2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior walkthrough

In this interior walkthrough, we’re looking at the 2022 Corolla Cross in its XLE package with AWD. The Corolla Cross is new from Toyota, using some of the design and powertrain elements of the Corolla, but in a wagon-style crossover platform for a higher stance and more interior room.

Hey it’s aaron and today we’re going to do our interior walkthrough in the 2022 toyota corolla cross so this is the uh crossover version of the corolla um it’s as far as i know not really mechanically uh related i think there are two different platforms i don’t remember for sure but this is a for comparables this is about the size and shape i’ll show you photos

Of course but this is the size and shape of the uh like subaru crosstrek so you’re looking at a vehicle that sits a little higher it’s a wagon style so it’s a little bigger um it is a surprisingly decent car i kind of expected it to just be you know um a kind of a well i mean when i first saw it i thought oh great they’re just gonna they’re gonna try to target

Subaru but they’re gonna do a terrible job of it and honestly i don’t think this is comparable to the subaru because i think they are two different buyers i don’t think the buyer of that crosstrek is going to be looking at this and i don’t think people looking at this are really going to be looking at that subaru either and the reason i say that is because this

Is not a activity off-road focused vehicle uh like subaru tends to be it’s more of a i need more space vehicle but i don’t want to go all the way to a rav4 for it so this is kind of fitting that median right there and it does a pretty good job of it it’s got a decent price point it’s uh it’s good in the places it needs to be good um if it’s i’m not going to say

Fail but it it does fall short on some other spots that i’ll and i’ll point out a few of those here and more of them in my walk around review of this car so let’s do our walk through like we normally do i’ll show you the gauges buttons etc and talk about what everything is for and what it does okay over here on over here on the left you can see we got the door

Handle and so on down here windows none of these are automatics except this one but they do automatically go down they just don’t come back up with just you know one touch over here is your window lock here’s your door locks and here’s for adjusting the side mirrors over hidden under here you can see you got your dimmer switch right there and you got your uh high

Beam automatic high beam button right there this is the one that you missed the most so just remember it’s down there then go into the steering wheel over here on the left this is mostly driver information controls you got some telematics for your telephone this is a back button this goes around the menu and this is okay down here is volume control and your voice

Activation voice activation is the clunky old uh menu prompt menu prompt menu prompt i didn’t understand you oops start over that kind of thing um you still see that in some vehicles but companies are starting to figure that out eventually you know it’s gonna it’s getting there over here is the uh cruise control mostly so you have your distance right here lane

Keeping right here set and reset here uh cancel is in the middle this turns it on right here and then down here you have your input mode for the stereo and you have your uh track or um station back and forth here now you can set these to either go one at a time through stations like for sirius xm or whatever or you can have it go through your presets you set

All of that up there default i believe is to go through presets so looking up here first of the dongles this is lighting so you can see it is on that’s daytime runners that’s marker lights that’s regular headlights and that’s all the way off and then back and forth for your brights right and up and down for those signal turns that you should be using in that order

Over here is your washer wipers this is the rear wiper so you just flip it like that this uh is your aggressiveness right there and then up and down you can see the modes it goes through for that um pretty simple actually i like these uh they’re easy to grab too like i can run these while still holding the steering wheel which is great over here is your uh gauge

Cluster so this is all virtual which means it is constantly visible so you can see with even a little bit of glare happening over here it’s not interfering with vision at all so over here is a tachometer don’t know why you’d need it this is a cvt but whatever tachometer over here is a uh fuel gauge and engine heat combo gauge so engine heat down there fuel gauge

Up there this is exceedingly fuel efficient i’ll just point that out right away over here this here is a uh here’s a digital speedometer and then your driver information screen you can see the kind of mpgs i’ve been getting with almost all around town driving since i reset that trip that is all just driving around town yeah it’s amazing um and then you can see

A couple other things there’s the outside temp there’s the odometer over there and the distance to empty now to change some of that stuff if i go through these menus can flip it up um and i can go back and forth right here is a lot of settings for uh like your driver nannies and you know so your safety stuff and uh whatnots blind spot management and so forth here’s

The tire pressures here’s what’s going on in the audio here’s what’s turned on and what’s turned off and so forth some of these have sub menus you go up and down um like this right so this is equipped with all-wheel drive and this screen right here will tell you where the torque is going so yeah just a few things like that um pretty neat and mostly useful so uh

