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2022 Subaru Impreza Orientation

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2022 Subaru Impreza Orientation or how to use all of the controls on your Subaru Impreza

All right so sure how do you do that again okay so the car’s locked right now so to unlock it you’ll just i’m sorry it’s unlocked to lock it you go like this it’s locked that’s it and then unlock it you just put your hand in unlocks it does it that’s it that’s the um all right we got to put that in the in the glove compartment get my pad out put that in the

Glove compartment is it not open yet unlock it oh unlocking the top right okay so i’m going to film it so we can remember how to do it oh my gosh so put that in the yeah put that over there you can take that thing off there honey you don’t need that oh look at you okay what’s next oh we gotta pull that off too look at all that stuff on there okay and just to

Start we’ll start the car first so you just put your foot on the brake and press them and you get a little button you press right yes bam it started don’t film me okay start it that way all right so i know he said you guys can have the uh all of the safety features prior so yeah so right up here you have these two safety features this is your lane sway and

Lane prevention okay okay so what that does is if you’re driving and you start going out of your lane it’s going to hold you back into this okay if you ever wanted to turn it off i’ll turn it back on but you just press and hold and you see right up on your center display where it’s on orange anything that shows up in orange that’s how you know it’s off okay so i’m

Going to turn it back on okay okay right here that’s your pre-collision breaking so if someone stops in front of you and you don’t hit the brake quick enough that’s right it’s going to break for you so this is still showing uh yellow or orange well right now is that that red is just for doors okay but what about that thing so i already said that so if i turn off

Your pre-collision breaking for instance you see right there in orange okay that means it’s off okay so then when i turn it back on that orange is going to disappear okay okay can it disappear yep it’s not there anymore oh it’s down here yes oh my god okay all right what else uh right here you have your sos and your i button your sos will be for emergencies only

If you get in a car accident you can hit this button someone will come on the speaker and they will send you ambulance cops anything like that the i button is your concierge so if you get a flat tire if you run out of gas if something happens with the engine you can hit that button they’ll send out a tow truck or whatever okay excellent okay uh this is going to be

Your sunroof you have two options to slide it all the way back okay pull it forward this won’t come forward with it you’ll just have to do that you also have the option to tilt your sunroof so it’ll just tilt up not fully open okay so how do you do that right here it says tilt to tilt it up you just press this and it tilts it up and then to close it tilt it back

Down and then we have to pull the um pull mask to close yeah it’ll go back with it but it doesn’t it doesn’t come forward so to open it without it i have to do it to get it open firstly if i could do it manually okay of course okay that’s what i wasn’t saying yeah that’s it okay it just comes back with it okay yeah if you wanted to just fold that okay cool okay

You do have an auto dimming mirror so this green light as long as that’s on if someone’s behind you and their brakes are on your mirror automatically oh that’s cool um if you do have a garage and you don’t want to use the garage door opener this is your home link and you can pair your garage you just have to go in front of it and hit them at the same time okay okay

You have to do that do you want your door light on like when you open the door all your lights come on i’d like to leave the light on i’ve never had door lights i guess well no no so like when you open like right now if i open the door these don’t come on but if i open the door if you want to go on okay so because your door’s open okay with the car yes um moving

On to your steering wheel you do have adaptive cruise control now in order to turn that on and you press that button you see how a little cart showed up with a line so that’s these two buttons control those lines and what those lines do because it’s how far you want to be behind the car oh wow okay and then if the car in front of you starts slowing down your car

Will start to slow down to maintain that okay okay and you have to do that it will you have to do that every time yeah how far you want because just depending on um but this is only increased control sure um and then to set your speed you get to your certain speed and just press down on that so set down there and then what this does is it’s your lane centering

Button right so it’s just what this does but when you go into cruise control for some reason it turns off so if you want that feature you just hit that and it’ll show right there that that’s on so that means you’re that’ll keep you in your lane but if i want to go in my lane i mean if i want to switch lane as long as you put your blinker on it won’t say it won’t turn

It won’t do it yeah if your blinker’s not on and you’re going into another lane it’s going to assume that you’re not meaning to go into that oh so you’ve got to use the blinker yeah i mean it’s not going to prevent you from going you’re just going to get beep saying that you’re moving the plane so i’m going to turn that off and you see how okay that all disappears

