nice feel nice leather everything is well made fit and finish superb shocking to learn that in this day and age that some vehicles do not have comfortable armrests well this one is and of course the storage underneath so what is my take on the 2020 subaru ascent well if you need more room than the outback then the ascent’s for you it’s

Almost like an outback but bigger all in all it’s a great vehicle i think the fit and finish quality and safety features make this a great buy and if you’re interested in this vehicle come see me at fitzgerald subaru in the beautiful clearwater florida i’ll leave my contact information in the description please hit like subscribe for more videos thanks again for watching paul state

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