Not complicated there is no there are no complicated things on this screen on these menus so there you go that’s what that is now going to the left hi other camera going to the left down here is your push button start or onto the right going to the right whatever um here is your infotainment screen so it is a toyota infotainment screen not the best screen on the

Planet but not the worst and i will give them lots of kudos for leaving all kinds of hard buttons to make things faster and easier this is a home button puts you about put you on the screen we’re at right now this is menu which is weird because it’s basically just an apps menu right more or less but you can see that and then you can go into the sub menu of apps i

Don’t have anything installed because i don’t actually have my phone connected right now at least i don’t think i do and uh i definitely don’t have it plugged in and then this is the map here’s your volume control and then you can push it to mute over here is your tracks and seek right phone right there apps that screen i was just on right there and then this is

The tuner so nicely done i am very glad that they kept the hard buttons that’s a big deal and i’m i don’t like it when when companies delete them and make it all virtual because you you end up looking at the screen way too much instead of looking at the road so a couple events here duke’s lights right there and then here’s your climate control so this just push

It and you’re on auto you can set the uh the temperature this has dual in this particular one so you can sync it and set that temperature on the right and then down here are hard buttons most of them are pretty self-explanatory here’s your defrost buttons so front and rear the rear also does the side mirrors in this model and then there you go down below that on

This one is a bun warmers right here a one usb port a spot for your phone that is also a wireless charger because of the model that we’re in here’s your shifter pull the trigger up front move it through the gears down there down here is your park brake pull it set push to release it auto releases when you shift into gear fyi over here is your launch control see hill

Hold but i like using launch control and uh this is your drink holders so pretty cool those are a good placement and good size fyi and then over here is a little cubby it’s pretty deep a little cubby with a 12 volt in it and that’s about it but it’s a good size for the size of the vehicle we’re in now looking at the dash they did do some things they put the trim

In the multi-level they they did some stuff to really kind of upscale this car even though it is this is soft this is hard so there’s a lot of hard plastic in here um they did have to think you know budget when they’re making this car because people that buy this are on a budget uh but this is um nicely done with the tiers i kind of like that it’s a good look uh

Here’s your down under here is your uh glove box and then just pretty basic on the rest of it this is basic fake leather uh with you know some vinyl vinyl vinylish leather um neatly uh cushioned though these are nice they feel good these are actually really comfortable seats and then back there you have pretty good seating in the back and you have a lot of cargo

Space i’ll show you some photos of that stuff uh the piano black is okay i’m not a big fan of that um but you know there there’s a couple of options for this car so um decent enough whoops there’s my you know just put my fingers in front of the camera like a pro anyway decent enough i like the interior um actually more than i thought i would i was i was a little

Worried about this interior i thought maybe you know it was going to be i thought for sure it was going to be like super cheap um but it’s not bad at all uh it’s it’s actually pretty good so um a couple of complaints with this car uh engine very anemic the cvt even more so so they’re a good match in that regard which is not a great thing you will probably not

Get up to freeway speed on your on your on-ramp to merge in this car no matter how hard you try to romp that pedal um it only pushes down so far and there’s only so much you can get out of that little tiny engine up there but uh fuel economy very good and the overall feel of this car it’s a decent daily driver um it’s not a sports car it’s not fun but it’s not

Terrible like it’s not uncomfortable it’s not terrible so it’s for the market they’re aiming for i think this is a very good match if you’re looking for something sporty you’re probably not buying a toyota to start with so yeah there’s this is a nice feeling car and a really good size i’m surprised at how much stuff and people you can get in here three across if

They’re kids i have a 11 12 and 13 year old and they fit three across just fine i try not to put my 13 year old in the center even though he’s the skinniest because his giant afro i can’t see through the rear but uh yeah the three across in the back if they’re kids is fine two uh the adult seating for adults sitting at the outboards in the back pretty comfortable

It’s nice uh the the rear uh the storage area cargo area really good um i’ll show you if you look click down below in the in the description it’ll be a link to the walk around review and you’ll see me demonstrate those things really nicely done on the interior of this car for the price point that this is and i keep saying price point and i don’t talk about the

Price so i’m going to lean over reach into the box see if i can find a monroney otherwise i’ll just have to put it on the screen i don’t find one i think i already took it in to scan it so i’ll put the mononi on the screen you can look at it see how cheap this thing is it’s amazing and there you go so that’s the 2022 corolla cross uh this particular model has

Some pretty nice stuff and i think the price point is bang on so there you go there’s been aaron talk to you again soon

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