2022 Subaru BRZ – First Track Shakedown

Filmed at the Champion Motor Speedway at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, MI –

Hey guys today we are at m1 concourse in pontiac michigan i have my 2022 subaru brz here and we’re just doing a little shakedown session today trying to see how this car feels on track i was going to try to get the michelin primacys mounted and bolted on in time but i was transferring my winter tires and i just couldn’t get them on in the time that we had so

Instead we’re running a set of toyo proxies r triple h and a set of 16 inch rota slip streams tires are 225 50 r16s um this is my track setup for this year i figured i’d try out a 16 inch wheel and tire setup for some meaty sidewall action and i’m not going to regret it this is a it’s a fun setup and i think it looks pretty cool runs completely stock suspension

Stock power stock everything we’ve disabled the active sound control and uh otherwise we’ve pretty much got a stock brz on a set of sticky tires so let’s take it out on track substitute topher is tagging along today because he hasn’t even barely ridden in the brz but once you drove an automatic a little while ago but i did you haven’t experienced the full glory

Of the six-speed manual so hop in let’s go we’re also testing this 230i this week did a little drag race and we did a brief track session in that that was surprisingly good it smells good in here it does it smells new yeah it does yeah the degassing subaru’s degassing and plastics it’s actually a pleasant smell it is i’m not i’m not complaining okay we’ve got

An oil temp gauge right now we’re at 190 degrees that’ll climb up to about 230 240 which is hot that’s okay we do have a live readout display for tire pressure which is super nice but i haven’t mated the sensors to this brz yet so we’ll get that scan tool and uh do that at some point holy crap those tires are loud yeah they are loud i don’t think i’ve ever run

Tires this sticky at m1 concourse except for maybe like we drove out m1 uh a miata cup car at one point and uh those had our cops but the turning speeds are really fun yeah this feels so small compared to the two series yeah it’s funny yeah an interior space is similar like maybe a backseat to the two series has a little bit more room but the tires are so loud i

Can’t hear the engine there’s that hard rev limiter it does pull well though i mean it’s such a more powerful car than the old beers it used to be it’s just more balanced finally the powers matches the chassis pulls all the way up to 7000. it does yeah it feels pretty healthy and there’s a decent amount of torque too there used to be nobody home around 4000

Rpm and now it’s not terrible there’s that understeer shark starting to present itself you can kind of power out of it on throttle but it’s still very much there this is kind of how my 2014 handled when i first got it yeah the gr86 doesn’t understeer as much it still definitely understeers some but overall they’ve been able to get quite a bit more grip out of

This chassis compared to the last generation which is cool to see forgot to turn traction control off not that i just need to yeah there’s just so much grip yeah actually i can’t wait to get these on the stock michelin privacy because they’re just so much fun on track yeah they really let you get loose have a little bit of fun that’s pretty progressive yeah

It feels nice there’s a bunch of like executive women in suits over there watching you go oh nice brz yeah i saw we had a bit of an audience yeah we did in the event center it’s funny yeah so far so good i think we just needed to kind of bend these breaks in too fate doesn’t seem as bad as i thought i was or so i’m taking it a little bit easier but i

Really do like this brz yeah it’s gonna be a good time this summer it’s so easy to place it’s just a nice car to drive and you can make this whatever you want it to be you know you can make it a grip monster on track you can make it a drift machine you can lift it up and take it rally racing you know it’s just so versatile it’s very versatile first impressions

From passenger seat it’s unbelievable how light and small it feels to a car that we’re calling kind of like a spiritual competitor kind of thing like you’d think that they would be very comparable and they are in some ways but just from butt passenger seat whatever feel over here um this car feels so much smaller and lighter and more pimple compared to the bmw

Yes yep i mean the bmw weighs uh 700 pounds more than which and you can feel that yeah yeah but it hides it well the front end is way better than the bmw’s a lot more nimble and reactive and just kind of happy to turn in but uh yeah some tweaking that we’ll need to do on this brz i think we can we can work some sway bar magic um i’d like to kind of keep the stock

Suspension for now because it’s so soft and comfortable on the street and our roads in michigan are just horrendous um i would never lower this car i would if anything i would raise it up on some rally coilovers or something fun like that but uh we’ll see what we can we can dial in with the stock suspension i think we can throw a stiffer rear bar on here maybe

Some front camber and uh that’ll make this a little bit more of a neutral handling yeah you know that’s pretty dang impressive on just a set of wheels and tires yeah what else yeah it feels great um and also when you add grip it always kind of promotes understeer too because you get more traction on the rear end i keep opening that that is super annoying all

Right guys well just a quick track session in the brz a little shakedown get a feel for what it’s like it’s actually pretty predictable to what i thought it was going to be like it’s it’s this is about uh how i thought it would feel and uh you know we just need to dial up some of the understeer and we’ll be fun throw some michelin primacy’s back on here if i want

A grippy track setup i’ve got it all right guys well gopro is overheating uh unlike the car yes so uh i think that’s gonna be a wrap thanks for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video yeah and i think we’ll throw a set of brake pads on here i like my porterfield r4s pads for street and track duty they’ve always served me well thanks to substitute for tagging

Along check out his channel at topherdrives one word on youtube yeah doing some good stuff all right that’s it for this one see you guys later

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2022 Subaru BRZ – First Track Shakedown! By TheTopher