2022 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Touring 22IH7556

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our 2022 subaru impreza hatchback two ring so two ring is our middle of the road trim level one above the convenience one under the sport so on the exterior big differences versus the convenience you get your alloy wheels that’s the first way you can tell you’re not looking at an

Entry-level impreza here i actually quite like the blue the i believe this is the island blue i’ll correct myself if i’m wrong in the description below if it’s a different color name but hatchback super easy to access right between the two small stars here got a little rubber switch and you can see it right there you just push up and it locked unlocks and away

You go so nice big tall wide opening in the impreza hatch very very practical easy to move stuff in and out of i’ve seen people move table chair sets with these the touring also comes with the privacy cover hides everything from the top of the seats down now if you’re moving taller items it’s easy to remove if this is going to be in the way it’s just a telescopic

Piece right there and you can move it out you just push in on it i just grab the handle and i push towards it and it pulls out there this is cargo light i’ve just turned it on it will shut off after i close the door so it is nice to have especially this time of year when it’s darker earlier got grocery bag hooks on both sides i thought they were kind of gimmicky

But they do work really really well in the second row plenty of room for passengers you can fit up to three people comfortably across even taller people fit there’s lots of head room good leg room obviously it’s not the most spacious second row ever but for the size of the vehicle it’s awesome now if you need to put roof racks or anything on the impreza you can get

Them they flip these little doors flip up just not by finger it’s easier if you have something like a flathead screwdriver but you’ve got two sets of them on either side and the crossbars actually bolt in here so very very secure much better than the ones that just clamp into the c channels here far less likely to come off or be ripped off it is a proximity key

So when it’s not running to lock it if you’ve got the key on your person you do that it’s beeping because i’m trying to lock it while it’s running won’t do that up front we have power windows locks mirrors as you would expect window lock if you have any passengers like they like to play with their windows or pets in the second row now this seat is height adjustable

I’m pumping it up and down here so you probably couldn’t see that the camera moves when i’m doing that but it does raise and lower now on the inside here left hand side of our steering wheel we have our bluetooth and audio controls you can make it take calls control you the volume of the calls in the music this switches between your presets or goes to the next song

On your cd or your playlist accept call voice commands for calling out these arrows right here they’ll change that small screen that says turn off engine before exiting and that’s because i had the key in my pocket when i exit the vehicle so i’m actually going to shut it off and it says reminder looking rear seat that’s because i had the back door open within 30

Minutes of the ignition being turned on so it’s just a reminder hey you might have forgot groceries pets your child so it is push button start foot on the brake press as long as the key’s inside now these arrows change this small center display here so you can go into settings you can get fuel economy for trip a trip b time running versus distance traveled back

To digital speedo i personally like the digital speedo the way i sit it cuts off the top portion of the analog speedo right hand side of the steering wheel here we have our adaptive cruise and our lane centering assist so that uses the two color stereo eyesight cameras it looks out on the road and it looks for vehicles ahead of you now with the cruise on you can

See there’s four bars ahead of it all the way down to one that’s the follow distance behind the vehicle ahead of you that you’ll follow out if you catch up while using cruise i just turned on the lane centering so above 60 kilometers an hour if those two cameras can see the road lines it’ll illuminate one of those two gray lines or both on whichever side you can

See or the cameras can see the lines on and it’ll actually give you gentle steering input to keep you off those lines great for the second half of your long day of driving helps with reducing fatigue and just press to turn it off really easy to do two different drive modes intelligent and sport you can see down there on the bottom left it says p for park i for

Intelligent press s goes to sport mode holds your rpms higher and you’ll accelerate faster you go through a little bit more fuel but it is a little bit more spirited driving heated steering wheel heat does not heat between the seam here at the top and there’s a spot right here where it doesn’t heat but the rest of the area where you’re supposed to keep your hands

For safety that’s fine now little information screen up here you can change with the info button on the left hand side of the steering wheel each time you press it gives you a different screen tells you what your tells you a little piece of different information depending what you need change your settings that one shows what technology is on got your high beams

On low beams turn them off you can see my brake lights on it’s pretty cool so it shows everything is turned on and also where our climate control displays so it ranges on the high side from 32 all the way down to 18 so from freezing to tropical depending how you and your patches like it it’s five degrees out it’s a little chilly i’m going to leave it at high

Right now and the fact it’s boring rain doesn’t make it any better right here am fm cd satellite radio it is all touch screen but we also have the physical buttons down here so you want to go to media press media that’s where you listen to a cd bluetooth usb anything like that it’s also a backup camera put in reverse it shows you the top of the bumper so we have

Something to relate to as you turn the wheel those orange lines move show you where you’re gonna end up great for determining if you’re gonna make that corner into that parking stall or not climate controls are adjusted from down here we’ve got our temperature fan strength and mode is where the airflow comes from so i twist it and it changes the arrow on the person

Indicating where the airflow is automatic transmission we do have a manual mode if you want so you can use the up shift and downshift paddles to select your own gears now you can go drive over to manual and you can see instead of d for drive it says one for first second and it will only allow you to go into a gear certain gear based on the rpms and speed that

You’re going it won’t let you start off in sixth but you can start off in seconds the all-important heated seats high and low for both the driver and passenger with the cloth heats up super quick it is the best thing ever especially in winter up top a few more eyesight camera things we’ve got our lane sway assist and we’ve got our automatic emergency braking so

This one beeps if you start changing lanes without signaling crossing lines this is the one that is designed to stop you from hitting pedestrians and other motorists in the event of an accident accidental uh loss of attention or someone pulls out ahead of you and you’re not looking it’s designed to help stop that can’t guarantee it’s going to stop you but you’re

60 less likely to be involved in a vehicle collision and 30 less likely to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian so it’s awesome and in bc here it saves you 10 on insurance you do get a three-year childhood connected services sos roadside you’ll also be able to remote start your car from your phone tablet desktop laptop through the my subaru app which is

Really easy to set up once you register the vehicle you get an email and it kind of walks you through all the steps so that’s a brief overview of the 2022 subaru impreza hatchback touring i’m tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george talk to you guys soon

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2022 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Touring 22IH7556 By Tyson Remmelg