2022 Subaru BRZ Sport-Tech with Eyesight 22BZ0925

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our 2022 subaru brz sport tech in the crystal white pearl brand new redesign for this year i absolutely love this body style i enjoyed the previous vrz this is just that much better the front end is absolutely gorgeous they made some nice changes to the car and even at the front

Functional vents aerodynamics brake cooling but updated engine 2.4 liter naturally aspirated producing 228 horsepower and they have fixed fixed that torque curve issue that the previous generation had with this new engine so we’ve got this black accent here these are actually functional vents as well and i don’t know if you can see my finger sticking through

There but it is there so it is functional there is functional vent in the rear bumper as well now sport tech is the full load there is only two trims of the brz on the sport tech you do get the 18 inch wheels as opposed to the 17s you get different tires you get the michelin pilot sport fours on this so a little stickier a little bit better for summer driving track

Driving now this sport tech does happen to be the automatic so it does have the backup sensors in the rear bumper they will actually apply the brakes if it thinks you’re going to hit something in reverse at speeds of between 1 and 15 kilometers an hour now to access the trunk as long as the key’s on you it’s actually a little black button right here i don’t know if

The camera will focus but you just click it and it pops open and the trunk with the rear seats folded flat you’ve got lots of room you can easily fit it couples at the golf clubs some luggage and underneath here you’ve got your fix-a-flat kit weight savings and in the event someone does get stuffed in the tiny trunk you do have the trunk release then this little

Black dot right here your backup camera they’ve got the built-in duckbill spoiler with this not overly aggressive just a little bit to for style the aftermarket will fix that i’m sure we’ll have giant duckbill wings on these soon enough now with it being a proximity key to unlock it you just put your hand in the handle to lock it we’ve got these lines so long as

The keys within about three three and a half feet touch there you go you wait a second i always like to back up take it out of range and then you put your hand in on the interior here on the door we’ve got this now but brawn ultra suede there and on top of the gauge cluster i probably butchered the pronunciation of that i’ll put the name in the link description

In the video description below so you can all laugh at how poorly i pronounced it leather with the red contrast stitching red and black is the interior theme of these cars move to the seats we’ve got the leather and ultra suede with the red contrast stitching the red leather contrast in the middle i really like the red and black interior i think it suits the car

Despite the exterior being white i think it really pops we also get these chromish side sills stainless steel side sill protectors supposed to reduce the amount of people dragging their foot wrecking the paint there now we will hop onto the interior here so here we are in the cockpit to start it it is push button so depress the brake push the start button and

It comes to life so left hand side of the steering wheel here bluetooth and audio controls make and take calls control the volume of the calls music source switch from am to fm to cd or not cd sorry satellite usb right hand side here we can change some of the center display stuff the adaptive cruise distance so when i turn on the cruise there’s crews and you

Can see top left there’s the arrows three bars four bars that’s the follow distance behind the vehicle ahead of you that you’ll follow at if you catch up that’s easy and the cruise is actually just on the stick here it’s that old school style but look at these gorgeous digital gauges now you can actually play around with these a little bit you can change what you

Want to look at you’ve got your g’s what you’re listening to for the cruise you’ve got lots of options to change this around and when i turn it into track mode it changes that so that’ll be your the speedometer becomes small and your rev your revs your tachometer that becomes the focus so regular and then press and hold for track and i’ll show you that here in

A second but yeah really really easy to use i’m a huge fan of it i think it’s a super super cool gauge setup works really really well and once you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to find exactly what you want so i mean bottom left there we’ve got oil temperature and battery voltage easy to use but yeah again black and red black leather steering wheel red

Contrast stitching very very easy to hold onto it’s actually doesn’t really look like it but it is a little bit fatter here it feels nice in the hand and it doesn’t feel like a particularly small wheel it’s it’s comfortable and we do have the paddle shifters downshift up shift nice large eight inch display it is all touch but we do have the physical buttons on

Either side so for phone no device connected easy enough to use you do get a three-year trial of the mysubaru connected services and that that is only in the sport tech the entry level does not get that trial but with the automatic you’ll get the ability to remote start your vehicle pre-warmer pre-cool it and when you put it in reverse backup camera pops up

Rear systems on parking sensors are on you can see it senses the wall there green is good you can just see the parking i guess barricade that we’re close to and there’s the center of your car really easy to use when you turn the wheel those orange lines move show you where you’re going to end up climate control is dual function or dual zone 15 is the low and i

Believe that 30 is the high yeah so freezing tropical depending how you and your patchers want it easy to sync so it does obviously look a little different than most traditional subarus this is the toyota inspired portion mode changes where the airflow is on that little person you’ve got your heated mirrors and back window which i think is kind of funny in these

Cars because you don’t typically see these drip being driven in the cold weather and then for the blind spot detection it is the small little here i’ll pull the window down it’s this right there so i’m going to turn it off through the system and then turn it on so it is very subtle it’s a lot more subtle than what you find in most other subarus but that’s what

It looks like it just illuminates a little bit orange just enough to catch your attention and let you know that someone’s there and then window controls are here mirror controls are here window lock and then you’ve got your brightness for your gauges and it actually does make quite a bit big difference especially at night not so much right now we do have the

Momentary safety switch so you can’t actually accidentally drive around with your lights turned off at defaults to auto but you can drive with them turned on fully and these are in the sport tech they are the steering responsive headlights so they will turn when you turn the vehicle at speed down here we’ve got traction control we’ve got snow mode sport mode and

Track mode so i’m going to turn off traction control and it just says bottom right there track off i’m gonna press and hold for track mode and it turns off track and then takes you to that so it’s more aggressive it’s definitely more aggressive and then with snow you press the bottom and it pops up right below the tachometer and press up for sport and it gets

Red i guess red means go it’s going to go faster then press up again and it goes back to that heated seats high and low for both the driver and passenger they heat up really really quickly with the ultra suede and then actually the only really real complaint that i’ve read about with the new brz the cup holder location it’s kind of poorly laid out but there isn’t

A whole bunch of room for cup holders up here this i guess could double as a cup holder two usb ports for music listening apple carplay andrillo an aux cord or aux input for any music listening but yeah that’s the only downside that i’ve actually read about people complaining and then up top here for the adaptive cruise and automatic emergency braking we’ve got

The two forward-facing cameras and then with the my subaru connected services trial you’ve got your sos and you’ve got your roadside assistance right there so that’s a brief overview of the 2022 subaru brz sport tech with eyesight i’m tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george talk to you guys soon

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2022 Subaru BRZ Sport-Tech with Eyesight 22BZ0925 By Tyson Remmelg