So this is going back again um for this and this um so this is that’s how far you want to be behind the card exactly yes you can be able to touch more cartilage so right here is your s and your i button your car will automatically default to i which is intelligent mode that’s just normal everyday driving s is sport mode so if you want quicker acceleration you

Know just to be in sport mode that’s what that would be different so it’s automatically in the air yes automatically these right here are paddle shifters so you can you have the option of driving the car in manual so if you wanted to go first year second gear third gear that’s how you would do it if you wanted to does anybody do this yeah some people say they

Do i mean i i don’t know moving on to this side so these right here are going to control your radio presets so once you’ve you’ve got you can set your radio up to 18 different presets okay so once you’ve got it if once you do that this is how you’ll uh and then it also if you uh are on bluetooth and you listen to music on your phone you can change your songs

Via this one okay this is your volume for the car up and down okay your source is what’s gonna change between you can always adjust your volume this way okay cool uh your source button is going to go between your fm your am your xm your cd player your bluetooth everything like that your input button is going to change what you see up here so if you go ahead

And press the info button go ahead again it’s going to just different things are going to pop up so if you keep hitting it it’s just whatever you’d like to see well yeah okay so it shows the gallons it shows the time okay cool yeah so it’s just a preference on what you’d like to see right here is how you’re going to answer your phone and hang up okay and then

You also have voice recognition so this that little speaking person yeah if you hit that you know it’ll beep and you can say call so-and-so and uh it’ll instead of having to like go through very cool um to preset any of your radios you can go between fmam and xm it doesn’t have to be any sort behind you just press and hold and that’s it that’s how you would reset

Your radio you do have xm for three months okay cool and then if you want to add to it um for your windshield wiper if you do want to use your back windshield wiper you just pull down on that and then sprite and then the front windshield wiper is all here you know push down um for your lights if you want to put them on auto you just uh keep it on and then if you

Push it forward that’s down here you do have heated seats for both the driver and the passenger i know everyone’s like what do we need those for okay um your ac that’s all the same yeah um you do have i don’t know if you’ve heard of your travel link app i do like to show this this is going to show you all your gas stations that are nearby it’ll pop up the prices

How far they are um if you want to check weather in different areas you can go ahead and that’s how you would do that and then if you follow sports or stocks you can follow that i know there’s a lot um i know howard said you’ve had subaru’s before so do you have the my subaru and super starling gaps did you lease this car did you buy this car we released it okay

So if you download the my subaru app onto your phone you’re gonna get an email that’s gonna prompt you to set it up and what that does is you can start your car from your house adjust your temperature and stuff like that so if you wanted to do that and then you do have android auto and apple carplay you just have to make sure you plug it into your usbs which are

Right here and you have one here as well inside you have the cigarette lighter one the yeah and then you have two down here as well very good all right um your media again right here that’s going to be um do you want me to set your phone up for you sure i’ll pick you up on it yeah all right so i’ll just go into okay so now your phone is all set up um it takes

A few minutes to load but eventually your phone book will pop up your favorites everything like that would you like to add your phone as well um no no if you do want to add a phone at any point you can just go to settings and then phone and then you can add devices okay um there are some buttons over there i’m going to get out of there you’re an expert on supers

Okay so right here this is going to be your uh the brightness of the car so like inside so if you’re driving at night it’s too bright or anything like that that’s so you can adjust that that’s your traction control that’s what’s keeping your tires on the road so you don’t ever really have to turn that off right and then this is your blind spot detection and rear

Crash cross traffic alert so these little black squares on your mirror on the inside yeah that’s your blind spot detection so if anyone’s in your blind spot these are going to light up orange and then the rear cross traffic alert that’s if you’re going to back out and let’s say i was walking and you didn’t see me it’s going to notify you that i’m behind you if

You ever wanted to turn that off you just hit the button and again it’ll light up um this is how you’re gonna adjust your mirrors lock unlock your windows and then that’s your child lock right there okay this is off now it’s off right yeah okay okay we’re good i mean i think it covered pretty much all excited let me go through how to do the oil change what i

Was like what i do have something for you though so i do have a gas card for you yay a gas card 25 bucks it’s better than nothing right oh that’s awesome thank you and then i’ll just need you to sign that i gave you your gas card that i went ahead and should we give you like a yep huh you can keep those gas cards and make this they know every gas card i give out

Oh they do yeah i’ll just need you to sign where it says

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2022 Subaru Impreza Orientation By Tom Leeman