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2022 Toyota Camry TRD Review: See What Makes It So Cool

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Take a tour of 2022 Camry TRD. Exterior and interior features and highlights.

Everyone i’m jeff teig i’m with fred anderson toyota in raleigh north carolina we’re here to make car buying nice and easy for you this is a piece of inventory that i really want to show off you might be interested in and i’ll tell you what’s new for the 2022 toyota camry trd first of all let me tell you what colors trd is available and you can get it in midnight

Black metallic and it’s a solid one color one tone we’re gonna see a two tone roof on the windchill pearl and the all new cavalry blue which is a trd pro exclusive color from years past i’m going to walk around the car sort of like you’re at an auto show we’ll put this on the rotation but notice right here this has got to be the first impression you see if you’re

Looking from the back end that pedestal spoiler makes you feel like you’re in the bat cave right you’ve got this trd tuned exhaust it has that throaty muscular sound so you you hear the growl of that v6 engine right and then of course it’s got the red trd logo black camry black symbol that is just beautiful now let’s walk around the car a little bit more you’ll

See that it has side arrow kit it’s for aerodynamics but also for looks and it’ll have the red striping along and then we’ll see these matte black alloys here trd 19 inch wheels that is one tough looking wheel so now we’ll walk along the side here it’s got push button start along with auto unlock and lock on the front two doors you’ll see blind spot monitor it’ll

Have rear cross traffic alert in the back along with turn signal indicators and then let’s go out here so we can see the whole profile of the car it is so tough looking you almost wonder is that a camry that’s a camry so let’s come around to the front here and if i’m looking here i love the gloss black honeycomb style grille upper and lower but i also like this

Front splitter it’s for aerodynamics and of course for looks it’s just so unique and then we have led headlights as well along with led daytime running lights it’ll have toyota safety sense 2.5 plus on it now so it comes with intersection support that means if you’re at an intersection it will alert you if you’re turning left if there’s a car in the way or a

Person crossing in the crosswalk so that’s a really good safety feature there and also evasive steering assist so if you’re in a lane and you see a bicyclist or a runner that’s in your lane it will try to stabilize that evasive steering keeping you in your lane hopefully missing whatever’s in your way but keeping you safely in your lane if it can do it so let’s

Walk around a little bit more we’ve got these red brake calipers here also the front brakes 12.9 inches with dual piston calipers on a regular camry they’re 12 inches and single piston and then just take a look here at our friend camry trd now you may ask yourself what about engine performance how fast is this baby right here well it can get 0 to 60 in under 6

Seconds and it does that with this 3.5 liter v6 engine gives you 301 horsepower 267 pound feet of torque it’s matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission yes automatic transmission but it does have paddle shifters so that you can simulate driving more of an straight drive now it also has thick underbody bracing which helps with control and it’s lowered the trd

Tuned suspension is lowered 0.6 inches to lower that center of gravity it’s tracked okay just come up here okay it’s track tuned that means it’s ready for the road it’s also ready for the track so let’s get a look at the interior cabin we got to see what the styling is like in here so come on in i’ll invite you for an exclusive tour here what we have is black

Seating and it’s broken up because it’s not just all black seating we’ve got these horizontal accents in a little bit of a lighter gray but we’ve got red accent stitching and yes red seat belts along with the red trd stitched into the headrest this thing looks hot now are the seats comfortable they actually are it’s got a fabric insert soft text sides yeah

It’s very comfortable and then in the back seat there’s plenty of room right here i’ve got this seat a little bit more back this seat a little bit more forward plenty of headroom i think the seats are reclined just a little bit to give you that comfortable cozy feel so let’s look over here at the interior it has the red stitching of course soft materials which is

More upscale then we’ve got gloss black accents along with this metallic it’s almost like a faux carbon fiber now the raised screen here that’s new for 2021 and it could either be a seven inch screen or a nine inch screen that depends on which one you get you could upgrade this one to the jbl speaker system this has the stock system but it has siriusxm android

Auto amazon alexa apple carplay we have digital temperature controls and then in here we’ve got a 12 volt circular port along with usb port does not have the wireless charging on this particular one it does have a nice big storage bin some other things you might want to know it’s got electronic parking brake also break hold and trd right here and then let’s look

On in here if we can we have usb ports different types of connectivity and a nice big storage area we’ve got digital miles per hour tire pressure you can do see how you do on trips lane departure alert radar cruise control and then we can change our road sign assist we’ve got rear cross traffic alert blind spot monitor radar cruise control please pre-collision

System lane tracing assist and then back again now here we do not have an auto dimming rear view mirror it’s a standard rear view mirror this one has the led light upgrade this particular one does it’s got safety connect right here and then a nice big sunglass holder and we’ve got mirrors with sliders so we can block out the sun when we need to and just in case

You forget that you’re driving a camry trd we’ve got these custom trd floor mats and we’ve got this gigantic cargo space in the trunk with specific camry trd trunk mat how about that so now let’s start this up so you can hear that trd tune exhaust here with the cat-back exhaust whoa mama let’s start her up can you rub it a little bit that’s awesome let’s look

At some specs here on the window sticker trd v6 made in georgetown kentucky look at the safety ratings here perfect score five out of five the fuel mileage combines for 25 up to 31 on the highway we’re gonna look at standard features and i encourage you to stop the video if you want to look at these individually and research it’s the exterior and then interior

From the factory in georgetown it’s 32 3 we’re going to get it delivered to the dealerships for just under a thousand dollars and then each car from that point at the regional assembly point will have no options added some options or a lot of options this one has some it’s got toyo guard platinum paint protection on the hood paint protection on the door and then

This one will be at fred anderson toyota 34 657. thank you everyone so much for watching if you’re interested in camry trd maybe another camry or any of our other popular toyota cars trucks and suvs and we’ve got other brands yes in our pre-owned department pre-owned certified pre-owned we’ve got probably what you’re looking for our job is to make it nice and

Easy probably a great place to start is at fred anderson our website should show you most of what you’re looking for you can also contact us by email at contact fred anderson we’re on facebook at fred anderson toyota instagram at fred anderson toyota and of course please subscribe to our youtube channel we would love to work with you so we

Hope we can make your dreams come true and help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family thanks again so much and we’ll see you next time

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2022 Toyota Camry TRD Review: See What Makes It So Cool! By Fred Anderson Toyota