2022 Tesla Model Y TOP Accessories and Mods by Hansshow

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And not only it looks amazing but helps you open up the door with ease just like the model s so it gives you that luxury filling that you wouldn’t have with the tesla model 3 or why first class you probably also notice this door sill has been rough up it’s almost a year actually but it protects the paint but it also lights up so when you open the door just like

The oem door seal it lights up the oem door sill that you can purchase from tesla only covers the front the rear doesn’t come with the oem aftermarket accessories so that only comes with hand show another reason why we went with hand show door seal that lights up looks very nice at night even with light you will be able to see it and as you can tell we also

Have soft closing doors so that door closed all the way but when you have all the doors closed you usually have to slam the last door or it doesn’t close did you notice that that was soft closing door it’s very quiet as well the motor goes on for about a second or two and you can hear that from the outside but hardly noticeable from the inside so let’s do that

From the inside okay that’s the latest version so definitely a lot quieter than previous version and as we go inside the interior you will notice this beefy steering wheel this is also straight from hand shell so potential cells not only a full steering wheel they also sell the yolk steering wheel depending on your taste you can customize the color we went with

The napa white and the 3d texture carbon fiber piece here and gloss finish carbon fiber for the wheel itself the scroll wheels works the same they also are aluminum and best part about hand show steering wheel you know you’re getting the oem core so this whole piece inside here behind the airbag the airbag’s your original airbag the steering wheel actually is an

Original tesla steering wheel they just bought it and redid the wheel so if you purchase the yoke you will just see this part possibly cut off but it’s essentially a yoke where a lot of people do like that that look as well as the full steering wheel and then ask for the display let me get some light on the display here this display is actually a android auto

Or apple carplay it also acts as a hit up display well not really a head-up display it’s a front display behind your steering wheel like your typical eye spherical and then the model s and x so this gives you that visibility of what gear you’re in so the temperature outside your range odometer how much range you have in your battery your percentage your light

Control seat belt you can change that to kilometers to miles per hour you can see your tire pressure as well i think you have to be in drive to see that once it’s active right now is you have to drive it a little bit before you can actually see that you’re driving distance for your autopilot full size driving has a signal home mode and best part is you see how

Aggressive or non-aggressive you drive with charge to power and then in here we also have the swivel mount clean swivel mount with a full cover that matches your dash again this pivot 30 degrees or so and then it tilts up and down about 15 degrees so that’s also from hand show and another thing we install was the auto front so with the front on any tesla vehicle

You have to manually close it and open it which is a hassle so i hardly use the front control i actually got the auto front and that allows me to be able to quickly open the frog with an ease of an app and then to close it before i close it just want to show you the hand show front light and this is really a plug and play anyone can install this okay it just tucks

Underneath the front here it’s a clean look you can’t even tell that it’s there it comes in the white it comes in pink and it also comes in blue i believe yeah they also sell the rbg light where you can control the different coloring based on on what your liking is using an app and to close this auto front you just press on this emergency latch or use your app or

Use your display and it will close soft close that is you probably see some carbon fiber accent they also sell real carbon fiber for example this door handle is actually black finish so blackout also has a carbon fiber real carbon fiber cap on it can’t really tell from afar but once you drive it out and people actually know this or you park next to another tesla

It does stand out quite a bit as for other items inside the vehicle that are hand show we talk about the display we talk about the swivel mount and we talk about the carbon fiber accent they also sell dash and carbon fiber piece as well either a full replacement or a cap highly recommend the full replacement and for the new three you have that wood trim on the

Right there they also sell a carbon fiber piece there to make it more uniform in addition we will be replacing the center console there with their real carbon fiber cap soon so that is all for the hand show product on this model y so if you’re interested in getting any of this product um you can install most of them yourself the the door handle is a little bit more

Challenging but if you watch our videos you can definitely do that yourself including the soft door close so make sure you use that code megawatts for huge saving okay so make sure you use that at checkout is usually a drop down that you have to do after you are in checkout thanks for watching catch you all next time remember to subscribe again all the products

Are from hand show including carbon fiber accent all of the presenting door handles so when you walk up to these it automatically open i just happen to be in the garage now but all the door handles will automatically present itself you can control that by the display whether you want it to auto present or not all doors or just the driver’s door and again swivel

Mount this one is super easy to install clean look steering wheel is also easy to install and we have all those video door seal is probably the the least intensive you just place on adhesive and it will go on smoothly the frog or the frappe again anyone can really do this you just need a little tools and watch a few videos from our channel and you’ll be able to

Do it yourself again remember to subscribe catch you on next time

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2022 Tesla Model Y TOP Accessories and Mods by Hansshow! By The Megawatts