2022 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor 22CT9264

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our 2022 subaru crosstrek outdoor so this is one of the more popular models that we sell here kind of geared towards the outdoors few differences aesthetically that you may notice in comparison to the other crosstreks right off the bat the grille is a little bit different and we do

Also have that little front view off-road camera we’ve got a little bit more plastic cladding along the front a little less painted area on the front of the outdoor crosstrek versus the others now the idea behind that that’s less paint to mark up being the outdoor trim level they’re expecting you might take it off the beaten path so less to get marked up we’ve

Got slightly chunkier fenders than you would find on the other crosstreks we’ve got the gun metallic gray mirrors they match the gray wheels that only come on the outdoor trim you can see even this rear fender extends onto the rear passenger door we’ve got gray shark fin antenna and it really stands out kind of contrasts well on the crystal white pearl exterior

We have gray badging on both sides in the back of the crosstrek there’s actually a surprising amount of room now the outdoor comes with the cargo tray right from factory it has a little bit of a lip on it so if you put a garbage bag or something and it starts to leak it should be partially contained we do also have this led cargo light in addition to the halogen

Interior light now that led cargo light is exclusive to the outdoor trim level oh when we go into the second row we have plenty of room up to three passengers comfortably across and now this is that seating material it’s soft touch all-weather upholstery startex is the brand name it’s a subaru made product we’ve got the gold contrast stitching on the outside seats

They come with the high wall rubber floor mats from factory in the outdoor trim and we’ve got this dark carbon fiber trim and even the doors it’s it’s still that startex material very very comfortable easy to clean that’s the idea behind it up front power windows lock mirrors as you would expect we have a height adjustable seat based off of a pump system and we

Have crosstrek in gold on both the front seats now on the inside it is of course push button start foot on the brake and we’ve got the orange light in your side mirrors that’s your blind spot detection let’s you know when someone’s in your blind spot on the corresponding side we’ve got this big gold trim piece we’ve got more gold stitching more gold stitching

Continues throughout it’s a nice theme it’s not overly in your face and then those orange lights where the blind spot detection lets you know whenever someone’s in your blind spot corresponding site doesn’t eliminate shoulder checking but it’s very very handy it’s a nice aid now on the steering wheel itself bluetooth and audio controls are on the left-hand side you

Can make and take calls control the volume of the calls of the music the right-hand side has our adaptive crew so the cruise that follows the vehicle ahead of you at a set distance and you can actually decrease the follow distance or increase the follow distance 100 kilometers an hour at four bars gets you about 150 to 180 feet behind the vehicle ahead of you great

For the highways lane centering when you turn it on you get the little image of the steering wheel to the right there and you’ll notice that the lines on either side of the distance markers for the adaptive cruise semi-illuminate above 60 kilometers an hour if the two color stereo eyesight cameras can see the road lines it’ll illuminate whichever side it can see

And it’ll actually give you gentle steering input very very handy we’ve got this view button brings up your front view camera great for parking lots or off road it’s almost 180 degrees so if you’re pulling up between two big vehicles in a parking lot you can just about see completely around them without having the nose of your vehicle too far out very very handy

That will actually come on automatically if i’ve reversed and then put it back in drive to show you that no obstructions have fallen in your way si drives intelligent sport you can see on the bottom left it says p for park to the right of that i for intelligent s for sport sport mode makes you accelerate faster holds your rpms higher more spirited driving the

All-important heated steering wheel now in the crosstrek it does not heat between the seam here and right here but the rest of it kind of where you’re supposed to keep your hands it gets heated now this upper screen here you can actually cycle through it with the info button on the left hand side of your steering wheel gives you a bunch of different information

Depending what you want to look at i personally like the water temp oil temp one it’s also where climate control displays and it ranges from 18 on the low side all the way up to 32. so from freezing to tropical depending how you and your pastures like it shows you where your airflow is coming from fan strength all of that information our nice 8 inch display now

The outdoor and the sport are the first two trim levels where you get this size of display it is all touch but we have the physical buttons below touch radio brings it up physical home button easy to use put it in reverse backup camera pops up shows you where you’re gonna end up with those orange lines and they move when you turn the steering wheel and that red

Little hash mark that’s about as close as you want to get to something in reverse while still being able to open the rear hatch without any obstruction climb controls are adjusted from down here temperature fan strength mode is where the airflow is coming from it is an automatic transmission we do have a manual shift mode so when you’re back in drive if you pull

Towards you you’ll notice it goes from d for drive to the first gear now the left paddle here is downshift can’t downshift below first right one here up shift so it’ll let you start in second it won’t let you start in sixth but it does allow you to shift through the gears manually if you want and then we also have heated seats high and low settings for both the

Driver and passenger if you leave these turned on and use the starlink connected services remote start it will actually turn on your heated seats as well so great in the winter now something else that’s exclusive to the outdoor we have x mode so when i press it you get regular x mode which every cross trek with an automatic transmission will have if you press it a

Second time you get deep snow in mud mode and it turns off traction control which allows for excess wheel spin now that is exclusive to the outdoor trim level and then if i press it one more time it does that so x mode is very very similar to 4×4 low and a pickup in its operation it only works up to 40k an hour if you exceed that it goes back to regular symmetrical

Full-time all-wheel drive which is great but for the super low speed rough stuff you’re going down a rough trail through a whole bunch of mud deep snow that kind of stuff x mode is going to be beneficial and up top here we have our lane sway assist our automatic emergency braking which in bc actually saves you 10 on your basic insurance and then we have our sos

And our roadside assistance now that’s through the three year trial for the subaru connected services and we have a lot more information on that uh there’s actually a video that goes over how to use that somewhere else on my channel see if i can find that and link that in the description below so that’s a brief overview of the 2022 subaru crosstrek outdoor i’m

Tyson the subaru specialist from superior prince george talk to you guys soon

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2022 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor 22CT9264 By Tyson Remmelg