2022 Toyota GR86: 30 Day Review

Watch as I give my 30 Day Review on the 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium

What’s up guys it’s your boy mr gr86 today i am here and i’m gonna be talking about how i feel about the gr86 after having it for more than 30 days and yeah so far i mean it’s been great as you can see i put about 4 000 miles on the car when i got it i drove it at least 500 miles when i got it um a few complaints that i have is like when i cut the heat off

Watch i cut it off and i can still feel the heat coming out of here i’m not too crazy about that as far as like what else like the interior the antares you know keeping it up to par keeping it nice and clean that nice alcantara keeping it up to par i can’t complain a little something right there but you know it’s good dude pretty soon i’m gonna need an

Oil change based on how i’ve been driving it what’s up guys it’s your boy mrs gi86 coming to you guys to let you know i’m starting a discord for all cars not just jdm cars just a car network in general where we all can just meet and you know talk and talk about the things that we’re doing to our cars and just have a good vibe you know so the link will be in

The description click that link and let’s talk let’s have a good network of cars and teams that we can all just build on peace another thing we can look at to tread on my tires so far i’ve driven this car to from massachusetts all through new jersey it’s back and forth from long this is island condition not too bad body’s still clean i usually cover

It when it rains but got me today another thing that i’ve showed you guys is the app i know i just found out some of the guys that don’t have the premium package can’t get the app i mean the app is not the end-all be-all the app is cool it definitely comes in handy when you have things that you want to do like if you if you if it’s cold by where you live and

You want the heat to be running if even if you want to just show off in front of a female like hey i can start my car from my phone you know what i’m saying some people like that but yeah i mean it sucks that the guys that don’t have the premium package can’t get it but like i said it’s not the end-all be-all it’s still a great car yeah i also have some mods

Coming they’re coming from japan straight from japan they’ll be here real soon and i mean i’m excited to show you guys what i’m gonna do with this car i’m really excited to show you guys what i’m gonna do with this car this is the mud guards mud guards i got the mud guards i wanted the mud guard package from the jump but when i got to the dealership it just

I just lucked up and they had everything i wanted i wanted black i wanted it to have the mud guards i wanted the premium package and they had it the only thing that they didn’t have that i wanted was the manual you know transmission but it is what it is at the end of the day i’m keeping this car this car is going to be in my family for a long time i don’t

Plan on selling this car i plan on building this car up making it my own because that’s the great thing about the di86 is in the the brzs and the fr-s’s you can make these cars your own i’m i like the fact that i can do things to this car wrap it put different types of wings on it put crazy rims on it and stuff like that and make it a one-of-one to my liking

That is what’s so great about having jdm cars and and if you guys happen to have one the subaru or or whatever jdm car that you have i mean make it your own always remember to make it your own because at the end of the day everybody’s going to have a gt86 a frs a gr86 but when you make it your own it’s nothing like it man people can look and say oh that’s mr

Dr86’s car or that’s such and such this car that’s a great thing man that’s what i like about these cars and again guys that’s my video for today please like please like because the like helps me out it helps the algorithm it helps my channel grow comment if you need to comment about anything that you want to see from me and i mean anything if you want to see

Me press on the gas and show you how to exhaust sound whatever whatever it is i will make that happen for you i’m a cool guy you know you know like comment and subscribe let your boy know what you want to see and i’m out peace thanks for watching you

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2022 Toyota GR86: 30 Day Review By Mr.GR86