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2022 Tacoma Double Cab vs Access Cab – I Compare So You Can Pick

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Full comparison of Toyota Tacoma Access Cab vs Double Cab – bed lengths, leg room, head room, price, interior, much more! What’s your choice?

Hey everyone i’m jeff teague in raleigh north carolina today we’re going to compare toyota tacoma access cab versus double cab we all know truck manufacturers love assigning different terms or buzzwords or just names to the back seat or to the bed we’ve got the king cab the crew cab the giant xxl cab or we’ve got an access cab this access cab is 20 22 tacoma

Celestial silver and then we’ve got this double cab here in this extremely tough toyota tacoma sr5 super white 4×2 by the way that one there is also a 4×2 exterior length that could mean something to you right is it going to fit in your garage well with an access cab you’re always going to get what toyota calls a 6 foot bed this is 73.7 inches i can barely reach but

73.7 inches the whole length of this truck is 212 inches 0.3 212.3 now a double cab that’s a double-headed monster here because it can have a 5-foot bed 60.5 or it can have a six-foot bed like you see in the access cab it would make it longer so this truck right here is 212.3 inches long same as that bad boy right there whoo but you can also get that longer bed

And then it becomes 225 inches 0.5 shall we get down get down tonight another consideration is going to be like in this access cab what does it look like inside well from this vantage point it looks exactly like the double cab does 8 inch screen android auto apple carplay amazon alexa the sr5 it has a key it does not have the smart key and then it’s got nice

Fabric seats durable they last a long time but what about the door where’s the handle well on an access cab i know some of you may know this already but we’re going to go through it oh it’s right here holla so we’ve got the cab and a half now so what do we have we’ve got utility some people put in a utility package here and you can use it for work some people use

It for storing things some people use it for people and if you can notice here well of course you can notice if you would notice here we just have jump seats with storage for whatever you want there nice big dump in though that’s cool cupholders nice beautiful landscape view i like that so now what can we do here it looks like one of those star wars droids in

Attack of the clones right must kill the rebels let’s lift it up you lift me up and then what can we do here well we can also take this and put that up as well so now that’s up and then we’ve got storage well not really storage but we’ve got our spare tire equipment let’s go to the other side this side has storage more than the last side okay all right put

Some bottles in there some rope maybe but look this goes up it stays in place just like the other one did i just didn’t do it right so we’ve got room that we can stack we can store we can put people so now let’s compare that to the double cab interior and it’s going to seem very business-like in the front sort of like a mullet but it’s going to surprise you in

The back also like a mullet still has the 8-inch screen the android auto apple carplay amazon alexa even the front seats seem the same so what’s different yes i know you know the difference it’s the back seat i’m setting the mood i’m building the story so we’ve got that which looks very more we’ll call it traditional like because the access cab certainly

Doesn’t look traditional in terms of a full back seat but it serves a purpose so this is the double cab here and i’ve got seats positioned in different ways so you can see leg room possibilities and potential we’re going to talk about the differences next in head room and leg room between the two options wonder if it’s the same or different what do you guys

Think so what could we do in the back seats of a double cab well we can tip them forward it’s like cow tipping i mean two cows wanted to go for entertainment on a friday night they’re like what do you want to do i’m like what do you want to do go to the movies so you can also do under bed storage under bed and then we can fold them down then we got the seats

Back but we also have straps oh now look at that a different way to configure the seats we only put one side down for now because i want to show you how to do it this is how we do it all hands are in the air and waving from here to there if you see where i cut that clip i just learned you have to take off not only the two headrests on the side but on the center

As well so that’s why i cut that clip to show you that i had to learn on the fly but it’s easy once you figure it out man the possibilities the versatility here what so what we can do here we can have the seat all the way back and i wanted to show that because it’s a tight fit back here right it’s kind of tight but then somebody could be kind to you and move

The seat forward a little bit like this that’s a little better and then this is with the seat already in that position so again it’s kind of tight this isn’t something you’d want to take somebody cross country i don’t think or across state lines unless it was like the four corners out in the west then you could just jump across from state get it yeah that’s

The solution go to four corners it’s easy but anyway this is the space that you get headroom’s real good we’re gonna pop up into this double cab now this one has more legroom in the back seat than the access cab access cab posted by toyota 24.6 inches this one has posted by toyota 32.6 inches so eight more available inches of rear seat legroom this one set for me

About five eight right in that range there in the front so plenty of room now this one’s more back but even back you can see that there’s a little bit more clearance on the access cab i was kind of hugging it like this what about headroom this one has more headroom in it the double cab than the access cab this one has 38.3 inches of rear seat headroom the access

Cab has 34.9 so a little bit less it just depends on if you need that headroom or not access cab serves a purpose for sure maybe not the same purpose as a double cab what’s going through your mind right now this next portion is going to be dedicated to the window stickers they’re not apples to apples the access cab that’s a four-cylinder two-wheel drive this one

Here the double cab it’s a v6 two-wheel drive but we will do apples to apples because if you get the v6 access cab 4×2 that’s going to be about 31.6 in double cab format v6 two-wheel drive double cab 32.7 so it’s about eleven hundred dollars more for the double cab than the access cap does that influence your decision one way or the other so here we go this is

The 4×2 access cab it’s the four-cylinder engine so you can see a little bit of price adjustments when you go four-cylinder six-cylinder all that jazz you can see the fuel mileage changes toyota safety sense this has the 16 inch styled steel wheels so this one starts at 28 490. doesn’t have any factory options on this specific one that’s shipping and handling

To get it to the dealers this one has some mats on it and then that’ll put it just over thirty thousand on this one thirty thousand oh thirty four let’s look at this double cab here super white two-wheel drive here’s the fuel mileage it’s a little bit different than the access cab here we go just take a look at these see this one comes standard instead of styled

Steel wheels with 16-inch alloy wheels and then you can upgrade to 16-inch black alloy wheels if you want to so this is 32-780 like i said this one has a couple upgrades on it it’s got the blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert that’ll influence the final price here’s the delivery and the other option is the all weather floor mats that puts this one down

To or up to we’ll call it 34 894. and we’ll call this next section why buy a toyota tacoma well it’s the best selling midsize truck in america and it has been for gosh i think a decade and a half there are a lot of choices out there it’s a competitive field but people choose this one because it’s rock solid tough it’s badass to the core it’s durable dependable

Reliable you can drive it for hundreds of thousands of miles and boy oh boy can you take it places you can get something like trd off-road you can get trd pro you could take it on the toughest trails at the ridiculous angles that maybe other trucks can’t get to and then you’ve got on-road ones sr5 limited trd sport so many different choices out there for tacoma

Lovers so which one’s best for you thanks for watching everybody whoo we did it together which one do you like do you like access do you like double cab versus cab who wins this battle it’s an individual choice my friends so what do you think of tacoma what’s your favorite trim level two wheel drive four-wheel drive four-cylinder v6 so many different factors so

Many different trim levels that’s what’s one of the appealing things about tacoma right you can pick whichever one you want build it how you want it to please follow me here by hitting subscribe and joining my toyota community and then i’m on instagram and tick tock at toyota jeff reviews and my second channel if you’d be so kind as to subscribe there auto jeff

Reviews looks at toyotas and all brands thanks everybody see you next time

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