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2022 Tesla Model S Test Drive & Review

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Quick straight forward review of the 2022 Tesla model S Sport

This man funny as bro see our review of the um model s sport experience i ain’t gonna lie just rolling for real for real this the view from the back man you can watch netflix youtube oh man you can do a lot of back here play music patrol the l just the heating and awesome man this crazy it’s playing it’s super plain to me to me y’all should have

Seen how many times i tried to grab the um the gear switch but that don’t have that i’m i’m gonna get out there soon there’s plenty of y’all about that but a pill tennant i don’t know y’all can see a my uphill tenant though so no sun coming up here at all guys especially if you got kids but yeah man you can better watch netflix back up and while you driving

You can’t just you can’t display netflix while you’re driving but back here but back here you can watch netflix while you drive i’m assuming i guess they don’t want you watching netflix while you’re driving but i can’t you know with the kids i take a road trip we good the kid’s gonna be straight all right now i’m at a charging this actually right now driver’s

Seat no i’m driving i told you i’m charging it so let me turn it ac up it’ll be hot as man controls want to lock the windows for the kids you want to put the kid lock on papers stern in just a minute but i ain’t no phone because that shit’s already good and actually like all right instead of you hitting you know up and down which way you want to turn you

Can actually hit this look you can hit this bit when you hit this that’s the signal in it and it’ll show you what’s gonna be on your on your right side and you know you want to do the left side say what’s on your left side this right here this a charger shout out to my god baby but yeah this is charger right here man control the speeds and everything on here

Suspension you know it’s going to show that i’m charging a bit right now but yeah good as as on that man price is good the first one i just did when i came earlier today actually only took ten dollars and i was on ten dollars i’m i’m assuming this this one that i rented through toro um have autopilot but i’ll never make no car driving around the lights for all

Lights et cetera et cetera display you know you can change the color and but um man same way i remember i was telling y’all backed up all right you can watch netflix and everything and you go to shout out my youtube shout out my youtube man y’all people man y’all know man y’all ain’t know how to describe in this phone i’m so man oh without my weirdo

But um when i’m done charging it i’m gonna show y’all how to actually drive off and everything and see you got to press that apart that out i want to call the trunk this ain’t a lot of got to be as no cow i’m gonna get out soon to close everything but on our own when i started driving i’m gonna start recording again so i can so i can show y’all how to um

How this actually take off fast as like these seats nicest comfortable as lights right and i don’t know why remind me of some old person phone case like how that music pop up whatever this need s clothes right now another light there’s some nice ass suits man i don’t think i like how the windows go down see on the side coming out like that ugly yeah i

Closed the trunk without showing us let me pop that again so i can say y’all it’s a button that you press to close that who i even get to um showing how this big drive i ain’t gonna show y’all this got a nice decent um a nice deep nice decent um trump nice trunk man that right now a bit automatic clothes and i’ll let me let me lock this bit so i can show

Y’all how this bit actually pop out i’m fixing to lock the car right now you lock it up it fold in and when you unlock it let’s pop out yeah this hit man i’m trying to tell y’all bro it’s got to be as and i hate the steering wheel i absolutely hate it it’s the horn you know you want to do the wipers right here you want to talk to you know try to call it dude

You know you’re gonna get lights on here dark outside it’s how you turn that up on this i ain’t gonna lie just waiting somebody hit that rule y’all like this is rolling like this is rolling i ain’t gonna lie what kind of rims they got on here and they take 295 30. 295 30 21 so 21 inch rims man tesla wasn’t playing but i wish i would have had applied but

This hill fast as i’ll be low-key scared to draw the ply no no captain mind hey no top of my route and if you know me you know what’s in my cup bet roscato show y’all trunk i mean the hood i guess this person got in here let’s not touch that but yeah the front i don’t know why i thought it was gonna be big up here but i guess not what i hate about this car

Ain’t a lot another thing i hate about this gun and you touch this that’s where your fingerprints gonna be all on this all along this too long that clothes automatic too i don’t know why i press it but let me get to showing y’all how to how these actually drive man like it’s the driver so y’all saying choose direction on touch screen you actually do that

What you want to go up let’s go if you want to back up put the literally press it down when i told y’all with the directions but y’all know i need in my sport but i’m gonna do that regular let me tell you how they been rolling right even though you’re going this fast i swear to god oh no i’m going up 100. other thing i i hate that it’s like damn it’s no

Motor but this here is rolling man rolling one more thing open up the door caught that bit right open this car tell you when the light green right after you get your hands up okay but the one thing i like i like really much about this car i know i said i was long enough though but yo this is taking cars on the road and everything that news i was driving

On on the highway and that was showing me cones like i’ve been to literally showing the phones man i’m like damn this on so yeah noah no cap but yeah i mean it’s it’s a final time i’m gonna let y’all go since y’all you know y’all still y’all stayed along with me gemini showing a little accessible and but i appreciate y’all 15 years sorry my steel shakers man

Funny as bro i told this man it’s a runner i told him and i just told this man he at first of all this man said he put me overcome my chance man you cannot believe me for my attention i let her be knowing this around again pulled me over because i’m a black in texas and i’m rolling in this room i’m examining what’s going on they ain’t worried about this bottle

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2022 Tesla Model S Test Drive & Review By StackItUpFirst