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2022 Subaru Ascent Touring 8 seater – Our new Dealership shuttle 22AS2328

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Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our 2022 subaru ascent touring so one step up from the convenience trim now this one actually happens to be our newest shuttle it’s gonna be put into shuttle service i just went picked it up we just had paint protection film applied essentially from here don’t know if you can make out

The line from here forward matches the fenders did the bumper it would have done the mirror caps as well and so what that’s going to do is it’s going to protect it from rock chips this is going to be on the road a lot picking up customers and we want to protect it because when we eventually sell it we want it to be in good condition for whoever’s buying it so

The ascent comes in a seven or eight passenger configuration this one the idea is to be able to fit people in it so this is an eight seater at the back here backup sensors in the rear bumper they will actually apply the brakes if it thinks you’re going to hit something in reverse between speeds of 1 and 15 kilometers an hour very very handy especially for parking

Lots power liftgate from the door the driver’s seat or from the key fob when it’s running you can’t do it from the key fob so i had to do it from the door there so third row is currently folded flat 60 40 split i’m just gonna put this inside but really easy to lift it up just pull on the strap it locks up and then we have this and you can adjust the angle and

Then of course headrests do pop up and lock in place but even with one side down one side up you can fit a lot of cargo in here 12 volt outlet for any charging needs you have we’ve got grocery bag hooks there and there stops your grocery bags from tumbling around you can actually lock everything from here when the vehicle is running so you click the lock it’ll

Close the lock and that way you don’t have to pull your keys out or walk back up front and lock the door in the second row is the bench seat because it is the eight seat lots of headroom now to get in the third row in the eight seat this is the step so we do this it leans and slides on the track all in one simple motion and then as you can see it is on the track

It’s got little lockable positions so you can actually adjust these second rows a little bit more forward so you can actually fit taller people in the third row so i’m six foot two i’ve got longer legs i do fit in the third row not overly comfortably but for a trip around town i could totally do it if there’s only one or two passengers in the second row armrest

With cup holders they have their own climate control in the second and third row and you can control it from the second row or the or up front you can also lock them out from controlling it in the second row if someone’s playing with it if you have some younger children that like to press buttons you can do that two usb ports for charging and actually with the

Climate controls the vents are actually out of the roof so as a passenger you feel the heat or the cool the air conditioning much more quickly instead of just heating up the footwell area and then going up filling those the cabin from there power windows locksmith mirrors as you would expect they all have this kind of cream-colored carbon fiber trim it breaks up

The dash and it’s a lot of black otherwise it’s dark power seat really nice comfortable seats on the left-hand side here we’ve got the power tailgate we can turn on all of the interior lights at the same time you can set the tailgate height so it only opens to x percentage brightness for the gauges traction control blind spot detection so it illuminates like so

Whenever someone’s in your blind spot on the corresponding side it doesn’t eliminate shoulder checking but it’s very very handy nice aid bluetooth and audio controls you can make it take calls control the volume of the calls in the music right hand side has our adaptive cruise and our lane centering what they’ve done for the 2022 ascent is they’ve actually made

The heated steering wheel all the way around so even this top portion between the seams where it wouldn’t normally be heated in any other subaru model is heated in the ascent i imagine we’re probably going to see that in the next generation of all vehicles but they’re starting with the ascent so normally it would just kind of be the hand area where you’re where it

Would be heated but they’ve done the top which is nice little information screen up here gives you thermometer average speed time and if we press this info button it’ll change the center there estimate distance to empty fuel economy lots of options eight inch display it is all touch screen or we have the physical buttons down here it just came in it’s still got

The plastic on it lots of our detailers don’t like to remove it until it’s actually sold they just don’t want to scratch things put it in reverse backup camera comes up shows you the top of the bumper so you have something to relate to rear is just breaking that’s the auto braking and parking sensor so it will beep at you and set off uh little colored squares on

Your screen if you’re getting close to things three zones climate control driver passenger and of course the rear so i press the rear and i can adjust it from either the driver’s side or the passenger side now if i want to lock it i just press and hold and you get the little lock icon so you can’t adjust it from the second row and it’s easy to sync them all

Together mode will change where the airflow’s coming from right now i have feet and defrost lots of options heated mirrors back window wiper area of the windshield three stages of heated seats for the driver and the passenger each press i guess four if you could include off as a mode we’ve got x mode which is like subaru’s equivalent to four by four low in a

Pickup very handy for those rough rough roads exmo or avh is a brake holder for construction traffic rush hour traffic drive through traffic and two usbs there an auxiliary my favorite feature ever in any vehicle doesn’t matter what it is auto dimming mirror there’s no switch to flick it just automatically dims when someone comes up behind you with the high beams

On and right here home link system so three individual buttons that you can set up to your garage door or multiple garage doors and then what subaru’s done in the ascent you’ve got sunglass holder coupled with a spy mirror so you can keep an eye on the people in the second and third rows without actually having to turn around and the touring is the first trim level

Where you get the panoramic sunroof moonroof combination so two panes of glass the front one opens and tilts the second one is just for light and you can stop that shade at any point forward or back and of course i’m not going to open it right now because it’s snowing and cold but it’s a huge sunroof it’s quite nice adds a lot of space to the vehicles when it’s

Open so that’s a brief overview of the 2022 subaru ascent touring i’m tyson the subaru specialist from superior prince george talk to you guys soon

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2022 Subaru Ascent Touring 8 seater – Our new Dealership shuttle 22AS2328 By Tyson Remmelg